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How to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone Quickly and Easily

My iPhone got stolen when I hang outside. I want to recover some important files (photos, contacts...) from iTunes backup. But I found that the files stored in iTunes are unreadable thus I cannot view them directly. For another, only a limited data will be recovered with iTunes. Any way for this issue?

All the important data vanished on your iPhone? There is nothing to be worried about. In this article, we offer you three methods to recover from unexpected data loss on iPhone safely and easily.

It goes without saying that the data files stored in our iPhone are of great importance that we cannot afford to lose them, the contacts we use to connect to our friends, the impressive pictures we have taken for the past few years and the notes we put down in our device for work issues. But sometimes something unexpected always happens to the valuable data in your iPhone. Whether you delete an important document unconsciously, drop your iPhone to water or tumble downstairs to damage your iPhone, obviously you don't want all the important files to go forever.

The solution for this is a good iPhone data recovery program. There are countless of applications out there that claim to handle the task, and our choice is iOS Data Recovery from Fonelab.

As its name implies, this program is specifically designed to recover lost data files from iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. It can recover almost everything (18+ types), whether it be personal information like contacts, messages, call logs, or media files including photos, app videos, audios, voice memos or other files such as safari bookmarks, calendars, notes. What makes it good is that it makes a deep scan of your device memory. This makes it very effective even your files are lost for a long time.

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The following will show you how to use this iPhone data recovery tool to recover your lost or deleted content on an iPhone instantly. Let's get started.

Option 1: Recover Lost Data Directly from iPhone

Step 1: Plug the iPhone into computer

Simply run the program on your computer and plug your iPhone into the computer using a USB cable. On the left side of the window, choose the mode labeled "Recover from iOS Device". The program will identify your device by model name and displays it on the pane.

Step 2: Scan through data in iPhone

Once connected, press the Start Scan button and the program will begin the scan of the iPhone memory for all the deleted and existing files. If your iPhone has large storage (i.e. 128G, or even 256G), the scan process could take several minutes to complete.

This iPhone data recovery software provides a progress bar with an percentage of completion, and shows you the number and types of files it has found from your iPhone.

Once the program is finished, you will get a window just like the screenshot demonstrated below, on which you can have an overview of all the files. It sorts files by different of categories on the left sidebar to help sifting through deleted files more quickly.

Step 3: Preview data files

In this stage, you can use the left sidebar to navigate through the content by click on the specific category: Contacts, Messages, Call History, Notes, and anything you are looking for - it's all there.

You can toggle the switch "Only display the deleted item(s)" (see upper center) to ON position to narrow the search.

Step 4: Start recovering data from iPhone

Choose the files you want to retrieve from the center pane by ticking the boxes next to each file.

Next, click the Recover button at the bottom-right corner, and you will be promoted to choose a saving location in the pop-up dialog box. It's worth noting that the location you specify has enough storage space for the stuff you need to recover.

After that, press the Recover button in the dialog box to begin the process of recovering deleted data files on iPhone.

All your files will be saved to the computer and organized by type. For example, text messages will be in one folder, contacts in some other folder, photos in another.

Get a new Android smartphone and want to move data from your old iPhone? check out Phone Transfer. It's a one-click solution that enables you to quickly move data files from one phone to another effortlessly.

Apple provides you with a simple and easy way to duplicate and store a copy of your iPhone stuff with iTunes. If you've done this regularly, continue reading the next section.

Option 2: Retrieve Data from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Detect iTunes backup in the computer

From the three modes offered by the program, select the 2nd "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode. The software will detect the iTunes backup files synced before with the computer and display them in a list according to the backup date.

Step 2: Scan data from iTunes backup

Choose one from the list and press the Start Scan button. This program will start analysing the files stored in the backup.

After the scan is over, they are displayed on the left sidebar in a well-organized category.

Step 3: Preview and extract lost iPhone data from iTunes backup

From the sidebar, you can locate the lost data quickly by clicking different categories. You are able to preview the items one by one to search for what you want to restore.

Next, select the data files that you intend to retrieve for iPhone by checking the boxes near each file.

Hit the Recover button at the lower-right corner and specify a folder where you would like to store the extracted files in the pop-up window.

With the output folder chosen, press the Recover button in the pop-up to export the selected data to the computer.

That's it. You're done!

Apple cloud-based storage and backup solution—iCloud—helps you create backups of your iPhone or any other iOS device right on cloud. As long as you turn on this service on your device, you still have a big chance to get your data back. Read on to find out.

Option 3: Restore iPhone Stuff from iCloud Backup

Step 1: Log into iCloud account

Choose the mode labeled "Recover from iCloud Backup File", then on the right pane enter your Apple ID credentials and click the sign-in arrow.

Step 2: Select an iCloud backup file

After successful login, the program will reveal a list of backups associated with this iCloud account. And these backup files are organized by the backup date well.

Choose one from which you want to restore data and click on the Download button.

In the pop-up window, select the data type you want to download by ticking different file types. Then press the Next button to begin downloading.

Step 3: Restore data from iCloud backup

After all chosen content has been downloaded, you can click the different category from the left menu to preview the files one by one.

Simply check the files you want to retrieve by placing a check mark in front of each file. Then, press the Recover button at the lower-right corner. In the dialog box that opens, browse to a local folder to save the restored data.

Press the Recover button again and the program will begin retrieving your data files from the backup and saving to the computer.

That's it!