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MOV Converter - Convert QuickTime MOV Video on Mac and Windows

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 21, 2022 5:46 PM

Yes, it is possible to convert your QuickTime MOV video files on a Mac or a PC. Not only is it possible, it's not even that difficult, as long as you use a right MOV converter for Mac / PC.

Many video files today come to us in (HD) MOV format. Though MOV is quite often used in Mac products, you still have demand for installing an extra component or converting MOV to other format to work with the file. Now, let's talk about 5 possible reasons why you need a (HD) MOV converter to get QuickTime files converted.

1) If you have a digital camera, it probably makes footage in .mov format. The .mov is viewable in Apple QuickTime with no problem, but that causes an issue when you try to play the mov on a non-Mac desktop player, making it necessary for you to transfer .mov file to .avi (or other friendly formats) with the help of MOV converter so that you use the .AVI version within Windows Movie Maker, Windows Media player etc.

MOV Converter in Mac & PC: Convert MOV files to and from video formats

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for Windows | for MacOS

2) Since almost all type of browsers don't support MOV container file, if you want to post MOV video clips stored on your Mac onto online public streaming sites or your own website, it is necessary to use a Mac MOV converter to encode the MOV into FLV format to ensure the browser will play the video, or choose to convert from MOV to MP4 that would work in all browsers. Sometimes, you may also want to convert h.264 MOV to and from other formats, this HD MOV converter (Mac & PC) also works for you.

3) You can download mp3 files found online, and record the sound track with a music recorder on your computer to listen to the favorite song. How can you extract the sound tracks from a local existing Mac .mov (QuickTime) container file and convert into common format like mp3, wav, wma, etc.

4) In a particular condition, you're in an attempt to convert a Mac QuickTime movie (MOV file) to MPEG-2 format or the MPEG-1 format with MOV converter for Mac/ PC, because the journal to which this movie will be submitted only accepts mpeg's.

5) Another occasion, you're trying to put together a PowerPoint presentation with an MOV video you make in QuickTime on your Mac, but the original file is so big, you just want to get a small part off it. In that case, you will have the MOV file trimmed to get the part that you wanted to embed into PowerPoint.

In additional to the process of using a PC or Mac based MOV converter to convert your (HD) MOV file to formats for the purpose of multiple usage, conversely, you may currently try to figure out how to convert other container files to MOV, for example such as how to convert MP4 to MOV. Especially for a Mac user, given that Macs use MOV/M4V as its default playable & editable file, and the iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV) doesn't support most of common format, you'll consider converting the incompatible file to a QuickTime file to suitable for your Mac or iOS handheld device, or rewrap to Prores MOV files to edit them within Final Cut Pro and iMovie.

MOV Video Converter - Convert between MOV and other file formats

It doesn't matter what you purpose of converting MOV movies, there are a variety of Windows-based and Mac MOV converters provide options to convert the format. Here we'll use and recommend one of the most efficient program for you.

Windows: Video Converter for Windows, and Mac OS X: Video Converter for Mac.

(See download link above)

The MOV file converter designed for Mac and Windows allows you to easily convert the Mac QuickTime .mov format to and from other popular formats that can be played by media players and smart phones including PS3, Xbox 360, iPhone, iPad, Android phones. Besides, you can control the output file quality and size with simple output settings, and edit the MOV to get a desired file.

Simple steps to convert your MOV:

Firstly, import of mov movie, single file or entire folders, the program supports batch encoding MOV files.

Secondly, set a MOV format as output, and edit the file.

Lastly, begin conversion to generate a Mac MOV file.

MOV Converter for Mac & PC - Convert MOV movies and burn to DVD

Where can I find a MOV converter for Mac that can convert HD 1080p mov files onto DVD on my iMac? I shot some video clips with my Canon camcorder and they are in MOV file extension. My kids want to watch them on a regular DVD player in living room attached to a television rather on my computer. - Lenton

Some of you may want to convert and burn your (HD) QuickTime MOV movies files to DVD disc for playback on a big TV with kids. Luckily, you can accomplish it with DVD Creator.

Windows: DVD Creator for Windows, and Mac OS X: DVD Creator for Mac.

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for Windows | for MacOS

It is the fast and reliable software that can convert video files in MOV format and burn to disc. You simple drop the files into this QuickTime MOV converter, and letting it encode the MOVs then burn to DVD. It offers templates for creating stylish menus and inserting background picture and music for a more personalized feel.

MOV Converter in Mac & PC - Convert and create MOV files from DVD

I would like a piece of software to remove CSS protection on a DVD on my computer, and convert to a h.264 MOV format on Mac then I can import them into iTunes. What Mac DVD to MOV converter program can I use to rip this?

Windows: DVD Ripper for Windows, Mac OS X: DVD Ripper for Mac.

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for Windows | for MacOS

It decrypts the disc automatically and rips the movie content to (HD) MOV and other type of file formats. You can use its preset profile to simplify the choosing of MOV encoding settings. Further functions such as split large file to several small ones, extract video segment from the source, are also available.

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