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How to convert WMV to MPEG (or MPEG to WMV) on Mac/ Windows

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:23 PM

Microsoft developed the Windows Media Video (.wmv) format to create, publish, and playback of audio and video sources. You can watch your WMV files on your Windows Media player, Surface, or mobile phone, but since not all of such multimedia gadgets out there have capabilities of working with .wmv format, you can't do everything with this file type. For some reason, you might want to convert your video in .wmv to .mpeg format on Mac or PC computer.

The other side of the coin: By using high–compression techniques, MPEG video file (.mpg, .mpeg) is small in size but contains quality video content. So you've got a movie in .mpeg format, but you want to get the mpeg into .wmv format on Mac OS X and Windows environment so you can work with it for a better performance in certain players and devices. Sounds easy, right? The only problem is that you can't just change the file extension from .mpeg/ .mpg to .wmv type.

Anyway, you need some outside help for dealing with the compatibility problem between your videos of different file formats. There are dozens of video conversion program that can handle this, but we choose this one - Video Converter for Mac - because it's incredibly simple. It converts one kind of video file from hundreds of common formats into another including wmv to mpeg and vice-versa on Mac, and supports for high definition output formats that readable by Apple iOS, Android phone/tablet, and others.

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In addition, a built-in editor gives you options to crop or rotate videos, add effects, and even import subtitle. You can get its Windows equivalence - Video Converter for Windows to get the WMV (or MPEG) conversion done on a PC.

Now, we'll take the process of converting WMV to MPEG on a Mac for example, bellow's a simple walkthrough of what you'll need to do:

Step 1: Load WMV files to the program

When you first open the program, you'll notice that the user interface is clean and easy to understand. Go to the "Add File" button and then locate the .wmv video clips and open them. You can either do this by using the program's dragging-dropping feature.

Step 2: Select MPEG as the output format list

Now you can choose how you want to convert the video. Click "Profile" drop-down box option to open format list window, and then choose MPEG-2 Video (.mpg) or MPEG-1 Video (.mpg) as output file extension.

If you need to convert HD MPEG to a WMV format without quality loss, here head to "HD Video" category on the left side and select "HD WMV" for exporting.

Here you are given the option to tweak quite a large amount of settings (bit rate, quality, channel, codec, etc.) to optimize conversion even further. Just remember that the higher the quality, the larger the file size. Generally, the default settings are spot-on.

For emphasis: here this Mac converter has developed a group of preset options to optimizes video files for just about popular multimedia devices you'd want to watch a movie on, plus devices like the iPad, Apple TV, Xbox One.

Step 3: Start converting WMV to MPEG for Mac

Now what you need to do is to click the "Convert" button at the bottom and you are on your way! The Mac app will convert .wmv videos to .mpg format in Mac in the fastest way. A conversion output window will open and display the progress you can follow.

The converter supports batch processing, meaning you can convert several videos at a time as soon as you start working with your MPEG videos.

BTW, as a versatile utility, the program can handle MPEG to WMV conversion as well.

Okay, that's all, have fun!

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