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The Best Video Player for Mac

Even if Mac supplies some great choices for video players, VLC is still the best since it does better in it.

Where It Excels

VLC supplies a high speed of playing video and it plays almost all video files, which deserves you to pay attention to. All you need to do is only play it in VLC when you try to play a video. What’s more, it can also play several files at the same time. All you need to do is to make sure the image is brightening, crop it, or do anything to adjust your computer. VLC is complex to handle and nearly none can do well on video playback.

Where It Falls Short

Of course, we definitely cannot say that VLC is perfect. Although it offers good video playback features, its other features are still complex. What’s more, its streaming media is not so new for users as well as conversion feature like MTS to MOV. If you want to know more about its high-level features, take time to check on the instruction book. Even if it is a superb video player, you still have to be prepared for small problems somewhere.

The Competition

For VLC, plenty of competitions are waiting for it and many have already excelled it. However, when dealing with video playback, there is still none can compete with VLC. We are happy to use other things except VLC. However, it proves that they still have to do a lot to replace the king title for VLC.

MPlayerX, as the major competition for VLC for a long time, is a great video player. The facts that it sometimes becomes very slow and it does not support several videos synchronously become its major weakness, and you have to convert them firstly by using third-party software like MPG to MOV Converter for Mac. As similar to Quicktime Player, it owns a great interface for easily use, it would still got some problems in video playing.

Movist, just like a great combination of VLC and MPlayerX, is a great choice for users. However, it cannot excel in speed than others in practice. We are hoping for its improvement and someday it will win as the king.

At last, as for the simplest combination for use, Perian and Quicktime Player is the choice. As Quicktime Player is great and simple, Perian offers backup for a lot of media files. For The Perian’s weakness, it’s mainly for its buffer before its play for the file. In contrast, you can just play anything you want in VLC. Anyway, when you are looking for a larger format and you are fond of Quicktime Player, just choose this way.

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