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Why Won't iPhone XR Charge? Here's How to Fix Charging Problems

Ella Garcia Updated on Sep 1, 2022 9:18 AM

Nothing's worse than the moment you realize your iPhone XR is not charging and it appears to be dead. If you have trouble charging your device properly, the Apple's guide provides troubleshooting suggestions for settling the iOS 13 charging problems: If your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch won't charge. You'll find the useful tips to easily check for the hardware issues with the charging cable, USB adapter and charging port.

But what if you have a good cable, good power or any hardware component is in a good condition? It seems that the fault causing iPhone XR not charging at all, charging slowly, charging only up to a certain point, charging intermittently, is with the software bugs. The problem would occasionally arise after an iOS update. Don't panic, there are solid steps you can take to fix the software-related issues so you can charge your phone again and turn it on.

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Verify that iPhone XR won't charge

This sound silly, but you need to make sure the iPhone XR is definitely plugged in. Take a good, careful look at the charging cable or USB adapter is firmly connected, and charge it with different power sources: wall power outlet, computer or any power accessory. When your device charges, you will see a lightning bolt beside the battery icon in the status bar, or a large battery icon on the Lock screen.

If the iPhone XR refuses to charge - battery percentage will not increase for hours - even though it acknowledges that iPhone XR is plugged into a charger, here's what you need to do to figure out the root causes and repair the weird charging issue.

Ultimate guide: iPhone XR is not charging or charging slowly

Before going to the Apple Store for service, here're several simple methods that you could perform yourself to fix iPhone XR battery will not charge or charges very slowly all the way. You could also resolve the problems when your phone says that your accessory isn't supported or certified.

1. Check USB cable and USB adapter

First, start off with checking the charging cable and USB adapter for damage. Any broken power accessories should be to blame when iPhone XR device won't charge and it's flickering the battery charge on and off.

If you are experiencing a damaged, frayed USB charging cable adapter at some point, it's wise to toss out the accessories and buy new replacements.

iPhone XR Isn't Charging When Plugged In

2. Use Apple-Certified charging accessory

If you see an 'Accessory may not be supported' alert and your iPhone XR stops charging the battery suddenly, it's possible that your accessory, especially a third-party accessory, is not Apple-certified or defective. So make sure to use the cable and charger that's MFi (Made For iPhone) certified, to charge the device.

If you want to know more about why the alert appears and how to fix it, read this article from Apple.

3. Check and clean up iPhone XR's lightning port

Relax, it's just a dirty charging port and the loose connection. There may be so much dust, dirt, link, or fragments of metal and plastic getting clogged in the port over time, which prevents iPhone XR from charging properly - it would completely discharge the battery and does not charge. Before cleaning the charging port yourself, tun off the device.

Option 1: Use compressed air

The most idea solution is to use a can of compressed air. Holding the compressed air can close to the tiny hole and spay a little air at a time to gently remove the debris without sticking anything inside. Don't empty the entire can of air inside it, or you will damage the phone.

Option 2: Use a toothpick

This is going to be your main cleaning tool. Insert the toothpick into the port and scrape the debris out. Do it gently as otherwise, you could end up damaging the port and the only option is to replace it. Keep using the flashlight to check if the charging port is cleaner.

This all come out. You can now make a solid connection with the USB charging cable and get iPhone XR to charge until it's fully charged and worked normally. Let the handset charge for a half hour. If it's still unresponsive or frozen, learn what you need to do.

4. Force restart the device

If the problem is not with the USB cable, adapter, or charging port, then it might be with the software, specifically the rough apps, crashed operating system and anything that is messed up the phone. At times, you connected the iPhone XR to the charger but unfortunately the phone was not charging. The solution? Force restart the device while it's charging:

  • Press and quickly release Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release Volume Down button.
  • Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple Logo.

Your iPhone XR will no longer has the issue with charging. If the hard reset doesn't work, read on to get the effective fix.

Fix Charging Issue on XR iOS 13

5. Repair system with a robust tool

In case the XR stops charging and the battery percentage stacked, then randomly dies, you need to check the operating system. It's often tough to know for sure where the iOS bugs may be, particularly when your Apple iPhone XR has intermittent charging problem. We recommend using iOS System Recovery software to find out the potential issues and resolve them gracefully without any data being lost. It supports all iOS devices and has been gained reputation among the users for its positive results. Download it and give it a shot.

Download Now!

for Windows | for macOS

You need to know exactly what steps were taken with the program to fix iPhone XR that won't charge absolutely. This is a common error-handling routine, and you can call it whenever unexpected errors occur on iPhone or iPad: Apple logo loop, restart loop, black screen of death, not turning off, etc.

  • Install the software and open it.
  • Connect iPhone XR to the computer.
  • Click "More tool" from the bottom left corner on the startup screen.
  • Choose "iOS System Recovery" tab.
  • Press the Start button, and continue to click the Fix button.
  • Check "Standard Mode" option, and click the Confirm button. This will not delete any content.
  • Select the latest version of iOS firmware, and click the Next button. Wait the download to finish.
  • Hit the Fix button to begin the process.

The iPhone XR should turn on and you will get the battery back to charging when it's plugged in.

Video Tutorial:

If iPhone XR battery charging hasn't gone past 80%

If your iPhone XR battery stopped charging at 80 percent or below, and it ever seems to get fully charged, it might get slightly warmer when it charges. Try remove the charger and cool it down. This will prolong the life of your battery.

Another truth for "iPhone XR gets stuck on battery not charging to 100% issue" is that Apple has introduced a new feature Optimized Battery Charging in iOS 13 or later that slows down charging. When it's enabled, your phone will automatically stop charging when it hits 80%. It's an ideal way to reduce the wear on the battery and improves its lifespan.

The feature can be disabled if you don't want your iPhone XR to do what's explained above and need full charge. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health, and toggle off Optimized Battery Charging.

iPhone XR's Battery Is Not Charging

Contact Apple

Hopefully the steps in the article should save you much effort and headache when you encountered this plugged-in-not-charging problem on the iPhone XR device. If your phone still won't charge or power on, take your device, charging cable and adapter to the local Apple Store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider for evaluation. Make an appointment before going there. You can also contact Apple Support online first.

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