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How to hide location on iPhone without them knowing - 8 ways

We might want to discreetly hide our location on iPhone for various reasons. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways to get the job done without notifying anyone.

Jasmin Woods Updated on May 21, 2024 6:03 PM

While the iPhone's location sharing services make it easier than ever to stay connected with friends and family, there may be times when you want to temporarily hide your iPhone location to maintain privacy and security.

Follow this step-by-step guide to discreetly hide your iPhone's location in 8 ways.

Whether you want to prevent others from tracking current whereabouts or simply take a break from sharing your live location, it's possible to hide location on iPhone without them knowing.

By disabling GPS features like Share My Location and Find My iPhone, you can easily stop location sharing without notifying anyone. Additionally, you have the option to use another Apple device to change your iPhone's location or employ a location spoofer for iPhone to discreetly hide your location without turning it off.

In this guide, we'll explore some efficient methods on how to hide location on iPhone without them knowing. Let's get started!

Can I hide my location on iPhone without them knowing?

Yes. There are several ways to make your iPhone location invisible without anyone knowing. You may discreetly hide your location on Find My iPhone or an individual app, or simply turn off all location sharing with all contacts and apps. For more convenient location hiding, the GPS-spoofer tool iPhone Location Changer provides the easiest steps to hide your iPhone location without notifying and generate customized GPS sharing between locations effortlessly.

How to hide location on iPhone without them knowing

Turn on Airplane Mode

The first quick way to hide location of your iPhone without them knowing is to enable the Airplane Mode. In fact, Airplane Mode does not disable the GPS functions on your iPhone. Instead, it turns off all network connections, including Bluetooth and cellular data, thereby preventing your iPhone from sharing location updates with Find My and any other location-based apps and services.

  • Swipe up from your iPhone's home screen to access the Control Center.
  • In the network settings, tap the Airplane Mode button to light it on.

Use Airplane Mode to temporarily hide location of iPhone.

With Airplane Mode on, your location is offline and hidden from others without notifications. However, it also disables the usage of messages, phone calls and other network services.

Turn off location sharing for a certain app

To hide your location from a specific app and stop location sharing without notifying at the same time, try turning off the Share My Location permission in your iPhone Settings. This method works by denying the location access for that particular app while allowing other GPS-based apps and services to function normally.

Here's how to hide location without others knowing on Find My iPhone or specific apps:

  • Navigate to Settings app on your iPhone and choose Privacy & Security.
  • Move to Location Services, and you'll see a list of apps under Share My Location option.
  • Select Find My or another app from which you want to hide your location.
  • In the following options, set it to Never.

Hide location on Find My iPhone by disabling its location access.

Without the permission for location sharing, your iPhone location will no longer show up or update on Find My or other apps you choose to hide your GPS from.

Disable Location Services to hide your iPhone from all apps

Completely turning off the Location Services will prevent your iPhone from all location-based apps and services on the device. That is to say, your iPhone will hide its location without anyone knowing, but meanwhile, you cannot use any other app that requires GPS location data.

  • Open the Settings and go to Privacy & Security.
  • From the options, tap Location Services.
  • Turn off the Location Services option to hide the location of your iPhone.

When the Location Services option turns grey, no location information is available to determine where you are, resulting in your iPhone hidden from all location apps without them knowing.

How to hide your location without turning it off via iPhone Location Changer

For enhanced privacy and security, the efficient iPhone Location Changer comes to the rescue. Without triggering any alerts, it allows you to hide your real iPhone location discreetly.

With just a few simple clicks, you gain the ability to fake your iPhone location and freeze it anywhere you desire, discreetly hiding your current location from trackers. Moreover, it offers the functionality to create personalized GPS routes between various locations at customizable speeds, enabling you to hide your live location on iPhone without anyone knowing.

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Best of all, this iOS location spoofer integrates seamlessly with a wide range of platforms and services, including Find My, Life360, WhatsApp, Maps, social media apps, and more.

Compatible with the latest iOS 17 and all previous versions, here are the steps to hide your iPhone location without them knowing:

1. Install and open iPhone Location Changer on a PC or Mac.

2. Connect your iPhone via a USB cable and choose Modify Location mode.

3. Search or input a desired location in the Modify Location message box.

4. Click Confirm Modify button to change iPhone location and hide real whereabouts.

The iPhone location will be changed immediately. It's also a good way to freeze your location on Find My without them knowing, or share a modified location with other apps while hiding the current location of your iPhone.

How to turn off location sharing on Find My iPhone without notifying

If you're using Find My for location sharing with family, friends, and trusted contacts, hiding your location on Find My iPhone could be easy. Depending on whether you prefer to hide your iPhone location from one person or everyone on Find My, the steps may vary. Here's what to do:

TIP: Your contacts won't receive notifications when you hide the iPhone location with Find My, but they will be notified when you enable location sharing with them again.

Hide location from everyone on Find My iPhone

  • On your iPhone, head to Settings > your Apple ID > Find My.
  • Toggle off Share My Location option on the Find My screen.
  • This will remove your iPhone from the Find My map instantly and hide it until you enable Share My Location option again.

Hide iPhone location from one person on Find My

  • Launch the Find My app on the iPhone.
  • Tap People at the bottom. You'll see the people who have access to follow your location.
  • Choose a contact you want to hide your location from.
  • In the following options, opt for Stop Sharing Location and confirm it.

Your iPhone's location will be hidden on Find My without notifying any contacts. However, they will get notification the next time you start sharing location with them.

How to hide iPhone location without them knowing using another device

Another method to hide location of your iPhone is by using a different Apple device as your location. You can sign to the same Apple account on both devices and enable location sharing on the secondary device while turning off location on your iPhone without them knowing. This way, your friends will only be able to track the location of the other device instead of your own iPhone.

Follow the outlined steps to discreetly stop sharing on your iPhone without notifying anyone, and make sure both your devices are with iOS 8 or later.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the Apple ID > Find My.

2. Toggle on the Share My iPhone option if it's not enabled.

3. On your second iPhone or iPad, head to Settings and tap on your user name.

TIP: Ensure that the two devices are signed in with the same Apple ID.

4. From the next screen, choose Find My.

5. Tap Use This iPhone/iPad as My Location to change your Find My location settings.

You can switch the location sharing back on Find My at any time when you decide not to hide your location. If the Find My iPhone cannot update locations, click to find out fixes.

How to stop location sharing on iPhone by reset

If you're still unable to turn off location-sharing features on iPhone, one last shot is to fully reset your iPhone to factory settings. However, this will erase all current content and settings on the phone, all your location data and settings included. If a previous backup is available, you can restore your iPhone data after that. To manually reset an iPhone to turn off location sharing:

  • Access iPhone Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Choose Erase All Content and Settings and tap Continue.
  • Enter your Apple ID password or iPhone passcode to start erasing.

If you don't remember your passcode, click to see how to factory reset iPhone without passcode.

FAQs on location hiding on iPhone

Hopefully, the above outlined methods can help you temporarily stop location sharing as you need. And here are more related questions about location hiding from iPhone users.

Q1 - How can I temporarily hide my location on my iPhone without them knowing?

There are basically four common ways to stop iPhone location sharing for a temporary time:

  • Turn off location features on your iPhone, including Location Services, network connectivity, and Share My Location permissions.
  • Disable the location-sharing settings for certain apps, which prevents these apps from accessing the GPS information of your iOS device.
  • Change iPhone location discreetly by using third-party location spoofing apps or VPN features.
  • Switch to another iPhone / iPad for location sharing while hiding your own device.

Q2 - If I hide my iPhone location, will I still be tracked?

When you successfully hide your locations on apps like Find My iPhone, your location will be removed from the map where your friends and contacts used to have access for your location and GPS updates. But once your location is hidden, it becomes invisible to anyone, preventing your phone from unwanted tracking.

Q3 - Can I stop sharing my iPhone location without notifying them?

Yes. To stop location sharing with others without triggering any notifications, you may want to:

  • Enable Airplane Mode
  • Turn off Location Services features
  • Use a capable location spoofer like iPhone Location Changer
  • Change iPhone location to a different device
  • Use a supported VPN location changer
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