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How to Back up iPhone 7 (Plus) to PC with or without iTunes

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:15 PM

You can back up data from your iPhone 7/ 7 (Plus) to PC in case those precious stuff lost when disaster strikes. Here's a step-by-step guide to show you how to do it.

If you're a data hoarder, you've had large amounts of irreplaceable data stored on your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus that you are reluctant to delete. But more often than not, the unfortunate situations could befall your iPhone, such as iOS update or restore failure, software corruption, liquid damage or phone theft, then all important information can be erased. To avoid sudden data loss, there would be a need to back up iPhone 7/ 7 (Plus).

You can either store the files onto iCloud server, or even save them directly to a computer. Read along and we'll focus on how to back up iPhone 7 (Plus) on Windows PC. This tutorial is going to implement two easy-to-use iOS backup tools. You can pick one that suits your own needs.

Back Up iPhone 7 (Plus) to PC Using iTunes

iTunes is the most used method to create a local backup, and it's free. It backs up almost all data and settings of iPhone 7 (Plus) to the PC, including Camera Roll, Calendar events, Safari Bookmarks, Messages, Call History, etc. It also comes with the restore capability, enabling you to restore backed-up information to the device whenever the disaster occurs.

Now using iTunes to back up files on iPhone 7/ 7 (Plus) to a Windows PC. Note that you should first install the latest version of iTunes on the computer to make sure everything is working well.

  • Connect your iPhone 7 (Plus) to computer using USB cable.
  • Open iTunes if it doesn't launch automatically.
  • Click the icon of iPhone in the upper left corner of the iTunes Window.
  • Select "Summary" in the left pane.
  • Check "This computer".
  • Select "Encrypt iPhone backup" if needed, then set a memorable password.
  • Click Back Up Now.

To check the backups you have made from iPhone 7/ 7 (Plus) onto PC, choose Edit > Preferences, then click Devices. You should see the name of your device and the date & time of the backup.

Back Up iPhone 7 (Plus) on PC Without iTunes

"If something is backed up once, it isn't backed up at all." This means that keeping only one backup puts your iPhone at risk. You'd better initiate at least two backups of iPhone 7 (Plus) on Windows-based desktop & laptop in case the iTunes backups crash. This is where iOS Data Backup & Restore comes in.

This software is a rock-solid data and files backup solution that serves as an alternative to iTunes. It enables users to back up everything all at once, or back up just certain types of files. This certainly a flexible way for backing up iPhone 7 (Plus) data to the PC. The program also has a native support for Restore feature, granting users to easily access to the backed-up data and restore the single files with a few simple clicks.

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So here are the effective steps you can take to back the content up from iPhone 7(Plus) to Windows PC through the iPhone backup software. Note: Do not start iTunes while the program is running, or your phone data will be overwritten by iTunes synchronization.

Step 1: Launch the software and plug your device into PC

After the installation of the application, it will be on your PC desktop. Double click the icon to launch it, and you will view a simple but functional user interface. Click "More tools" in the left column and move on.

Then, connect your iPhone 7 (Plus) to computer via USB cable.

How to Back Up iPhone 7 (Plus) to PC without iTunes

Now, you will be taken to a window with three tabs on. Simply click "iOS Data Backup & Restore" tab for the backup purpose.

Step 2: Choose "iOS Data Backup"

In this step, select iOS Data Backup button to create backup for iPhone 7 (Plus) onto PC.

When a window opens shown as the screenshot below, check "Standard backup" option and click Start button to continue.

Alternatively, you can select "Encrypted backup" option to set a password for the backup copy in case of private data breaches.

Next up, you will see all checkboxes for the types of data are checked by default. If you want to make a partial backup, uncheck the items you'd rather not back up.

After that, click Next button to let everything run.

Step 3: Back up iPhone 7 (Plus) files to PC

Your computer will then go through the backup process. A few minutes later, a backup of iPhone 7 (Plus) is created on the PC successfully. Congratulations!

To check the backup and view the data you've backed up on the Windows PC, go back to Step 2 and click iOS Data Restore. A list of files should be displayed on the window following by the View Now button. If it's an encrypted backup (a lock icon near your iPhone name), you need to enter the password before you can access it.

The backup should store in the PC's hard drive unless you delete it. You could select which files you wish to restore when disaster strikes. It's an easy procedure!

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