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Top 2 Free DVD Ripping software

There are some people who like one video very much in that they view it again and again until the disc is worn out and cannot be used any longer.

Therefore, comparing with purchasing a new one when you have used up the old one, converting what you have for the disc to a forever used digital format may be better for you to solve this problem. In this way, you can save and keep it to a hard drive of a laptop or a media player which is easy for taken, and then view them at times you like again and again.

Because of the perfect design, users-friendly interface and great production quality, iPod has been developed by Apple as the best one for convenient media player, which makes it the best choice for converted videos. Here I’d like to tell you the way to insert a DVD video into it without any efforts.

The missing ripper

You will not suspect the fact that Handbrake is the best choice for you to extract a DVD movie, as it is free as well, which maybe one way used for converting DVD.

However, a lot of people say on the internet that Handbrake is not the best choice for converting DVD straightly. If you choose to use it, you have to rip the DVD in advance and then do the conversion job with the help of it, only through which the effect can be kept great.


If you want to rip DVD, then MacTheRipper is the only best one which is free for use.

Although you have to pay nothing, you still cannot get it if you do not search for its web link for downloading. You are needed to do so because at first MacTheRipper was produced where the process of ripping DVDs was breaking the law, even for those you have legally. Therefore, the website link was developed by its producer. In order to respect the producer, I’d rather not offer the link. Even so, you do not have to worry about it because it is rather easy to find it.

Firstly, ripping it to VIDEO_TS folder; then, using Handbrake to start it.

Also, you can use AppGeeker DVD Ripper, which comes with function of removing drm protection on a DVD and convert the content of DVD to common videos like avi, mkv, mpg, mp4, etc. See more at: How to Rip and Convert DVD to AVI format on Mac OS X

Choose Your Configurations

For the sake of not mixing up different complex configurations, what you have to do at first is to decide what kind of file you’d like to get from the done DVD.

Actually, you can make a choice among those pre-configured programs belong to its right side preset pane. Here pick up iPod since we talk about it now.

Various programs you select will take various video configurations. I’d rather you do not make any movement of the major belonged configuration if you do not know the things you are processing.

At last, choose “Start” in the front of the window and enjoy coffee during the process of waiting.

Once there is not only one video which is needed for conversion, then “Add to Queue” button may be helpful for the process to continue one by one. If you have made all of them queuing in a line, then just choose “Start”.

When you have completed the process, then you can find all the results in iTunes to which iPod is automatically at the same time only if it is combined with your Mac.

Then it allows you to save and enjoy them forever.

MacTheRipper can be used for Mac; however, Handbrake is okay with both Windows and Linux.

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