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How to Convert a DVD to H.264 Video on Mac OS X and Windows

See more about: Blu-ray Ripper to pull movies off Blu-ray and convert to h.264 file

H.264 is a popular standard that is currently one of the most commonly used video compression formats for high definition digital video. The H.264 standard has a better performance in substantially lowering bit rates than previous standards (MPEG-2, H.263, or MPEG-4 Part 2) while keeping the same quality at the same time. And a digital video encoded with h.264 codec only uses half the space of the DVD standard MPEG-2, making it easy to enjoy stunning HD video without sacrificing picture quality when you face DVDs - convert from DVD mpeg-2 to h.264 video.

These days we have iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire and HDTV, so there's a pretty good chance you could have your DVD movies converted to h.264 video on your Mac and PC machine, so you can then watch them on those portable gadgets anywhere and anytime. And it makes a lot of sense to rip the contents of your DVDs to h.264 file and keep the original disc in a safe place from scratched.

Thankfully, there's plenty of DVD to h.264 ripping software available to do just that. DVD Ripper for Mac is such the worthy software when it comes to ripping DVD you legally purchased as well as converting DVD movie to h.264 video format without reducing the quality noticeably. It is capable of converting just about any disc you throw at it and has a selection of conversion device-targeted profiles with optimized parameters available for a wide range of playing devices.

Note that you will need its Windows available program - DVD Ripper for Windows to get your DVD video files into h.264 movie on PC machine running with Windows operating system.

This guide is only for Mac users, and the process involves decrypting the disc and then converting the movie to an h.264 video on Mac OS X. The process is do the same in Windows.

Step 1: Import DVD

Insert your disc, click the "Load DVD" button and navigate to your DVD drive in computer. Then click OK. The app will analyze your disc and display the main feature or All Title for you (you can set this in preference).

You will then see DVD movies shown in the blank area of the program.

Step 2: Settings

Now, you need to choose the output format. As h.264 video is encoded in a file container format, so here you will select a container format firstly from the format Tray.

Click the Target section marked with red box No.2, and this will call out the format tray on the bottom, switch to Video tab and choose MP4 as output container format. You can also choose other format as long as the format uses h.264 codec.

Then click the Gear icon at the top right corner of MP4 to open the profile settings window, here make sure you set Video Codec to h.264.

By the way, if you want to play your DVD movie on a handheld device like iPhone, for example, just choose iPhone for the output file. The same goes for other devices. This Mac DVD to h.264 converter has a lot of preset profiles available for you.

Step 3: Convert

The last step, click the blue "Convert" button at the lower right of the screen to begin the DVD converting to h.264 for Mac OSX. The full conversion process will likely cost hours for a feature length film, depending on your Mac's hardware.

That is it! You've ripping your DVD to an h.264 file on a Mac, enjoy!

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