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Why is iPhone not sending pictures in Messages and how to fix it

You're expected to understand why your iPhone is not sending images and fix it easily with 5 possible reasons and 10 solutions written in this article to help you!

William Davis Updated on Feb 3, 2024 5:49 PM

Unexpected things are happening in life all the time. Things can be your iPhone cannot send pictures to others when you want to share your new selfie with your family or friends in Messages, which may have a negative influence on your feeling. Why is your iPhone not sending photos in Messages? Before you feel upset and begin to complaint, you can take a few minutes to read the post patiently. With 10 solutions offered in the article, perhaps eventually, you can have the issue that pictures are not sending in Messages fixed on iPhone.

Figure Out Reasons for iPhone not Sending a Picture in Messages

Reasons for your iPhone not sending a picture can be various. There are some possible reasons provided below for you to check.

  • iMessage and MMS being disabled
  • Many iPhone users prefer to communicate with others via iMessage in Messages, as they can send pictures to each other via Wi-Fi or cellular data. But it only fits for the situation that both the sender and the recipient are using an Apple device with good network connection. If the recipient is using an Android device, then the picture can only be sent through MMS. So, if you find you pictures is not sending in Messages on your iPhone, you ought to check both iMessage and MMS. Normally, many users failed to send pictures in Messages due to not enabling iMessage or MMS.

  • Poor network connection
  • When you are sending pictures, network connection plays an important role in the sending result. The higher speed the network that your iPhone is connected to, the faster the picture can be sent. If the Wi-Fi connection is poor on your iPhone, or it's out of service when you are using cellular data, the picture will not be sent as you expect.

  • Issue existing on the recipient's iPhone
  • If you see the photo has been sent to the recipient in Messages on your iPhone, but the recipient says he has received nothing, then it's probably the recipient's problem. Perhaps he is the person who needs to find out how to fix iPhone not receiving pictures issue.

  • Something wrong with the picture
  • Another possible reason for a picture not being sent on iPhone can be the problem of the photo itself. It's possible to fail to send images with inappropriate content. Or when you are sending a large size picture, it really takes time to send and it's likely to be a failed sending on iPhone.

  • iPhone wanting to get some rest
  • Sometimes, it can result in iPhone not sending pictures in Messages after your iPhone has been working for long time or has been running many apps in one time. You can regard it as a signal that iPhone shows you that it needs to take a break, especially when your pictures are not sending but has nothing to do with above factors.

10 Solutions to Fix iPhone not Sending Pictures in Messages

Solution 1: Make Sure Both iMessage and MMS Are Enabled on iPhone

No matter which one is, you are supposed to check whether you have enabled iMessage and MMS first. Steps for you to do so are shown below.

Enable iMessage

Step 1: Open Settings on iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down, find Messages and tap it.

Step 3: On the page of Messages in Settings, the toggle button of iMessage should be gray if it's disabled. You can enable it by tapping it. If it's green, it means you have turned it on before. You can turn it off and enable it again.

Enable MMS Messaging

Step 1: Open Settings on iPhone.

Step 2: Scroll down, find Messages and tap it.

Step 3: On the page of Messages in Settings, you are able to check whether you have enabled MMS or not. If not, you can enable it by tapping the toggle button of MMS Messagsing. If you have already turned it on, you can try with disabling it and then turn it on again.

Solution 2: Make Sure iPhone Is Connected to a Good Network Connection

If you are sure that you had turned on iMessage and MMS on iPhone, but the picture still isn't being sent in Message, you may need to check the network connection on your iPhone, including your Wi-Fi connection and cellular data, or even reset network settings on iPhone.

Check Wi-Fi Connection

To check the Wi-Fi connection on your iPhone, you can go to Settings > WLAN. As it may be, the WLAN toggle button should be turned on and the iPhone has been connected to a Wi-Fi network account. If possible, you can get your iPhone connected to a Wi-Fi account with a higher network speed, so that your iPhone can send pictures successfully and rapidly.

Check Cellular Network

When you picture message is not sending in MMS, it might be caused by a weak cellular network. Or the problem may exist when the cellular network on your iPhone is out of service. In that case, you may need to move to an area that has a stronger network signal and then send the image again.

Reset Network Settings

Another method to deal with network problem is to reset network settings on your iPhone. You can make it by going to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings, then you need to type and enter iPhone passcode to reset the network settings.

Tip: Be cautious, once you reset network settings, all the network saved data, including Wi-Fi account passwords and VPN and APN settings will all be removed.

Solution 3: Sign Out your Apple ID and Sign it Back

If the picture iMessage is not delivered on iPhone, then you may be able to solve it easily by signing out the Apple ID and then sign in it again. You can make it by going to Settings, tapping [Your Name] > Sign Out. Then you can sign your Apple ID back into your iPhone to check whether you can send pictures in iMessage. If the problem still exists, you can try next solution.

Solution 4: Send the Picture to Other Contacts

To make it clear whether it's the problem of your Messages or it's the recipient's problem, you can try with sending the same picture to other contacts on iPhone.

If those recipients can receive the picture that you sent, it means it's not your problem, but the former recipient. If the picture message is not sendig to those contacts, either, then we are sorry to tell you that problems do exist in Messages on your iPhone. And you can continue fixing the issue with following solutions.

Solution 5: Send Other Pictures

If it's the picture itself results in iPhone not sending it, then you can straightforwardly fix the issue by sending other pictures. If you insist on sending that picture, you can try to edit or resize it, and the picture may be likely to be sent successfully.

Solution 6: Send Law Quality Pictures

More often than not, when you use iPhone to send pictures, you prefer to send original images, which has a high clarity. However, it is possible that the size of the photo file is so big that iPhone cannot send it smoothly, in particular those photos with high quality. In that case, when pictures are sending in Messages, you can type to send Law Quality Pictures.

Solution 7: Restart Messages App

Restarting Messages app is a practical method to enable pictures to be sent, as well. You can try it with following steps.

Step 1: You should completely close Messages app on iPhone. To do so, you need to find Messages on App Switcher or recently used apps first.

  • For an iPhone X or later, you can keep swiping up from the bottom to the middle of the screen until the App Switcher is visible and find Messages.
  • For an iPhone 8 or earlier, you can see recently used apps by double-clicking the Home button and find Messages.

Step 2: Swipe up Messages to close it completely. Once you have found Messages, you can swipe it up to close.

Step 3: Open Messages app on your iPhone, and attempt to send the picture again.

Solution 8: Restart iPhone

You may succeed in fixing iPhone not sending a photo in Messages by restarting your iPhone. Although it's not absolute, it's still worth trying.

1. Power off iPhone first.

For an iPhone with Face ID, you ought to press and hold the volume down and the power button at the same time, then tap and swipe right the power slider when it's shown on the screen, to power off you iPhone.

For an iPhone with Touch ID, you need to keep hold the power button for a few seconds, then swipe right the power slider to turn off the iPhone.

2. Restart your iPhone

After you have powered off your iPhone, you can choose to restart it at once or later. You just need to press the power button for a few seconds and Apple's logo will be shown.

If everything is going well, you may be capable of smoothly sending photos on iPhone. If not, you can keep trying following solutions.

Solution 9: Update iOS System on iPhone

If pictures are unable to be sent on your iPhone for a period, it might be a tiny bug for Apple. In that case, you may have it fixed by updating iOS system. But the precondition is Apple has upgraded a new iOS system. You can check it by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If there is a new iOS system being available to update, you can tap Download and Install. Otherwise, you may need to try the last solution.

Solution 10: Ask Your Carrier for Help

If none of above solutions works out, then it's time to ask your carrier for help. Most iPhone carries are experienced in dealing with their customers' problems. Therefore, it's quite possible that you can rapidly fix the issue that iPhone is not sending photos with their help.

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