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How to Back Up iPhone X/ XS (Max) without iTunes & Finder

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:02 PM

Backup is all about reducing risk. It's a good plan to build routine backups for your iPhone X/ XS (Max) so that you never be concerned about the loss of contacts, photos and other files. Speaking of which, iTunes or Finder should always be the preference to do iPhone backups for most users, and it has proved to be stable way on backup. Even so, you might want to look for more Methods to have their iPhones backed up rather than being limited to iTunes & Finder all the time.

Well then, here you go. Next we will offer you a common solution to back up an iPhone X/ XS (Max) without iTunes or Finder, and then another popular 3rd-party practicable workaround in order to ensure your files can withstand any disasters, in most cases.

Apple Way to Backup iPhone X/ XS (Max) without Finder & iTunes

As a cloud service, iCloud allows you to upload your backup iPhone files to its server over the Internet, for free or a fee. This is the common manner most people would like to opt for as well. Follow this, even your iPhone and any contents you have on the device were stolen, or broken, there's a copy of your data kept in a remote place, in a facility which is relatively secure.

Let's have a look at how iCloud works in backing up iPhone X/ XS (Max) data.

  • Connect your iPhone to WIFI network.
  • Open Settings app on the device.
  • Tap your username entry, then choose iCloud.
  • Select iCloud Backup, and switch its toggle to ON.
  • Tap Back Up Now to create a full backup of iPhone X/ XS (Max).

Back up iPhone XS without iTunes

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3rd Party Tool to Backup iPhone X/ XS (Max) without iTunes/ Finder

For many iPhone user, chances are that some of them would not like to make use of cloud service. If that's the case, you can try out iOS Data Backup & Restore from Fonelab. It's a simple-to-use utility that lets you backup contents from iPhone, iPad or even iPod onto a computer running on Windows or MacOS. With it, you can choose to do a full backup of iPhone data or just specific types of data. The whole process is straightforward and easy: run the program, select types of data, and begin the backup job.

It also includes restore feature, allowing you to get data back from the back when you need it.

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for Windows | for MacOS

The following will show you how to back your iPhone data up with the program. Let's get started.

Step 1: Plug iPhone into computer

Launch the software, then connect your iPhone X/ XS (Max) to computer using a lightning cable. For our purposes of creating a backup of iPhone without iTunes, select iOS Data Backup & Restore tab and go on.

Next click iOS Data backup tab.

Back up iPhone XS without Finder

Step 2: Select what data you want to backup

In the next screen, you will get two options: Standard backup and Encrypted backup.

You can choose Encrypted backup if you want to set a passcode to keep your backup file safe, or just check Standard backup directly to do a normal backup.

How to back up an iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max to computer without iTunes or Finder

Go ahead and select what types of data you want to back up. You can choose Select All option at the bottom to do a full backup of the device.

Back up iPhone X without iTunes

Step 3: Start the backup process

Finally, click the Next button. And then you are all set up. The program commences to back up your iPhone X/ XS (Max) to computer.

Note: Even if you're on a Mac computer (Catalina or Mojave), the whole backup process is as similar as that on a windows PC.

How to Backup iPhone X/ XS (Max) with Finder & iTunes

If you're a fan of Finder and want to back up iPhone X/ XS (Max) using Finder, you can also walk through these tips to finish the task.

  • Plug the iPhone into computer, and launch Finder.
  • Click your iPhone name on the left side.
  • In General tab, check Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac.
  • Hit Back Up Now.

Use Finder to back up iPhone XS Max

If you are on a Windows PC, or your Mac is running with macOS Mojave 10.14 or an earlier version, you can go through the follow steps.

  • Connect the iPhone to PC or Mac, run iTunes.
  • Click the device icon on the upper left corner of the window
  • Click Summary, and then mark This Computer.
  • Choose Back Up Now to back up iPhone X/ XS (Max) with iTunes.

Your iPhone data will be backed up to computer later.

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