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How to Back up iPhone XR to PC Effortlessly

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 15, 2022 3:57 PM

I get a new PC these days and want to backup my iPhone XR files to the new machine. How can I do that? Anybody able to suggest anything? Thanks.

You iPhone XR gets more important than ever. As time passes it becomes a centralized warehouse which is employed to store a lot of documents and data. Certainly you wish to have all those contents saved on iPhone for a long time, and even never suffer the pain of data loss.

Actually, the best way to ensure you'll never lose your iPhone XR data is to make backups for the device regularly. Here we will provide you a few of our favorite approaches for backing up iPhone XR to PC, and you can choose one to get the job done as your wish. Let's move on.

Apple's Route

Make a full backup from iPhone XR to PC by iTunes

Apple's own iTunes is the classic way to back up an iPhone XR to a PC for free. It allows you to make a complete backup of the device in a matter of minutes, and you can restore the device anytime you need.

iTunes makes backing up iPhone XR easy, here's how to do.

  • Connect iPhone to the PC, and launch iTunes.
  • Click the small device icon on the top left corner of the iTunes window.
  • In Summary section, select Back Up Now.

Wait for the iTunes finishes backing your iPhone XR data to PC machine. You can enable the Encrypt iPhone backup option under Backups part to protect your backup file with passcode.

back up data on iPhone XR to PC

If you would like to restore your iPhone data from the backup, remember to close Find My iPhone feature on iPhone XR in advance: navigate to Settings > [your name] > iCloud > Find My iPhone. Enter your Apple ID password to turn off the feature. And then follow these tips:

  • Run iTunes and attach your iPhone XR to computer.
  • Click the device icon on the window.
  • In Summary section, choose Restore Backup.

Please noted that the restore process will erase the data since the date of the backup.

Third-party Route

Using iOS Data Backup & Restore

Rather than backing up the whole iPhone XR to PC, data can be selectively backed up on the machine by the help of third-party utilities. One easy-to-use option is iOS Data Backup & Restore, which works on all versions of Windows computer.

Download Now!

for Windows | for MacOS

In addition to backing up data, the application also comes with function of recovering deleted files from device memory, as well as fixing the common iOS system issues.

Here're the steps to back up data on iPhone XR to PC using iOS Data Backup & Restore app.

Step 1: Launch the program

Run the program on your PC, then select "More Tools" option at the bottom in the main interface.

In the next window that includes three tabs, select "iOS Data Backup & Restore".

Go ahead and select "iOS Data Backup".

How to make a full backup from iPhone XR to a PC laptop or desktop

Step 2: Choose types of data to back up

In the next stage, plug iPhone XR into PC. Then choose "Standard backup" option, or "Encrypted backup" instead if you want to encrypt the backup.

Next, you'll presented with a window where you can select multiple types of data to back up: Notes, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Call history, Voicemails, Text messages, and more.

Step 3: Backing up iPhone XR files PC

After you complete your selection, all left to do is click the "Next" button to start the backup process. It won't take too long, as the program utilizes the entire computation power your PC provides.

Once the backup process is done, you can disconnect your iPhone and use it as usual.

Using Phone Transfer

If neither of them works in the way you like, backing iPhone XR on Windows using Phone Transfer is another good solution. It's very practical application that used to manage data stored on iOS devices. You can use it to transfer files from one phone to another, back up and restore data locally.

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for Windows | for MacOS

Below are the steps you can take to back up the iPhone XR data on PC with Phone Transfer.

  • Download, install the program on your PC. Run it.
  • Connect your iPhone XR to the machine via its cable.
  • Choose the blue "Back Up Your Phone" option on the interface.
  • Select types of files by checking the corresponding checkboxes.
  • Hit the "Start Transfer" button.

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