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How to recover text messages from iPhone 8 (Plus) without backup

Alex Griffith Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:55 PM

It is not surprising that a good chunk of text messages are stored on your iPhone 8 (Plus), but anything unexpected will always happen that may cause the loss of the text messages. Worse still, no backup is available, neither in iTunes nor iCloud.

We've all been there, I guess. Usually, the backup should be the first place where most people look to retrieve the lost messages on iPhone 8 (Plus), but for those who fail to create any solid backup or are not really comfortable with using the iTunes or iCloud option because of their full synchronization, what's the most efficient way to get back text messages on iPhone 8 (Plus)?

Before you are driven up the wall, it is important to stress one thing in particular. The deleted messages may still exist on the iPhone 8 (Plus) and your device doesn't overwrite the actual files until new ones need the space. That's why you are told by some professionals to avoid using the device as much as possible. In this case, you have a good chance of recovering the deleted messages from iPhone 8 (Plus) without any backup, especially if it hasn't been too long before the texts were deleted.

Since the deletion issue is easy to fix, there is no need to hire a professional to dissect your iPhone 8 (Plus). Instead, when you search online, you will be inundated with a overwhelming number of recovery programs that claim to restore text messages on iPhone 8 (Plus). And the one we prefer is called iOS Data Recovery, which is high-powered, fast, and efficient.

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This software scans the iPhone's memory deeply and returns a trove of data files that you can recover, including contacts, photos, app video & audio, text messages, call history, photos, voice memos, reminders, notes and more. It also comes with a in-built previewer, allowing you to view the result with advanced filters and select what you want before making a full recovery.

Now, follow the easy steps as below to restore deleted text messages on iPhone 8 (Plus) internal memory without the aid of any backup files.

Step 1: Connect iPhone 8 (Plus) to computer

Open up the program and a simple interface shows up. As you can see, three recovery modes on the interface are offered to handle different tasks. Since you would like to restore SMS messages on iPhone 8 (Plus) without backup files, here you should select the "Recover from iOS Device" mode to continue.

Next, connect iPhone 8 (Plus) to the computer with a USB cable.

Launch the messages recovery software

Step 2: Select Messages to scan

In the next window, check box next to "Messages" and "Messages Attachments", followed by Start Scan button at the bottom center to start searching for lost and old texts on iPhone 8 (Plus) storage.

When the scan is finished, you will be led to a screen where display all scanned results. See the screenshot as below.

Step 3: Preview the lost text messages

Now, you're able to preview the detailed information for each text message. By the way, you can easily find the deleted messages from iPhone 8 (Plus) by toggling on the "Only display the deleted item (s)" switch at the top.

Then, mark text messages that you want to get back from iPhone 8 memory.

view deleted texts from iPhone 8

Step 4: Restoring messages and saving to the computer

Go ahead and press the Recover button at the lower right side of the screen. Then, the software will ask you to choose where to store the recovered messages from iPhone 8 (Plus) in the opening dialog. Do it as required. Or you can stick to the default folder.

get back deleted messages and save to computer

Finally, press the Recover button again to begin restoring text messages on iPhone 8 (Plus) without backup and saving to the chosen folder on the computer.



It is no longer an impossible task to get back deleted or old text messages as well as contacts, call logs and photos on your iPhone 8 (Plus), even no backups are at hand. Good luck.

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