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How to Recover Contacts from iPhone 6 & 6s (Plus) Instantly

Smartphones have become pretty much convenient nowadays that nearly all people keep the very important information stayed on their devices. Users who hold a iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) may also store a library of data on it but among them if those valuable data get deleted or inevitably disappeared then it would certainly be distressing and makes you in trouble. Contacts are integral part of your iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) and may be elaborately organized for a quick call, therefore, when deleted then no way to get in touch with others. It’s an unfortunate situation to be in, and many users ask whether there's a solution to recover contacts gone missing from iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) back. Absolutely yes, there're ways to restore missing contacts from iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus).

Well generally, the first port of call for getting the contacts back vanished from iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) is either to use the most recent backup stored in iTunes or in iCloud when there's no recent connection between iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) and iTunes. However, what if  there's no backups available? Plus, iTunes or iCloud restoration will revert iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) back to its earlier state and all the existing and newly added contacts on the phone will be erased without any predictable reasons.

You must be thinking that you’re toast. Fortunately, you're not. There is software that is great for retrieving deleted or lost contacts on iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) even without the need of backup. The iOS Data Recovery software for instance. This is a toolkit that will allow you to selectively preview and restore contacts with some very easy steps through an easy-to-use menu interface. You can either save lost calls from damaged, crashed, broken or smashed iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) directly or extract from iTunes or iCloud with no data replaced and compromised.

In addition to contacts from iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus),  the program has an impressive list of supported apps and file types: text messages, call logs, notes, photo library, camera roll, Safari bookmark, Safari history and lots of others from any iDevice (iPhone 7 (Plus)/ SE/ 5s/ 5, etc., iPad models).

Download the right version of the software on a PC or Mac and check out the following guides to pick out the most suitable solution for iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) contacts recovery.

Option 1: Recover Deleted Contacts Directly from iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus)

Option 2: Retrieve iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) Lost Contacts from iTunes Backup

Option 3: Recover iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) Lost Contacts from iCloud Backup

Option 1: Recover Deleted Contacts Directly from iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus)

Step 1: Connect iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) to a computer

Launch the software on your PC and you will see a lucid user interface which contains three recovery modes tiered on the left side bar.

Choose the Recover from iOS Device mode and connect the iPhone6/ 6s (Plus) to the PC machine via USB cable. Once successfully connected, the program will recognize your device and display it on the pane with its name and iOS version.

Step 2: Scan your iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) deeply for the deleted contacts

Click the Start Scan tab below the device's icon and the phone scan takes just a few minutes after which the entire contents of the iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) is immediately made available in a list at the left of the screen.

Step 3: Make a preview of contacts

From the left side of the interface, simply select any category whether it's phone-native or in-app. See "Contacts" category you'd like to review? Just click on it and all the calls on iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) including current existing and the missing ones are demonstrated on the middle pane of the window, like the screenshot below. Sift the items to be recovered by ticking the checkbox. Same goes for photos, messages, attachments, call logs, calendar, the works.

Note: Activate "Only display the deleted item(s)" slider on the top of the window for easily finding the lost or deleted phone numbers you need. And to its far right, the "Search" field is for a quick and accurate search by inputting some key words or the like.

Step 4: Recover the lost contacts to the computer or iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus)

Then, scroll down to bottom right corner of the interface and click on the Recover tab, this should introduce a small dialog, in which press the Open icon to specify a directory to keep the contacts to or create a output path – if you don't, the phone calls won't be saved.

Afterwards, hit the Recover button again and iOS Data Recovery will immediately export your preferred contacts to the computer in CSV or HTML.

After the process, you can transfer the recovered contacts to your iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) via iTunes or using iTunes alternatives - iTransfer without erasing any current data on your device.

Option 2: Retrieve iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) Lost Contacts from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Load the iTunes backup files

Select the second mode Recover from iTunes Backup File on the user interface to gain access to the files that you've back up in the computer previously.

You're sometimes presented with the backup with the Lock image, which required the iTunes password to get the rest job done.

Step 2: Choose an iTunes backup to be scanned

Choose one that includes the contacts you would like to retrieve from the backup list above and click the Start Scan tab. It will take a while to analyze the data, after which shows the data overview on the most right pane of the interface and sorts in catalogue on the left pane.

Step 3: Preview and recover lost contacts saved to computer and iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus)

From the category, you can click any data type for a preview. Here, we click "Contacts" option to check the call's relevant information: Name, Company, Phone and Email, and tick the items that are important to you to be regained to iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus).

Finally, press the Recover button to perform a quick process to recover your missing contacts to the computer or your iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus).

Option 3: Recover iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) Lost Contacts from iCloud Backup

Step 1: Log in to iCloud Account

Choose the third mode Recover from iCloud Backup File and access into iCloud account with your Apple ID and password.

Step 2: Download contacts from iCloud backup files

Once signed in, the software quickly detect the iCloud backups created in advance on computer. Simply choose an appropriate one contained the calls you want to reclaim and click the Download tab.

Immediately, a window reveals with all different kinds of stuff (see the image below) on iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus), what you need to do is tick the content you like to be downloaded. In this case, we tick "Contacts" item and click the Next tab.

Step 3: Preview and restore contacts to computer and iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus)

Once downloaded, click "Contacts" on the left pane of the window to preview the details for each calls.

Mark the items that have been deleted or lost from the iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) by ticking the box. Then, hit the Recover button at the bottom-right corner of the screen to fire up the recovery process after the selection of a local directory to store the retrieved contacts.


iOS Data Recovery works totally fine and requires minimal effort when performing the restoring process to regain the precious content on any device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), while still keeping the unscathed data safe. The recoverable data is limited to recouping full access to your photos, but the thumbnails of photos, however. The software is still a good option especially for business as it can reclaim most of the text information and contacts.