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Convert DVDs and Videos for Device

For storing videos in iOS device like iPhone, iPod, the iTunes Store is a great choice. Then, why people are willing to pay more expenses on occasion that they have already own numbers of vast DVDs, home movies, and others? When you want to enjoy your videos outside, you can use some low-cost or even free software to convert them into ideal files.

Rip DVDs

Formally speaking, this is a gray space, remember it. Ripped business DVDs trap their copy-protection systems which leads to the result that people doubt its legality, even when you just rip it for another form to watch since you own the DVD. Since you choose to dive in, take the risks.

Check more about how to convert DVD to AVI for Mac OS X.

Version 0.9.0 HandBrake may be a good way to deal with it. It supports PowerPC and Intel Macs, but the latter is restricted to run OS X 10.5. Of course, you can also use the previous version only if it can work with 10.4, even if there will be some different features.

Why handbrake becomes the favorite choice? Because of its simplicity, no matter in usage and installation, at the same time it supplies numbers of options for the best choice. If there is something wrong, the app will do everything for you and makes the best choice for you without paying you any spirit. In this way, many people enjoy using it with another app, such as VLC, to make the latter do the ripping and cracking job while the Handbrake do the encoding job. It is fast to process and it can make speed up the multi-core processors. It is totally an open source and what’s more important is that it’s totally free.

You may have noticed that AppGeeker becomes more and more close to Windows and OS X friendly and the Blu-ray ripper which is supported by them only becomes better and better and moves forward the best. Cross-platform support is within our acceptation, but the app has developed to even break the copy protection on updated DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Therefore, I advise you to ensure doing your own job. Since it is a shareware, you can use its most features for free, which include decrypting and ripping DVD to MP4 on Mac. Some of you may use others to compress and authorize, while some may protect that AppGeeker has cheap storage and easy rips. It is free for you to download since it is a shareware while you still have to pay $35 or so for you to use some additional features.

Convert hard-drive videos

Absolutely, there is not only DVD for videos. There may be lots of video files in your hard drive for you to set within your iPhone. By using Movie To Apple TV, Movie To iPhone, or Movie To iPod you can output the file opened in QuickTime to create a video which can be played on all. However, Apple doesn’t own a batch-encoding feature, it’s transformation doesn’t sustain all files, and you cannot change its settings. In contrast, Techspansion’s $23 VisualHub 1.34, that is version 1.1.7, is more flexible. It supports plenty of choices for encoding files like vob to mov quicktime, such as the Apple TV, iPhone, and iPod.

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