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How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

Martin Tord Updated on Aug 2, 2023 8:37 AM

The struggles of transferring files between your Mac and Android smartphone aren't going to compute in the minds of iPhone users, but there are plenty of ways to achieve this. Unfortunately, you won't find a native solution on your Mac to make your file-sharing necessary – but plenty of third-party alternatives exist.

Today, you'll learn the easiest ways to transfer files from Android to Mac. You can use these tips if you're upgrading to an iPhone and want to use your files on that device, and they're also useful if you simply want to keep your files in an additional place.

Is There a Native Android Transfer Solution on Mac?

Android file transfer for Mac can be quite challenging, and it's made harder by the fact that Apple hasn't developed an Android transfer solution.

Part of the reason behind this is that Android crosses multiple brands, each of which will function differently from one another. Since the iPhone is already part of the Apple ecosystem, for example, it's easier to create solutions for sharing files between this device and your Mac.

Another reason that could explain why Apple hasn't developed a native file transfer protocol for Android to Mac is that Google has done so with Android File Transfer.

How to Transfer Files Between Android and Mac

Below are some of the top ways you can transfer files between your Android device and Mac computer.


Macdroid is an affordable solution that lets you move photos, music, videos, and more in an affordable, safe, and efficient manner. You can download it from the App Store, and you should follow these instructions to add your files to macOS.

1. Download Macdroid on the App Store or from its website.

2. Plug your smartphone into one of your Mac's USB ports.

3. Select Devices and give your computer permission to access your smartphone.

4. Go to Finder. You should now see your Android device.

File-Sharing Tools

You can also move content from Android to Mac by using one of the many file-sharing solutions now available on the market. With WeTransfer, for example, you can send up to 2GB with the free plan. After uploading your content, enter your email address. Then, access what you sent via the link you received.

Dropbox is another option you can look at when moving your Android files to a Mac. Meanwhile, you can log into Google Drive on your Mac and download folders you've shared through that particular tool.

OneDrive is another viable file-sharing solution if you have a Microsoft account.


If you've only got to share small file sizes, email could be a viable option. You can attach your documents, images, and so on to a new message – before sending them to yourself. After doing both of these, you can then download your files on your computer.

You should, however, consider numerous potential problems with this method. The first is that you're restricted to a 25MB limit. This isn't great if you need to send larger photos and videos or more files in general.

The other annoyance with using email to transfer Android files to Mac is that the process is time-consuming.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging is another way you can transfer some files from Android to Mac. You can use Facebook Messenger, plus other social media apps, for this method – and it's ideal if you need to send photos or videos.

However, you'll still encounter problems. For example, the images you send will often compress and be lower in quality when you download them. Moreover, instant messaging is a bad place to share sensitive information – such as contact details. You'll also have to manually download everything you send, which takes more time than is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so hard to transfer files between Android and Mac?

Because Android smartphones and Mac computers are part of two different ecosystems, it can be more difficult to transfer files than if you had two Apple devices. Fortunately, other solutions have been developed to limit the drawbacks of attempting sharing of this kind.

Can I transfer files between Android and Mac wirelessly?

You can transfer your files wirelessly using various means, such as online file-sharing tools and instant messaging. It's important to beware of issues like compression, though, as these can occur. Check each program you use to ensure that this doesn't become a problem for the visual content you wish to share.

Will Apple develop a solution to transfer files between Android and Mac?

It's unlikely that Apple will develop a solution to transfer files between Android and Mac. However, plenty of apps and methods already exist – so this isn't such a big problem.

Use These Tips to Share Android and Mac Files

While transferring files between Android and Mac isn't as easy as if you had an iPhone, it's not a huge problem to tackle. You can choose from numerous options in this respect, with some of them having more pros and cons than others.

When picking one of the options on our list, it's a good idea to watch out for possible challenges like compression and sharing sensitive information. With that in mind, using a third-party option is perhaps better than relying on a communications system.

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