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AppGeeker Rip DVDs to Video for Apple Products

Handbrake is the most commonly used tool for us to convert video to one can be played by Apple’s software. However, its interface is still not good for use even if it has been modified in years. For some, they are in need of a method like drag-and-drop to make it possible for them to set those videos into Apple’s products. That the reason why the dying of Visual Hub (an easily operated converter) depressed us.

Luckily, many new competitors have come into being recently and now I’d like to tell you some of them, such as AppGeeker, the easiest for use.

What you need to do is to put your file, which may be a TS_VIDEO folder or a made DVD, to this program and pick up the file format you want. There are more than 20 choices, including Apple’s products and common used formats, even remix setting. It can also be done once you want to convert audio files by using it. Just choose to begin and it will tell you about the conversion process.

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Once you have more than one file to be done, then it will put your files into a queue waiting to be done; then it will do them for you one by one the same as the first one. However, it does not allow you to change conversion settings for different files. Only when the present one has been done and you begin a new process can it allow you to choose another setting. It sustains various files, even supports .flv video files on the internet.

Even if it takes longer time than Handbrake for the process of conversion, it allows you to do numbers of file work for its specialty of queue. Snow Leopard can be worked best on Mac OS X 10.6.

AppGeeker also offers you some other great programs which are also easy to operate. After those videos that you want to transfer have been done, you are allowed to decide what to do the next, such as adding those done work into iTunes or to other storage by using AppGeeker. Another program can also be used to decide the next thing after putting a S_VIDEO folder or a made DVD into it. It can help you to convert them to ISO-based, which is helpful for windows media players. Or, it will require you what kind of track is in your mind.

Even if the producer of high-level screen suggests not changing its inner settings, the program still allows you modify its device and format. I’d like to introduce a good way: just click + button. It will make a new setting which is modified from the present one. As for audio programs, they allow you to decide their bit rate and change stereo sound to mono. As for video programs, according to the target program, they offer you tools with bit rate, sound, codec, dimension, and size, which is often small for the target screen.

I’d like to remind you that AppGeeker does offer ripping service for DVDs used for business.

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