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Retrieve License Code

If you do not get your registration code in a timely manner or if you've lost it during a computer crash or change, please don't hesitate to let us know. We and our cooperative producers will be happy to help you.

Just click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the specific application, and select the "Support" option., and then you will be redirectly to the "Retrieve Registration Code" page. You should then see a page something like this:


  • The email address should be the one you used to order our product.
  • Please allow about 60 minutes for the auto-reply email to arrive your inbox.
  • Please check the spam folder in case the auto-reply email is filtered as spam.
  • If you try this self-service with no luck, please contact us to request your license key.
  • If you've placed the order successfully but it displayed "order does not exist" error when you try to submit, please allow 30~60 minutes until the order goes into effect in database. If you don't receive the code after 2 hours, please contact our support team with your order receipt for further assistance.
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