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How to Copy Text Messages from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 11 (Pro, Max) Instantly

Ella Garcia Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:11 PM

Just give away your old Samsung Galaxy phone and want all SMS messages to be transferred over to the new iPhone 11? Such being the case, we're going to run through several options on how to transfer text messages from Samsung to iPhone 11 (Pro & Pro Max) safely. In just a few efforts, hundreds of—or even thousands of—the texts will be saved into iPhone 11 Messages inbox, despite of the different operating systems.

Option 1: How Do I Transfer Messages from Samsung to iPhone 11 Pro (Max) after Setup

Chances are, the minute you turn on the lovely new iPhone 11 Pro (Max), you'll get it set up with the Setup Assistant, then use it normally, and then new data generates. If you don't wish to do a complete reset when you copy messages over from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 11, there's an app called Phone Transfer that perfectly fits your needs.

It's a fairly phone-to-phone transfer desktop application, priding itself on the performance when transferring SMS onto new iPhone 11 from a Samsung Galaxy device, or vice versa. Just connect the phones for scan, specify what contents you'd like to move over, press Start Copy, and you're good to go - it's hard to beat in terms of simplicity. BTW, it offers a basically fancy way for backup and restoration, which frees you from losing data on the smartphones.

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This is the place to use Phone Transfer tool to copy text messages from previous Samsung to iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max) without any limitation. Learn below.

Step 1: Plug Samsung and iPhone 11 into computer

Once Phone Transfer is installed, you'll need to open up the tool to get to the main window.

Click "Phone to Phone Transfer" module for text messages migration between Samsung and iPhone 11 device.

Use two supplied USB cables to connect both Samsung handset and iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max) to the machine.

On Samsung Galaxy phone, go to Settings and enable USB debugging mode. And tap Trust on iPhone 11 when indicated.

Step 2: Select "Text Messages" to transfer

After all the permissions issues are taken care of on two devices, the utility will begin searching for all data stored on the source Samsung phone memory. You'll then find yourself on a window shown as the screenshot below:

On the middle column, check "Text Messages" content item and be ready to import to iPhone 11.

SMS Migrate from Samsung to iPhone 11

Tip: Make sure your Samsung phone is listed in the "Source" panel on the left side. Otherwise, click the Flip button to achieve this.

Step 3: Hit "Start Copy" to get texts off Samsung and to iPhone 11 (Pro, Max)

Now, press Start Copy button to immediately fire up the process of moving messages from old Samsung to new iPhone 11 (Pro, Max). You could monitor the transfer progress on the window.

Once finishes, you should find all SMS files get transferred to iPhone 11 over from Samsung Galaxy (S series, Note series, A series, J series, M series, etc.)

With the SMS messages imported, you can then go back and migrate other data files like contacts, photos, videos, calendar, etc. in the same manner, if necessary.

Also see: How to recover texts on Samsung Galaxy phone.

Option 2: How to Transfer Texts from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 11 without Computer

Apple is already well established Move to iOS app in terms of migrating text messages from Samsung and putting onto iPhone 11 Pro (Max). As you'd expect, this doesn't involve a computer to accomplish the job.

Make sure that the Samsung mobile is running Android 4.0 or later. Despite the free of charge, it requires an active network connection during the move.

  • On Samsung's Google Play Store, install Move to iOS app. Then open it.
  • Power on the new iPhone 11, and you'll be guided to the initial setup process.
  • When you're in the App & Data screen, choose "Move Data from Android". A digital code should then appear.
  • Enter the code on Samsung. This will connect the two devices so the messages history can be copied over.
  • From the Transfer Data screen on Samsung, tap "Messages", and then tap Next.
  • The SMS text messages stored in Samsung are now importing to iPhone Messages app.
  • When done, tap Done on the old Samsung, and on the new iPhone 11, tap Continue Set Up iPhone to finish the setup process. Enjoy!

How Can You Get Texts from Samsung to iPhone 11 Pro Max Free

Option 3: Export SMS from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 11 via SMS Backup & Restore

With SMS Backup & Restore, you could back up all text messages in Samsung and upload them to the online storage services (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Email), so you could access it on iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max) by logging to the server. This is not an essential method for copying messages and threads from old Samsung to brand new iPhone 11, but you could view the texts history in a raw XML file generated by the app.

  • Download SMS Backup & Restore onto Samsung, launch it.
  • On the main screen, tap Backup.
  • Check the box next to "Text Messages" from the Backup Selections heading.
  • Under the Backup Location section, decide where you would like to save the backup. We select "Upload to Email", and add Gmail account.
  • Tap Back up now and the data of SMS will be sent to Gmail and saved as XML file.
  • Is There a Way to Transfer SMS from Galaxy to new iPhone 11

  • Head over to iPhone 11 Pro Max, sign into Gmail, and you will be able to get all messages (SMS & MMS). Easy peasy!

All Done

Congratulations, you text messages on Samsung Galaxy are finally right on the new iPhone 11 (Pro, Max). With all the routes outlined in article, it's easy to have Samsung messages with you at all times whenever you purchasing the newer iPhone 11. You won't need to give up the valuable information that were sent or received via Messages.

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