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Multimedia (A) How-to

WMV - Windows Media Video
GoPro .mp4 Video to WMV Format
GoPro is a hot Movable camera among bikers, hikers, surfers and climbers. Learn how to convert a GoPro captured .mp4 footage into WMV file format on your Mac or PC computer.
Play WMV on Apple TV
QuickTime Won't Play .wmv Files
WMV to WebM Mac
Final Cut Pro X can't open the .wmv
Play WMV on an iPad
Can QuickTime play WMV video file?
How can you play WMV video on Apple?
Converting MOV to WMV file on Mac
Play wmv file with VLC
MKV - the Matroska format
1080p to 720p
A open-source standard that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, or subtitle tracks. The Matroska is usually found as .mkv, .mk3d, .mka, .mks. It is the basis for .webm (WebM) files.
4K MKV to 1080p or 720p
Edit MKV in Sony Vegas Pro
Import MKV into Adobe Premiere Pro
Convert MKV to Apple ProRes
Stream MKV on Apple TV
Edit MKV in Final Cut Pro X Timeline
Play MKV in QuickTime
MKV to M4V for Apple TV Playback
Play MKV with iPad
MKV to AC3
Play MKV on iPad
AVI - Audio Video Interleave
AVI to M4V Mac
sometimes you may want to convert .avi files on Mac to a more universal format like M4V being that M4V is a Apple format that's playable on iTunes, Apple QuickTime Player and iOS devices.
Play AVI on iPad
View AVI on Apple TV
Convert AVI to WebM
Extract Sound Track from YouTube to MP3 Mac
Convert WMA to MP3 in Mac
Play MTS file on Mac
Can iPhone play MTS video?
M4V - Apple format
M4V to WebM Conversion
if you want to embed a M4V video on your website or social networking profile pages for visitors to view in their HTML5-based web browser, then converting the M4V videos to WebM is the way to go..
M4V to AAC
M4V to AC3
WMA to AAC for Mac
How to Convert a MTS on Mac
Play AVCHD on Mac
Audio & Video
AVCHD .mts to ProRes for Final Cut Pro X
MTS format is not an appropriate container format suitable for editing in FCPX application. You would convert the camera's AVCHD .mts files to ProRes, a proprietary I-frame format from Apple designed for use during video editing.
WebM to MOV
WAV to M4R Ringtone on Mac
WAV to Apple Lossless for Mac
Android to and from iOS Migration Guides
Audio & Video
Add YouTube Video to Keynote Presentation
If you downloaded or captured a video clip from YouTube site and want to put it onto a slide on Keynote presentation, then this detailed article is ready for you.
Play MPEG in QuickTime for Mac
What is Dolby TrueHD
How to Play WMA Audio on QuickTime
WebM to WAV Audio for Mac
VOB - a DVD video object file
Edit VOB in iMovie
For Mac users, iMovie (HD 6, '08, '09, 10.0), developed by Apple used on Mac OS X, iPad or iPhone, is a professional editing software application to add credits to your videos.
Downscale 4K to 1080p
WebM to MP4 for Mac
What is DTS-HD Master Audio
What is LPCM
FLAC - Free Lossless Audio File
How to Play FLAC on iPad
FLAC a lossless audio file that allows decompression into a perfect copy of the original audio data so that it is more manageable to store. Whether you want to play a FLAC on a device or convert it to another format, you are in the right place.
How to Play FLAC on iPhone
FLAC to Apple Lossless for Mac
FLAC to MP3 on Mac
FLAC Converter on Mac
Convert .flac to .m4a for Mac
Transfer FLAC to iTunes
Can VLC play FLAC music file on Mac?
Data transfer instructions about iOS and Android
APE Converter on Mac
There is sometimes a need to handle your audio files properly by converting them into another audio tracks. Hereby, we'd like to focus on a reliable audio converting tool.
What is AAC
APE to MP3 on Mac
What is M4R
Converting AIFF to AAC in Mac
What is OGG
What is ALAC
AAC to AC3
What is APE
M4A to MP3 Mac
Extract audio from MKV to MP3 on Mac
MP3 to AAC Mac
OGG to MP3 Mac
APE to ALAC for Mac
For some reasons, there probably are some hiccups for Mac users to enable the transcode from APE to ALAC, a lossless audio coding format that's compatible with a full range of Apple products like iPhone, iPad, iTunes and QuickTime player.
What is AC3
What is AIFF
FLAC to M4R Ringtone
What is M4A
AAC to MP3 in Mac
What is WAV
ALAC Converter for Mac
What is WMA
Converting WAV to MP3 for Mac
Convert to MP3 to Create M4R ringtone
Converting WMA to MP3 for Mac

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