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How to Import DVD to iMovie on Mac OS X

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You may purchased a vast collection of DVD disks, and want to copy DVD movie to iMoive, a pre-install application on Mac which allows you to edit the films, make clips, add music/narration/photos, and create fun trailers from all that footage. iMovie for Mac enables you to import VOB files on homemade DVDs, but it lacks native support for importing commercial DVDs. You first have to convert the audio and video files from your DVD to iMovie friendly file format such as MPEG-4, H.264, DV and AIC, while a DVD to iMovie converter software is required.

DVD Ripper for Mac can help you easily copy DVD to iMovie and convert to formats which are compatible with iMovie on Mac. You don't need to let another app do the DRM crack on a commercial DVD, this DVD ripping utility comes with a combination of decrypting DRM protected DVDs and converting DVD movie files. Best of all, it is simple, comprehensive, and has options to convert DVD for a wealth of portable devices. If you are using Windows OS and want to rip DVD to iMovie, you can refer to DVD Ripper for Windows.

The following paragraphs are written down for assisting you to finish the DVD to iMovie conversion step by step, all commercial encrypted DVD or homemade unencrypted DVD are supported to be ripped off.

Step 1: Import DVD disc

First, put a DVD in your computer and run the program. Hit the "load DVD" icon, the program will scan the disc to identify the titles to rip. Or you can drag-n-drop DVD files to the program window.

Take a note, the DVD to iMovie converter can also rip DVD folders and ISO files.

Step 2: Configure Output Profile

After the source imported, click on the format icon (under 'Target' text) on the right side of the highlight video to open the output file panel, then choose "iMovie" under "Editing" category.

Because iMovie (iMovie '11, iMovie '09, iMovie '08, iMovie HD) will accept the following file formats: Movie File Type, MPEG-2 and AVCHD, DV-Standard and HDV (High Definition Video), QuickTime Movie, MEPG-4. So here you can also choose MOV or MP4 as output format from "Video" list.

Step 3: Rip DVD to iMovie file on Mac OS X

Once you finish the output setting, hit the "Convert" button in the bottom-right of the screen to start the conversion process. you are allowed to convert the entire DVD movie, any number of chapters, or any custom segment of a DVD.

The amount of time it takes will depend on your computer's processing performance and the source DVD file, but it will take a while no matter what.

Step 4: Adding exported movie files to iMovie

To import converted DVD videos or others sources into iMovie, Choose File -> Import Movies. Either way, search for the location of the video in the Import window to import the file from DVD to iMovie, where it could be edited later.


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