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Can iPhone play MTS video file?

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:24 PM

If you are an iPhone's loyal fan who is obsessed with watching high-quality videos on it, then you may encounter some difficulties and problems. The native Video app on the iPhone has a nice support of MP4 and QuickTime video file playback, but several other file formats you intend to put into iPhone might be kept out of the door. Unfortunately, AVCHD MTS is in that list. Here we'll show you how to fix the problem. Also see: How to convert file from .mp4 to .mov

VLC - Play Everything

The most basic way of making MTS viewable in iPhone is to install another media player that can handle MTS format. While the App Store is full of 3rd party media player applications, we recommend installing VLC for mobile (link) as this free and open-source media player is capable of playing virtually every type of video, including MTS, on your iPhone. And it's always useful to have it installed just in case you come across other file types that the native iPhone Video app won't open.

Download VLC media player to watch MTS files on iPhone:

  • Tap App Store app icon on iPhone
  • When it opens, go to the search tab
  • Type "VLC free" in the search box, this will return assisted search results
  • The "VLC for Mobile" app should appear in the first option. Hit the corresponding Install button on the right side and it will automatically begin downloading to your iPhone.
  • Now, you are now able to start watching MTS video with VLC on your iPhone

Conversion Option

Another thing to try is converting the MTS to a playable file to watch on iPhone. We like Video Converter for Mac for its simplicity and flexibility. It can convert just about every video and audio format imaginable, and comes with preset profiles for popular devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone, game consoles, etc.

It also has the handy feature of basic editing over the video, allowing you to trim, crop, split, merge the video, and add watermarks and effects. If you are running a PC machine and want to convert .mts videos to play on an iPhone, please get Video Converter for Windows. One more feature you may love about this PC version is it offers options to download video files from various sources.

Download Now!

for Windows | for MacOS

Below are the steps involved in converting MTS to iPhone playable format on a Mac, so that you can then transfer the converted file to iPhone and play without problem.

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Step 1: Add MTS files to the program

Launch the Video Converter, click the "Add Files" button on the top left side of the program's interface. A dialog box will appear asking you to browse your computer for the MTS footage you want to convert. Select them and click "OK."

Once the video file is selected, you're allowed to perform basic editing on your video file such as trimming, cropping, splitting, merging, and adding watermark or subtitle. You can do this by clicking the "Edit" icon on the top menu bar.

Step 2: Select output format

Next, you will need to select the appropriate output format. To make things easier, this MTS to iPhone converter software enables you to choose the device you want from a large number of preset profiles.

To do this, simply click on the "Profile" drop-down menu on the lower left side, in the opening panel, head to "Apple iPhone" category, then select a designated iPhone mode from the right side.

Alternatively, select a specific iPhone acceptable format from "HD Video" category. MOV, MP4, and M4V are all available.

Normally, the default settings of chosen format is good enough for most of users. But If you want to get more control over the output, you can click the "Settings" button next to the "Profile". This will get you into Profile Settings window just like the screenshot below. From there, you can manually tweak your own settings bit rate, frame rate, resolution, codec, channels, and more.

Step 3: Start MTS conversion

To begin the process of converting MTS files for iPhone, click the "Convert" button at the bottom corner and let the software do the rest.

You can do something else on your computer when the conversion process is taking or stay away from the machine and have a cup of coffee.

This way, you've successfully convert from MTS to format that iPhone reads. After the process is finished, you're ready to transfer your MTS files to your iPhone via iTunes. Enjoy!

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The Bottom Line

Yes, Video Converter is a tool you should consider as it's not just simple and clear in design, but in usage. If you care about the practicability and flexibility, or don't think the VLC media player are good enough for you, then this software is an nice option.

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