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How to Recover Pictures from SD Card on LG Android Phone

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:21 PM

I have an LG G4 and use a Micro SD card saving the pictures. Yesterday, when I dragged them to my computer, I pressed Shift + Delete, and all my photos deleted permanently. Is it possible to recover deleted photos from SD card on LG?

Whoops! You just opened DCIM folder only to find that all photos saved there are disappeared. Or maybe you meant to delete a picture on the SD card in LG mobile but accidentally deleted an entire album. Unfortunately, losing or deleting photos from SD memory card on LG Android is a common problem simply because the SD cards are vulnerable to be damaged.

The good news is that there're a load of software applications and services that can perform an SD card photos recovery effortlessly. Let's go over some possible practices for recovering photos from SD card on LG Android phone.

Before we get going, clarify a few points: Check whether you've backed up LG photos to different locations, other than SD card. Otherwise, don't write anything on the card and you're going to need a tool to do so.

1. Get Pictures from Google Photos and Restore to SD Card

Actually, Google Photos serves well in backing up camera pictures that are kept in the SD card inside LG phone. If you ever triggered the backup, then getting back deleted photos to SD card on LG phone from Google Photos is easy.

  • From the screen on LG handset, open Google Photos.
  • Select the deleted photos you'd like to keep on SD card.
  • Tap Menu icon (three dots) on the top-right of the phone screen.
  • Tap Download and the photos should appear in the Gallery app on LG.
  • You're now ready to save the photos to MicroSD card for storage. How you do it depends on what Android version you're using. Check the article for that.

Restore Deleted Photos from LG Phone SD Card

2. Retrieve Pictures from LG Phone SD Card via a 3rd Party Tool

If you don't have anything backed up or synced, try searching for a dedicated program with the ability of retrieving microSD card photos from LG smartphone. SD Card Data Recovery is specially for file recovering purpose. Odds are good if the SD card is intact and could be accessed. When the utility finds the lost images, recover them to your computer quickly and safely.

Download Now!

for MacOS | for Windows

Data Recovery does a terrific job of SD card photos recovery attached in LG device. It's generally stable enough while scanning the source SD storage for the lost or deleted pictures. You can either force a quick scan or deep scan in a way to get back every single file as quickly as possible. The file preview function enables users to see the photos before recovering, and that goes for image file formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .psd, etc.

Simply disconnected the memory card from LG phone and insert it into the computer, and the utility will access the drive and guide you through the process with step-by step directions on recovering photos on LG SD card on a Windows computer. It's exactly the same when running on a Mac.

Retrieving Lost Photos on SD Card in LG Android Phone

Step 1: Launch the Data Recovery application

Open up the software on the computer.

Obtain an SD card reader and insert the SD card into it, then connect to the machine.

Step 2: Choose the type of file and drive to scan

Now, you need to tell the program what you want to find, and where to look for the photos.

To get photos back from SD card on LG phone, place a checkmark in the tiny box for "Image", and select the removable SD card.

Click Scan button to move on.

How to Recover Images from LG Memory Card

The application will automatically initiate a quick scan around the SD card storage by default. When this completes, you're provided with a "Deep Scan" option on the top of the interface for a deeper scan if you can't the photos you want.

Step 3: Recover photos from SD memory card (on LG) to computer

After the scan, you will get an organized menu of pictures that the app is able to retrieve.

Choose the photos you've lost or deleted from SD storage in LG, click Recover button at the foot of the window.

LG SD Card Recover Deleted Photos

When a dialog pops up, select a path on computer for saving the recovered pictures, and next up, hit Recover button.

Done! Close the program window and unplug the card reader along with the SD card.

3. Retrieve LG Photos on SD Card with Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is another nice option when it comes to restoring pictures from LG mobile SD card. It focuses on recovering images as well as other data files either from external SD card or phone's internal storage on Android device.

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for MacOS | for Windows

We've already covered the topic on how to get back photos from LG phone (SD card included). Turn to it and do the recovery by following the wizard.

  • Run the application to computer and connect your LG phone.
  • Enable USB debugging on the device (instructions).
  • Select "Photos" file type to scan.
  • Click Recover button to save photos onto computer.

Back Up and Restore LG Pictures to and from Computer

Once you've gone through the process of recovering lost photos files from SD card of LG phone, next on your agenda should be making a backup plan to ensure that you never lose any images again. You can back up LG gallery photos on SD card to computer to restore at a later time.

Back Up SD Card Photos on LG onto Computer

  • Connect LG phone to computer through a USB cord.
  • When prompted on LG, tap Media Sync (MTP).
  • On the PC, go to "This Computer" or "My Computer", and open the LG device recognized as an external drive.
  • Right-click the DCIM folder where contains the SD card photos, and then select Copy.
  • Paste the photos to any location on the computer.

Restore Photos to LG Android Phone

Now that you've locally backed up photos stored in SD card you could retrieve them back to LG device by copying and pasting the photos to DCIM folder in Phone. It's easy to operate.

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