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Rip DVDs to Common Format

In order to watch a DVD I bought the other day on my iPad, I tried to rip it. However, the DVD damaged when the tool began working. Again and again, I tried but failed. Do you have any method to deal with it?

I know there is way. However, let’s look at some passages about it in advance.

As editor reminded, you are not able to copy or convert any marketing DVDs on any condition without breaking the law. Most of us hold the opinion that it is necessary for us to break its protection and store it for another one and convert for watching by other programs. Up until now, there’s still no way under the protection of the law. Therefore we are suggested that a deep consideration is needed before the act of ripping.

I also add the followings. Blu-ray players are now commonly used. Meanwhile, many digital video copies are offered by its discs. You take for granted that the copy belongs to you. However, some of them expire short time after. It will not be yours once you miss its date. In this way, you need to rip it. Certainly, plenty of DVDs and Blu-ray discs supply no copies.

Therefore, try other ways. You can understand that those producers and sellers of DVDs are upset for their products being used for free by some people. They are watching how you rip and store them forever. Therefore, some new tools and methods are developed by them to keep AppGeeker from ripping, such as updated copy protection project. Maybe you have already come into that kind of project which stops AppGeeker DVD Ripper  from working even from the beginning.

There is a method which can be used to distinguish your favored title to rip by AppGeeker, instead of to scan your disc as is defined as its default act. However, it has too many titles for you to choose, do you know how to choose the right one?

It is easy actually. Try to use DVD Player to get rid of the useless part and make full use of the useful part. Pick the title from its Go menu and find out the known number of title. The title you pick stands for its major specialties, which is the same for AppGeeker and the 99 Title DVD Mysteries. Bear in mind for picking a unique title for AppGeeker, which will bring a better rip.

When you use AppGeeker, click Open Source after the File. Choose VIDEO_TS folder for its file and open it. Then, input all the titles at the proper place, sometimes it is called Scan Title Number. Next, Open Title button can be used for it to choose the correct title. After that, pick your preferred device for using, such as Apple TV 2, start the process by clicking the Start button. Finally, it will begin rip without ruining it.

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