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How to restore iPhone from iCloud backup

Curious about how to restore data to your iPhone from iCloud backup? It's easy to do and here's how to restore iPhone using an iCloud backup to retrieve your data and settings.

William Davis Updated on Sep 14, 2023 10:30 AM

By using iCloud, backing up your iPhone or iPad is quite easy. Likewise, it's easy to have your iCloud backup restored to the iPhone. Whenever you've lost or accidentally deleted data on iPhone and now need them back, or you attempted to fix some stubborn errors by performing a factory reset with your iPhone erased completely, or even you switched to a brand new iPhone, you will want to restore iPhone's iCloud backup to get back your content, settings, and apps to the new or newly erased iPhone.

Below we'll focus on easier tips and tricks on how to restore iPhone from iCloud Backup.

How to Restore from iCloud Backup on iPhone

Steps of restoring data from backup in iCloud are as easy as backing up data to iCloud. It's sure that you can make it easily! To get your backup restored from iCloud to iPhone, you are supposed to:

1. Turn on your iPhone that is newly erased.

2. Do as the onscreen setup suggests until Apps & Data screen is shown on your device.

3. Tap Restore from iCloud Backup and use your Apple ID to sign into iCloud.

4. Choose a backup that you want to transfer to this iPhone and tap it to start the transfer.

5. When transferring, you ought to have your device connected to a Wi-Fi network, and then wait for the accomplishment of the transfer.

6. Once the transfer and setup have been finished successfully, data stored in iCloud are available on your iPhone or iPad.


  • The above steps fit for an iPhone that hasn't been set up before, which means a new device.
  • If you have set up your iPhone previously and now you want to restore from iCloud backup on the same device, you need to erase all the content. That is to say, you are supposed to: go to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset [Device]. Next, type your passcode or Apple ID password if it is requested, and then let your iPhone erase completely. Then you are able to follow the above six steps to restore iCloud backup on iPhone.
  • You have to to sign in with your Apple ID when restoring to restore your apps and purchases. Otherwise, you are not able to use these apps and purchases.
  • The exact time of restoring an iPhone from an iCloud backup is uncertain, as it depends on the size of the backup and the Wi-Fi network speed. The smaller the backup size is, the faster the progress bar of restoring will complete. Equally, the faster the Wi-Fi network is, the less time you need to wait for the process of restoring.

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FAQ about Restoring iPhone from Backup

How Do I Manually Restore My iPhone from Backup?

To manually restore your iPhone from backup, you can use a computer backup to restore your iPhone. But the precondition is that you have backed up your iPhone to the computer. Then you need to first connect your iPhone to the computer which you have backed up your iPhone to. If you are a Mac user with macOS 10.15 or later system version, you need to run Finder > choose your iPhone > click Trust > Restore from This Backup > select your Backup from the list > click Continue. If you are using Mac with macOS 10.14 or earlier system version, you are expected to run iTunes > click the symbol of iPhone at the top-left corner > Summary > Restore Backup > select your Backup from the list > click Continue.

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