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2 Ways to Back Up iPhone XR to Windows 10 Computer [Safe, Effective]

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 15, 2022 3:58 PM

Are you always over conscious while using your iPhone XR Photos app? Is it because you don't want to delete your favorite moments accidentally and ruin all your amazing memories? If that is the case, then you aren't alone. You'll see thousands of individuals highlighting a similar scenario. This situation gets even more problematic when you handle official tasks on your smartphone.

Well, a viable solution surfaces to ease your nerves: back up iPhone XR to your Windows 10 computer. It's easy to do and other than freeing up storage space in device, it can also equip your cherished data and files with powerful safeguard against any file corruption and hardware failure.

Here, we'll share the exact mechanism on backing up data on iPhone XR to Windows 10 PC, so that you can get the entire process right within no time. It's worth noting that the more backups of data you make, the better. You can do an iCloud backup for your phone here if you've not done yet.

Methods for Backing Up an iPhone XR on Windows 10

Basically, we're going to highlight two backup solutions respectively here. [Further Reading: How to Back Up iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) to PC]

Method 1 – Use the iTunes Trick

In order to copy data on iPhone XR to Windows 10 hard drive, the best and easiest way is using iTunes. Just by establishing a connection of your iPhone with the Windows PC can help you in transferring over the data including all-important work files within just few clicks.

With its support for multiple media formats, you can expect to get nearly all iPhone XR data backed up in Windows 10 laptop & desktop. For succeeding security assurance, all your files are protected under the encryption key while being in transit. If anything strikes to your device, iTunes also allows quick restoration of data back to your phone directly. To go with the free backup tool to have a copy of iPhone XR on a Windows 10, below are the main steps that you should follow.

  • Hook up your device to the machine with most recent version of iTunes installed.
  • Launch iTunes and click on the device icon on the top left.
  • Click on "Summary".
  • Choose "This Computer" in Backups location.
  • Left-click "Back Up Now" button.

This is all you need to do in backing up iPhone XR to Windows 10 with iTunes. If it's in demand for copying over sensitive data such as Health information and saved passwords in Keychain, have "Encrypt local backup" option checked.

Back up Everything from iPhone XR to Windows 10 PC Easily

For access to the complete list of backups that's set up via iTunes on the desktop & laptop, click through Edit > Preferences > Devices.

Method 2 - iOS Data Backup & Restore tool

What if you wish to go for specifying desired types of files for backups? This could trouble you a lot as iTunes restricts any sort of manual selection on the type(s) of data, but it doesn't have to be. iOS Data Backup & Restore has come up for your rescue. It grants you a customized option to back up a whole device or designated type(s) of content only. Another key advantage over iTunes is that you can preview the data within the backup archives to make an informed decision in a restore.

Download Now!

for Windows | for MacOS

The backup process is the same whether you're going to save iPhone XR backups on a computer running Windows 10 OS, or make a local backup of other iPhone models, iPad, iPod, etc. Just have a look at the following wizard to get start.

Step 1: Launch the software

Download the program and install it on your Windows 10 computer. Once done, double-click the software icon to run it. On the bottom left of the interface, choose More tools.

Then, you'll see three tabs for different tasks. To create a backup for iPhone XR on Windows 10 PC, hit iOS Data Backup & Restore.

Save All Files from iPhone XR to Win 10 for Free

From the two options given in the next screen, choose iOS Data Backup button.

Now, connect your source iPhone with computer through USB cable. Your device will be detected in few seconds.

In the window that opens, go for Standard backup option, and press the Start button.

Step 2: Do selection on type(s) of data to back up

Next up, tick the box(es) next to the type(s) of data that you want to copy over to the machine. In the case of backing up all iPhone XR data using Windows 10 computer, choose Select All option.

Step 3: Create iPhone XR backups on Windows 10 desktop & laptop

If all the needed checkboxes are filled, hit the Next button to start the process. It'll show you a progress bar with the status of copying data and information from iPhone XR to a Windows 10 PC. You can stop it at any time and resume whenever required.

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