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How to Back Up iPhone 7 (Plus) to Windows 10 Computer [Desktop & Laptop]

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:15 PM

Creating backups of iPhone 7 (Plus) on Windows 10 laptop or desktop can be an excellent strategy to avoid losing a rich store of private data that really matters for us. Should you forget your device on the train or drop it into a container filled with water, you can use the saved copies to restore it.

This is where backup software come in. Backup software makes it effortless to back up important files on iPhone 7 (Plus) to Windows 10 in a way that's easy to utilize. Modern versions of these services support advanced backup algorithms to satisfy your needs. We'll detail a few different solutions below, so pick what suits you best to safeguard your personal files.

Back up iPhone 7 (Plus) to Windows 10 with iTunes

Apple ships with a free backup service iTunes, which allows you to create full backups simply in one click. A full backup using this program means that you're able to create a backup of all contents saved on iPhone 7 (Plus) to Windows 10 computer, including all photos, messages, contacts, and several other types of data.

To perform a backup using iTunes, follow these steps:

  • Upgrade iTunes to the latest version and open it.
  • Plug your iPhone 7 (Plus) into Windows 10 computer.
  • Select your iPhone as it appears in iTunes.
  • Click Summary in the left column.
  • Under Backups section, click the Back Up Now option on the right.

Tips: You can tick Encrypt local backup if you want back up your saved passwords, health data, Wi-Fi settings, call history and website history. Make sure you remember the password or you'll not be allowed to access the encrypted backup.

Once the progress of backup is over, a local backup of your iPhone 7 (Plus) will be saved on Windows 10 desktop or laptop. When the time comes to restore your device, having a backup helps you save some time and a lot of frustration.

Back up iPhone 7 (Plus) to Windows 10 with third-party tool

A full backup is enough for some people, but others need a more versatile backup utility, one that supports backup preferences to copy individual files or that makes backups of iPhone 7 (Plus) on Windows 10 computer readable and editable. Thankfully, a third-party backup program named iOS Data Backup & Restore gives the flexibility you need.

Apart from functions of this utility mentioned above, what make it standout also include the fact that user interface is clear, as well as the feature that scanning process is fast. All you need is to download the program and install it in your computer, then follow the instructions to back up iPhone 7 (Plus) to Windows 10 PC.

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Let's detail every step assisting you throughout the whole process of using iOS Data Backup & Restore to create a backup of iPhone 7 (Plus) on Windows 10.

Step 1: Install iOS Data Backup & Restore and choose backup mode

Launch the program, click "More tools" in the bottom-left corner of the window and you'll spot three different options - iPhone Data Recovery, iOS System Recovery, iOS Data Backup & Restore. Select iOS Data Backup & Restore.

On the following screen, click on iOS Data Backup to proceed.

The next step requires you to choose types of backup. Encrypted backup provided for extra security by making the backup accessible only through a password. Tick one and hit Start.

Step 2: Select types of data and start backup process

The screen will present before you categorized data of your iPhone 7 (Plus) including Media, Message & Contacts, Memos & Others. Specify types of data you want to be included in your backup. Then press Next button.

Step 3: Complete a backup of iPhone 7 (Plus) on Windows 10

The backup process takes a while but won't be a long time. During the process, you can click stop to interrupt it and go back to the previous window.

When the backup is finished, you'll see Congratulations on the window. Then if your iPhone 7 (Plus) is in a despairingly condition, you can always use the backup stored on Windows 10 and the restore feature of iOS Data Backup & Restore to recover files individually or data entirely.

Back up iPhone 7 (Plus) with iCloud

In addition to back up iPhone 7 (Plus) to Windows 10 computer, you can also back it up to cloud with iCloud, which is another Apple's own measure. To back up your device with iCloud, go to Settings > your name > iCloud > iCloud Backup, toggle on iCloud Backup and tap Back Up Now. Then wait the time-consuming part to be over.

However, this solution has a few things to consider. Just like other online services, iCloud is susceptible to security breaches. Plus if you have tons of photos and videos to back up, you'll need to consider freeing up space or switching to a paid storage plan because the free 5GB could be used up easily.

In contrast, backups created with iTunes or iOS Data Backup & Restore are usually not limited by storage space, as they are stored locally on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop. Therefore, if you're not willing to trust to the all-powerful cloud or pay for the extra storage, getting iPhone 7 (Plus) backed up on Windows 10 computer can be a great choice.

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