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Top 4 Free DVD Ripper Software for Windows and Mac

People use DVD ripping software to back up DVDs and convert DVDs to other formats which can be played in mobile devices or media players. Here, the Top 4 DVD Ripper Software for Windows and Mac have been produced. They have the basic functions to suit for the basic ripping demands and they are FREE for use. It would be more convenient to rip dvd movies for playback  on portable media devices like PS3 (http://www.appgeeker.com/convert/rip-dvd-to-avi-mac.html),  Xbox360,  iPhone, etc. if you use these tools.

1. AppGeeker DVD Ripper

As a great multithreaded DVD ripping tool, AppGeeker DVD Ripper also can achieve the task easily. You can complete your ripping task in a while since its profiles have been set in advance. It can support backup your DVD files to common file format like DVD to MP4 Mac, DVD to AVI, DVD to MKV,  DVD to AVI, etc. and other more. At the same time, it is quick and direct. It’s an ideal tool to use since it suit with the basic DVD ripping requirements, and works well on Windows and Mac OS X.

Download for PC                              Download for Mac











2. DVD Shrink

As one of the most popular free DVD rippers, DVD Shrink back up DVD discs effectively. Not only does it has a smooth interface with a special ability to compress 8GB dual-layer DVDs to 4GB sizes, but also its compression features are best used with more shrinking volume and other features, such as re-authoring. By taking advantage of its user friendly interface, DVD shrink makes your DVD ripping a piece of cake !

Pros: smooth and user-friendly interface; capability to re-encode and abandon needless content; great condense ability

Cons: has not been renewed since its application and might not be able to decode some DVDs with updated copy-protection

3. HandBrake

For transcoded video, Handbreak supplies a high quality as an open source software. Although it is small in size, it has plenty of specialties which can enhance synchronization and it produce high qualified video.

Pros: high qualified video output; small in size; support multi-platform

Cons: slow transcoding speed; unable to rip protected DVDs when there is no other software, only output MP4 and MKV file format

OS: Windows XP, WindowsVista, Windows7

4. Format Factory 

With an amazing interface, Format Factory is a multipurpose transverter. Video, audio, images and all forms of media are supported by it. It enables you to change some output settings by adding watermarks, subtitles and a lot of other options. In this way, it is agile and customizable.

Pros: supports all video file formats and other media files; multi-choices for customers

Cons: too many burdensome ads on interface, no Mac version

OS: All Windows operating systems

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