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WMV Converter for Mac & PC: Convert WMV Video Files

Peter Rugg Updated on Apr 21, 2022 5:46 PM

Does anyone know a plugin-free WMV converter for Mac? A teacher gave me an external hard drive with a HD .wmv demo file on it. It works OK on a PC but I have to be able to play it on a Mac for school. When I dropped it in QuickTime player, it didn't recognize .wmv files. I tried the free any video converter software (has add-ons, plugins, toolbars), but the output has a obvious loss of quality. How can I convert the WMV file to be visible on the Mac with keeping quality loss to an minimum.

In our digital life, there are plenty of situations that require you to convert wmv files on both Mac and Windows. It's possible to convert your standard and HD WMV movie files to other digital formats or vice-versa, so you can enjoy the new created files on different gadgets of your choice. This will involve conversion steps using a Windows based or Mac WMV converter.

There are a number of WMV video converters for Mac & PC out there that you can use to deal with your movie collections including (HD) WMV files. Video Converter for Mac is our favorite. It accepts just about everything you throw at it, and convert to any sort of digital video formats on Mac OS X. It allows you to experiment with a simple WMV converting with optimized default settings or an advanced encoding with lots of video & audio settings as desired. This Mac WMV converter software even includes more easily accessible device-targeted presets to simplify your conversion. Batch processing of WMV files (or other formats) at a time is another convenient feature of the software. For a Windows user, you may use its cross-platform version - Video Converter for Windows to convert files from one format to another.

WMV video converter for Mac and Windows:

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WMV is a very proprietary and Windows-centric video format, it uses VC-1, WMV7, WMV8 and WMV9 to encode video in container. Although it has great playback compatibility in Windows environment, you still have needs to handle your WMVs.

1. Convert just from WMV container file to another video container file. You may want to convert a folder full of WMV HD videos to MP4 HD video with AC3 or AAC audio to works with iTunes on Mac, you may need to convert a .wmv file to an uncompressed .MOV format for QuickTime playback. You may have been trying to convert the video to an xvid AVI file, or just transfer the WMV to MPEG for Mac with the same dimensions and quality. Regardless of whatever format you will need, this WMV converter for Mac & Windows is definitely the way to go.

2. Extract the audio from WMV ( Windows Media Video) files. Rather than converting WMV videos to other digital video formats, this WMV video converter enables you to extract the audio off of WMV and any other movie files and save to wma files (windows media audio), mp3, m4a, ogg, ape, aac, ac3, mka, aiff.

3. The WMV converter tool supports converting videos so they're at the correct resolution for the device of your choice. For instance, If you have an high quality Matroska .mkv file with 5.1 channel sound audio that you want to play in on Xbox 360, you can go with this converter and convert to .wmv preset file that Xbox 360 will accepts.

On the other hand, you have a Mac and no way to play WMV files, there are various methods you can use to solve the issue. Depending on what .wmv files you have, after you install the plug-ins from Flip4Mac on QuickTime player, you can open and view the some type of WMV files smoothly. Alternatively, go to official VLC website to download the client on your computer, it plays almost every format.

However, there are many codecs used in the WMV wrapper, thus, no all WMV files are playable on Flip4Mac and VLC on Mac OS X. When you try to open a wmv3 clip in VLC, a message will pop up that says: "no suitable decoder module for 'WMV3'. VLC probably does not support this sound or video format."

So, in order to solve this problem completely, converting WMV to a Mac readable format is our suggestion. This WMV converter for Mac OS X allows you transfer the WMV to MOV, M4V, MP4 format that Macs and iOS players read well.

4. The WMV converter for Mac & PC has options to compress the WMV movie files to suit for the exact specifications of your device. For example, you can use the software to encode a wmv video into a DivX file to watch on divx DVD player with the resolution shrinking from 1920x1280 to 1280x720 or 720x404 so it will play.

5. You can easily edit a .wmv movie in windows movie maker on a PC, but things get tricky when you're running a Mac. Apple has a limit to the number of file formats you can use to edit in Mac-centric editing programs such as iMovie and Final Cut Pro. As for WMV, it's needed to be converted prior to import in the iMovie or FCP. Thankfully, the Mac WMV converter allows you to convert anything to an Mac file that will work great with iMovie or FCP, and has a couple of preset profiles available for you to convert file for phones, tablets, portable multimedia players, game consoles, TVs and editing programs.

6. The converter offers you solid WMV video editing functions including cropping, trimming, applying effects, adding subtitles, brightness, saturation, etc.

The steps to convert WMV video formats in Mac OS X are the same as that in Windows:

1) Drag WMV (or other files) from your local folder and drop onto the program, or use "Add File" button.

2) Set a format from Profile drop-down menu as output, and configure the encoding settings if desired.

3) You are now ready to get the process begin by clicking the "Convert" button on the bottom.

WMV to DVD Converter

I have several files that edited in Windows Movie Maker and save them as .wmv, since my DVD player hooked up to my TV can't play WMVs, I want to convert these WMV to a DVD on my Mac to then play on TV, does anyone know of a faster way I can burn these videos, perhaps a decent .wmv converter Mac software that is either fast and effective?

For those who're looking for a WMV converter to burn files to disc, DVD Creator is the way to go. It allows you to convert .WMV files and create the movie DVDs you want, as well as create DVD folders and ISO images. It also features a range of powerful DVD authoring functions for making customized DVDs: you can create DVD menus with pre-installed stylish template designs, add background pictures and songs, insert subtitles to your tracks, as well as edit video effects to your videos before you burn them if you'd like.

Take a close look at this cross-platform program: DVD Creator for Windows, and DVD Creator for Mac, and download the correct copy according to your computer.

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DVD to WMV Converter for Mac & Windows

I'm tired of constantly switching DVDs out of my home DVD player. Is there a program that I can rip my DVD movies into a format like WMV to store on my computer HDD. Handbrake would be work, but it seems that it can't remove the CSS-protected commercial DVDs, please help! I am running a Mavericks 10.9

DVD Ripper for Windows (and its Mac version - DVD Ripper for Mac) is the powerful DVD ripping software. It makes things easier than ever to cut out movies out of commercial DVDs as well as homemade DVDs, and convert to WMV, MP4, H.264, AVI, MOV, MKV, etc., so you can then watch, edit and share it all online or off, on virtually any device, including iPhone, iPad, Android--wherever.

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