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How to Back up iPhone 8 (Plus) to Windows 10 Computer [Updated]

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:15 PM

If you haven't yet made good use of your Windows 10 computer to perform local backups for your iPhone 8 (Plus), now's the time to change. In addition to safeguarding your data against any catastrophic failure, backing up iPhone 8 (Plus) to Windows 10 PC ensures that all the data is housed in a place at your disposal, providing you with the complete control over it.

Apple does conveniently come with a useful backup tool named iTunes to help you creating backups locally on in-house computer storage. And there's also an efficient 3rd-party backup utility allowing you to back up data from iPhone 8 (Plus) to Windows 10 computer within just few clicks. With all these in mind, let's take a deeper dive in this article to find more detailed information.

Back up iPhone 8 (Plus) to Windows 10 with iTunes

The most popular way of creating local iPhone backups is to embrace iTunes. For one thing, it allows you have a copy of iPhone 8 (Plus) data and information on Windows 10 computer for free, along with the ability to encrypt the sensitive data like passcode, Health and Activity data, and more. For another, it comes handy in configuring the restore task to get all your backed-up data back to your device.

Before heading over to back up files from iPhone 8 (Plus) to Windows 10 PC, update the iTunes application to the latest version first. Then, keep going on:

  • Connect your device to Windows 10 PC and launch iTunes.
  • Click the iPhone icon in the upper-left corner.
  • Select Summary on the left.
  • Choose This Computer from the "Backups" section.
  • Click Back Up Now.
  • Tips: You can activate the "Encrypt local backup" option to set password-protection for critical data.

To check out the iTunes backups for iPhone 8 (Plus) on Windows 10 PC, click Edit > Preferences, then choose Devices. Encrypted backups have a lock icon in the list of backups.

Back up iPhone 8 (Plus) to Windows 10 without iTunes

While iTunes could be often the first backup solution that comes to mind, it's not your only option. There are plenty of 3rd-party backup programs out there, and one of the most trustworthy tools is iOS Data Backup & Restore. It's engineered to make it a cinch to keep a local backup for iDevice.

Unlike iTunes, it empowers you to either save all iPhone 8 (Plus) data onto Windows 10's hard drive or select specific type(s) of data to back up. Aside from offering an encrypted vault where you can store all the backups securely, it also supports an easy restoration from the backup archives. One more useful and appreciated feature is that you're able to access and view the backed-up files from a simplified dashboard without any hassles, be it the contacts, app videos, or any other data.

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Now, give it a try to copy iPhone 8 (Plus) data to Windows 10 computer easily!

Step 1: Connect iPhone 8 (Plus) to Windows 10

First, download program and install it on your Windows 10 desktop or laptop. Launch it.

Then, plug your device into the computer using a USB cable.

Click on More tools option at the bottom left corner of the interface. In the resulting screen, choose iOS Data Backup & Restore tab.

Get iPhone 8 Backed up in a Computer running Win 10

Next, select iOS Data Backup button to continue.

After that, choose Standard backup and hit the Start button. If needed, highlight the Encrypted backup option to protect the backups with a local encryption key.

Transfer Data from iPhone 8 Plus to Windows 10 for Backups

Step 2: Select the type(s) of data to back up

Now, all the types of files will be categorized as the screenshot shown below. Select any type(s) of files to back up. If you want to get a full backup, just tick the checkbox next to the Select All.

Step 3: Make an iPhone 8 (Plus) backups on Windows 10 PC

The final step comes. Click on Next button to begin the data backup process.

When the progress bar reaches 100%, you'll get a local backup of iPhone 8 (Plus) on Windows 10 computer.

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