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How to Back up an iPhone 6s (Plus) to a PC Effectively - 2 Methods

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:15 PM

So you've grown tired of the "Not Enough Storage" message on your iPhone 6s (Plus) - whether the internal storage capacity is almost full, or you exceed iCloud storage limit, and are looking for a way to back up iPhone 6s (Plus) to PC. Well, to save your iPhone's data locally, you have several choices. Here's what will be introduced to help backing up content from iPhone 6s (Plus) to a Windows PC, starting with official Apple's iTunes, followed by a robust thirty-party program. Make sure your files are regularly backed up.

How to Back Up iPhone 6s (Plus) to PC through iTunes

Although iTunes is a piece of old school software, it offers a free yet efficient way to create a complete backup for your iDevice with just one click. You can back up nearly all files and settings, from text messages to photos, as well as other data. If you want to keep the passwords and health data safe, there's also an in-built encryption feature to ensure your backups are password-protected - so any unauthorized persons can't access the data.

Note: Don't forget the password of the encrypted backup; or you have way to get the information. So write down the password and store it safely.

Without further ado, learn how to back up data from iPhone 6s (Plus) onto the Windows computer.

  • Connect your device to PC using a USB cord.
  • Click Device button in the top left corner of the iTunes window.
  • Click Summary from the sidebar.
  • Enable This computer in the Backups section.
  • Hit Back Up Now.

Depending on how many contents stored on your iPhone, the backup time of the process is rather different. Should you regularly make a backup for your iPhone 6s (Plus) to PC hard drive, and clean up unnecessary data on the handset, you don't have to wait for too long.

How to Back Up iPhone 6s (Plus) Data on PC Using 3rd-Party Tool

iTunes does a good job of saving copies of everything on your handset, but for a lot of users who want to back up just some files of the iPhone 6 (Plus) on the PC, it's not a sought-after application. If you are scouting for something that can back individual files up instead of entire iPhone, we've got you iOS Data Backup & Restore software

It is a solid and capable backup solution for iPhone & iPad. Its powerful scanning feature could scan all files in a fast manner, and then automatically catalog everything into types. Thus, if you would like to back up files from iPhone 6s (Plus) to Windows PC locally, you can select the types of data with the nice flexibility. The program can be also used to handle data restoring task when your iPhone is in a data loss condition.

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for Windows | for MacOS

That's not all, the user interface is so minimalistic and easy-to-use that a technical rookie can understand it quickly. Now follow the step-by-step tutorial to get your iPhone 6s (Plus) backed up onto PC effortlessly.

Step 1: Connect your device to the computer

When you start the program, you will be promoted to connect your device. Just plug your iPhone 6s (Plus) into the PC with the Lightning-to-USB cable.

Then click on "More tools" option to jump into the next step.

Backing Up iPhone 6s on Windows Computer

Step 2: Select "iOS Data Backup & Restore"

You'll see three modes as shown in the screenshot. Hit "iOS Data Backup & Restore" tab to continue.

Next, click the iOS Data Backup button, and you're ready to keep your iPhone 6s content backed up on the Windows computer.

How to Move Data from iPhone 6s (Plus) to PC for a Backup

Step 3: Select types of files you want to back up

At this stage, you need to choose a backup mode. The "Standard Mode" option is checked by default, and you can make no change.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your data secure, you can enable "Encryption backup" option.

As soon as you make the selection, just click Start button.

Now the program should do a quick scan and then display everything in the window. Simply check the types of data you'd like to back up to the PC's hard drive, and press Next button.

Step 4: Start backing up data of iPhone 6s (Plus) to PC

The backup starts processing afterwards. Let the software do it thing.

Notice that the amount of time the backup takes depends on your backup size. You need more patience if you back everything up from iPhone 6 (Plus) to Windows desktop & laptop.

When the backup process finishes, you are allowed to view the backup file by clicking Restore iOS Data button. The Backup More feature offers ability to create multiple backups on the PC, and the newer backups will not overwrite the previous ones.

Backup Location in iOS Data Backup & Restore Software

Tip #1: To find the backup made with iOS Data Backup & Restore, navigate to Menu > Preferences. You will see the default path where your backup files are saved. BTW, you can adjust it to any folder where you want to store the backup.

Tip #2: If you worry about that the backup files are clogged up your Windows PC, you can make a backup from iPhone 6s (Plus) to external drive by simply changing the location.

Bottom Line

Now your iPhone 6s (Plus) is backed up to Windows PC. We can't say which backup tool is the best - it's a matter of your own personal preference, but backups will give you the peace of mind that the important files are protected if something goes wrong on your device.

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