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How to Back Up iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) to Windows 7 Computer

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:15 PM

Your iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) carries all your cherished and irreplaceable digital possessions like contacts list, years' worth of messages, photos, Email addresses, etc. However, they could easily go missing on account of a theft or your unintentional action. To ensure that the catastrophe of data loss won't befall you, creating local copies of the data is always a good idea, and one decent way is to back up iPhone 6/6s (Plus) to a Windows 7 computer.

To get the job done, you can rely on some official tools released by Apple, or turn to other iPhone-to-PC files backup solutions from third-party vendors. In this article we've collected two top utilities to help you backing up iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) data to Windows 7 to keep anything safe: iTunes and FoneLab. Let's jump in.

Back up iPhone 6 (Plus) in iTunes on Windows 7 (Free)

Apple's iTunes is a solid backup tool which serves for iOS users. It gives you a straightforward way to back up entire iPhone 6 to Windows 7 PC with no charge, by connecting your phone, and clicking "Back Up Now" button. Another nice line of defense is the "Encrypt Backup" feature, which allows you save Health and Activity data. See Make a backup of your iPhone with your computer for a complete solution.

Before we dive into the steps for backing up files on iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) to Windows 7, install the latest version of iTunes.

  • Connect iPhone 6 (Plus) or iPhone 6s (Plus) to Win 7. Tap "Trust" on your handset if requested.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Select the iPhone icon in the left-hand menu.
  • Choose Summary on the sidebar.
  • Click on Back Up Now from "Backups" part on the right pane.

Back up iPhone 6s plus data onto Windows 7 PC via iTunes

Wait until the progress bar finishes the top of the iTunes window. All content and settings are saved onto Windows 7 desktop & laptop, and you could restore them to your iPhone 6s (How-to Guide) or a new iOS device any time (How-to Guide).

Backing up iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus) to Windows 7 via FoneLab

iTunes is a good start to make a full backup on computers. But if you just intend to back up certain files instead of backing up everything from iPhone 6 (Plus) to Windows 7 PC, iOS Data Backup & Restore developed by FoneLab has you covered.

The software takes an advanced approach to automate your local backups. It offers users a lot more flexibility to back up any files you specify on the computer, covering media files like Photos, Videos, App Audios, etc. and personal information like Messages, Contacts, Notes & Attachments, Calendar, Documents and so on. And it stores multiple archives for easy restoration, so you don't worry about overwriting previous versions of files.

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for Windows | for MacOS

There's more to it than just that. It also comes in handy when you run into the issue of iOS system failure - be it a blue screen death, broken screen, DFU mode, headphone mode, or a restart loop.

Now, it's time to get right to the business. To get iPhone 6s (Plus) backed up on Windows 7 PC, follow these steps:

Step 1: Plug the iPhone 6s (Plus) into Windows 7

Download FoneLab, and follow the onscreen instructions to install it on Windows 7 computer.

Launch the software, and then connect your iPhone 6 to the computer using its charging cable.

Select "More tools" in the lower-left corner of the window.

How to Transfer Data Files from iPhone 6 Plus to Windows 7

A simple window with three modes should open. To back up iPhone 6(s) files to Windows 7 laptop or desktop, choose "iOS Data Backup & Restore".

Backing Up iPhone 6s Plus on Windows 7 Desktop without iTunes

In the next window, choose "iOS Data Backup" to proceed.

Back up iPhone 6s to Windows 7 with Software

In this stage, click Start button to let the software scan the files on the iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus). If you want more security for the backup copy, check "Encrypted backup" option instead.

How to Sync iPhone 6s to Windows 7 Laptop

Step 2: Choose types of files on iPhone 6/ 6s (Plus)

Next up, select which contents you'd like to copy onto Windows 7's hard drive. Or check "Select All" option if you want to make a complete backup.

Save iPhone 6 Files Back to Windows 7

Step 3: Create a backup of iPhone 6s (Plus) to Windows 7 PC

When everything is done, click Next button. A popup will appear asking you to designate a folder for saving the backup file.

Just specify a folder and click Backup button to trigger the process of backing up data on iPhone 6 to Windows 7 machine. This should take a few minutes.

After the backup completes, The Congratulations window indicates the backup information. Whenever you need to restore the backup to iPhone 6/ 6s, or transfer your previous stuff or settings to a new iOS device, choose Restore iOS Data to accomplish that.

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