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The description of HEVC

Videos’ quality, development and storage will all be influenced by HEVC and H.265 video condenses. What’s more, they may also offer Ultra HD video instead of present devices. HEVC is said to be useful for lots of impractical or unaffordable devices because it keeps 1 out of 2 the bit rate in as well as good quality by Motorola Mobility’s Ajay Luthra in Las Vegas, who administrates the development of high technologies.

He also added that 50 to 60 megabits for one second is necessary for the delivering process of Ultra HD and 4K videos. As you can see, 2mbps is the number for the best qualified 1080p YouTube videos. It is difficult for the producers of Ultra HD TV to fulfill the process of delivering it. Now, they act as a part of Sony TV—— a hard drive. We can deliver the content to disc of Blu-ray.

He said that we can complete the delivering job at the speed of 20 megabits for one second or less with the help of HEVC.

He added that low speed can also do streaming job, such as 1.5mbps can help us do 720p, which is at 30 frames for one second. Actually, 1.5mbps is only half of its usual needs.

Also, the present internet at home can be used to deal with the distribution job for HD video without the need of wire, as he said.

As NAB show played, it also keeps the same quality when it is played at its half bit rate by the latest H.265 and HEVC. It makes it convenient for producers, customers and deliverers.

A H.264 encoded video equipped tablet and a H.265 encoded video equipped one were shown us by NAB Motorola Mobility. The subtleties exist in the choice of the new for its good quality, which can be understood easily.

H.265 stands for less bandwidth and power needed for viewing process to those users; it stands for offering more with the help of the present devices to cable and content suppliers; and it stands for keeping good picture quality to customers.

The final version is still under development, while HEVC is supposed to be used at the beginning of next year.

There are various benefits to choose Handbrake instead of Lion Automator and iTunes ways. First of all, it helps you convert video files which do not go with Mac OS, such as .avi and .mkv. Then, it helps you deal with the files. When you encode files, start with the Add to Queue button and it will do it for you one by one.

AppGeeker video converter, as a video converter, is also a great one for converting files. Put the files into it, pick one from Convert to pop-up, choose a suitable quality with the help of the Quality slider, stimulate Add to iTunes once you need at the final of their conversion, and start.

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