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Top 5 iTunes Alternatives for Mac & PC: manage & transfer songs, playlists, podcasts, photos, videos

Blake Sullivan Updated on Apr 21, 2022 6:50 PM

When it comes to media management for your iPhone, iPad or iPod, iTunes is the default way you go. But for some folks, its every update makes things slower and less usable. And the iTunes way of doing things is not always friendly especially when you need to pull files off an iOS devices, such as copying tracks from iPhone back to your Mac, for example. So is there any simpler, straightforward iTunes alternative for Mac or Windows that can be used to manage and sync files with iOS device, as well as backup files on the device to iTunes library or a folder of choice on computer hassle-free?

Thankfully, iTunes isn't the only option. If you can't stand being tied to iTunes software, there are a good selection of simpler piece of decent alternatives of iTunes that allow you to manage songs, playlists, movies, podcasts, photos and more across device, and do much more that iTunes allows.

Here are TOP five replacements for Apple's iTunes for Mac or PC existing in the market.

1: iPhone Data Transfer

If you're looking for iTunes alternatives that are highly reliable and easy to use, the iTransfer software is most likely to top that list. It builds up a bridge across iOS, iTunes and Mac/PC computer. It can sync media files including songs, movies, TV shows, photos, audiobooks, ringtones, podcasts from local library on computer with your iOS devices, regardless of its file format; as well as copying content on device back to your iTunes library or computer seamlessly. You can also even it to access your device library and manage files in it. An extra toolbox extends the functionality of iTransfer to make it a brilliant one-stop solution that's more than just a iTunes replacement.

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for Windows | for macOS

  • Transfer music, videos, playlists, photos, movies, TV shows, podcasts, iTunes U, audiobooks from iOS device to computer or iTunes library
  • Import media files on computer to iOS devices without limitation
  • Convert incompatible digital video & audio formats automatically and sync on-the-fly
  • Move content between iOS and Android devices
  • Four shortcuts to 1) rebuild iTunes library; 2) backup photos on computer; 3) Transfer iTunes backup to devices; 4) Phone to phone transfer
  • Add, create, delete playlists; move tunes from one playlist to another; de-duplicate; fix ID3 tags;

Platform: Mac, Windows

#2: iMusic

iMusic is another full-featured iTunes alternative if you're looking at managing a large music library with more flexibility on a Mac or PC. It comes with a plethora of useful tools for you to play, discover, download, record, manage and transfer music tracks. You can use it to download music from 300+ music sites, and seamlessly sync to your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or copy back to iTunes and computer. One of its more unique features is its built-in record option, which means if you want to listen to something else from a music station or app, you can do so without a hitch. It also sports a list of other useful features such as rebuilding iTunes library, removing DRM, burning CD, car playlist.

Overall, iMusic is a great iTunes replacement that will satisfy most people's needs when it comes to managing digital music library.

  • Discover new music by using its integrated web services
  • Download music from 300+ sites and radio stations freely
  • Record songs and playlists
  • Transfer tracks between iOS, iTunes and computer
  • Rebuild/clean up iTunes library
  • Featured toolbox

Platform: Windows, Mac

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#3: Media Monkey

Media Monkey is another excellent alternative to iTunes that can be used to manage small to very large collections of digital audio/video files and playlists (50,000+), whether on a hard drive, network, or CDs. It works for iOS devices and other non-Apple MP3 players, as well.

High on the list of features includes: organize music library, tag songs files, lookup album-art, add album art, rip music CDs, burn discs, party mode/auto-DJ, supports MP3, FLAC, WAV, CDA, ALAC, AAC (M4A), M3U, WMA, OGG, AVI, OGV, MPEG, WMV, MPC, PLS, MP4, etc.

Platform: Windows

#4: CopyTrans

CopyTrans Manager is one of those iTunes replacements that find its way to transfer music, videos, playlists from iPhone, iPad and iPod to your computer or iTunes. You just download it on your computer, connect your iOS device, and you're ready to get files transferred.

  • Easily backup your music, videos, playlists, etc.
  • Full iTunes library backup
  • Smart backup feature makes knowing what to back up simple
  • Transfers metadata like play counts

Platform: Windows

#5: SharePod

Last, though definitely not least, is the SharePod which is also a nice alternative to iTunes that works on both Mac and Windows. SharePod's appeal lies in its simplicity. It excels at the basics: exporting videos, tracks, playlists, podcasts and more from your iPhone, iPod, iPad to computer and iTunes and vice versa, well, that's about it.

Platform: Windows, Mac


The Bottom Line

iTunes is undoubtedly a excellent application for Apple ecosystem, but sometimes you just don't want to be locked down like its way of doing things. Luckily, the web is full of alternatives to iTunes and do what they set out to do quite well. While some are concentrate on music management and transfer, others sport as a heavyweight multipurpose package. Plus, aside from the 5 iTunes alternative mentioned above, there are lots of applications can be choose from to replace iTunes such as Amarok, Ecoute, Winamp, MusicBee, Fidelia, Songbird, AnyTrans, Floola, Tomahawk, DoubleTwist, SynciOS, VOX, and more.

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