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Why is iPhone texting green to another iPhone and how to fix it

Having no idea how to fix iPhone texting green to another iPhone? Take it easy! You will have your problem solved in this article.

William Davis Updated on Dec 7, 2023 2:45 PM

In general, with an iPhone, you prefer to send messages to your contacts in Messages. And you will turn iMessages, SMS Messaging and MMS Messaging on at the same time. But do you know the differences between them? Have you ever thought about why sometimes your iPhone is texting green but sometimes is texting blue? What if a text message turns into green color when it should be blue? In this post, you'll find out answers of these questions step by step.

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Identify Differences Between Green Messages and Blue Messages

Before you take measures to solve iPhone texting green to another iPhone, you ought to identify differences between a message in green bubble and a message in blue bubble. Normally, when you are sending texts in Messages, they will be sent via iMessage or SMS/MMS.

Green messages mean you are sending SMS/MMS messages. Normally, a green text appears when you are using cellular service to send it, or you are sending messages via Wi-Fi network or cellular data but the recipient is an Android user or an Apple user who doesn't enable iMessages. If the message is sent in a blue bubble, it means it's an iMessage, using Wi-Fi network or cellular data to send texts to another iPhone.

Why is iPhone Texting Green to Another iPhone

When you are using iPhone to send texts to another iPhone, it should be sent as blue messages, in other words, iMessages. But if iPhone is texting green to another iPhone, you may need to check main factors mentioned below.

1. iMessage Is Unavailable

Since green texts mean SMS/MMS messages, while iMessages should be blue, you need to check whether iMessage has enabled on both the recipient's and your iPhones. If not, the text will be shown in a green bubble, rather than a blue bubble.

2. Poor Network Connection

Green text messages appear when the sender's iPhone or the recipient's iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network account with lower speed or there is not enough cellular data, as sending iMessages need a good network connection on iPhones of the recipient and sender.

3. A Bug of Operation System

If there is nothing wrong with the recipient's and your iPhones, but texts are still sent in green bubbles, perhaps it's an iOS bug. Even though it's an operation system bug, there is no need for you to be too worried, as Apple will try to fix it.

How to Fix the Issue of iPhone Texting Green to Another iPhone

After knowing the possible reasons for iPhone texting green to another iPhone, with following methods, you may be able to fix it by yourself.

Method 1: Enable iMessage

The primary method of solving texts being sent in green bubbles to another iPhone is to enable iMessage. You ought to go to Settings > Messages, find iMessage and tap the toggle button to enable it. If you have turned it on before, you can turn it off and enable it again.

Method 2: Connect iPhone to a Good Network

If you think the cause of the message background turning into green from your iPhone to another iPhone is the poor network connection, you can straightforwardly fix it by connecting your iPhone to a good network. If you are using Wi-Fi to send messages, you can go to Settings > WLAN to connect to a network account with higher speed; if you are using cellular data, you can move to an area with stronger network signal.

Method 3: Update iOS

If you iPhone is sending green texts to another iPhone due to an iOS bug, you can resolve it by updating iOS. You can go to Settings > General > Software Update to check whether there is a new available iOS version. If there is, you are expected to solve the problem by downloading and installing it. If not, just keep trying the following method.

Method 4: Restart iPhone

It cannot be 100% sure that you can fix your iPhone sending a green message to another iPhone, but it's still worth trying. First, you need to power iPhone off by keeping pressing the power button and volume down button for a few seconds until the power slider appears. Next, you can drag the power slider to the right to power your iPhone off. Then you can restart your iPhone by pressing the power button. It means you successfully restart the iPhone when the Apple logo is showing on the screen.

Method 5: Ask the Recipient for Help

When the message bubble is in green color, it's not absolute that there is something wrong with your iPhone, but the recipient's. After trying above methods, if the message is still in green bubble, you may need to contact the recipient to ask for help. The recipient may need to try above methods to allow texts to be sent in blue bubbles, rather than green bubbles.

Method 6: Ask Apple Support for Help

If none of above methods works out and your iPhone is still texting green to another iPhone, then it's time to contact Apple Support to ask for help. Having helped customers deal with many problems, the issue of your iPhone texting green to anther iPhone is likely to be resolved with Apple Support's help.

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