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How to record Zoom meetings without permission

Zoom gradually plays a vital role in online meetings or courses. Then how to record the meeting as a participant without permission? Read this article to get the answer.

Ethan Hill Updated on Dec 16, 2022 2:04 PM
  • Zoom only allows the host to record the meeting, and grants the host the authority to give recording permission to participants.
  • If you are a Windows user, Xbox Game Bar is no doubt a convenient inbuilt tool for recording the Zoom meeting without permission, but you can only record the Zoom window at a time.
  • If you are a Mac user, QuickTime Player can record the Zoom meeting and other activities perform on the screen, but only microphone audio can be captured.
  • To remove the limitations of native recorders, AppGeeker Screen Recorder gathers the pros of all recorders and assists users to record the Zoom meetings with audio flawlessly.

The professionalism and free-use make the OBS a reliable tool selected by Windows game players to record the gameplay.

For the last several years, Zoom's extensive set of features has made it one of the most popular and effective video conferencing applications. This platform is favored by many in the business and academic worlds because it facilitates efficient teaching, research, and teamwork. Despite its many appealing qualities, it does have certain restrictions.

As the host, you'll be the only one to record the Zoom video conference; the other participants will have to record the meeting or watch the replay afterward with your permission. However, what if you are a participant? Without the proper authorization, how to record Zoom meetings?

A few ways to make it simple to record Zoom conferences. This tutorial will provide some of the most effective ways to capture zoom meetings without permission. Let's get started.

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Why Can't I Record a Zoom Meeting?

There are moments when you're unable to record Zoom meetings. Let's look at these situations.

Not Having Permission to Record the Meeting

The most common reason you can't record the Zoom meeting is that you don't have recording permission. According to the Zoom privacy policy, only the host has the limit of authority to record the content of the meeting and accredit participants to capture the meeting.

Not Having Enough Storage on Your Device

If you are granted to record the meeting but the application doesn't work, there's a possibility that the device cannot have enough storage space, preventing the recording from the beginning. This is a common issue when recording Zoom meetings on portable systems with low storage capacity. To avoid this issue, remove any unwanted media from your device.

How to Record Zoom Meetings Without Permission as a Participant?

The good news is that if you're using Windows, capturing Zoom meetings without the approval of the host is available. Below are two tested-and-tried methods to record the Zoom meeting.


  • The recording is for personal use only in case the meeting is given away and causes serious consequences.

Way 1: Use Xbox Game Bar to Record Zoom Meeting on Windows PC

The user can record the screen of gaming program and other applications using Xbox Game Bar, which is the official recorder inbuilt into Windows 10 and higher versions of computers. It is convenient to use since users don't need to download any extra software and allows you to record Zoom meetings using several shortcut combinations by following the steps below.

Open the Zoom meeting window before enabling screen recording.

Step 1: To access the Xbox Game Bar on your computer, simultaneously press the Windows + G keys.


  • If the shortcuts don't work, you may haven't enabled the Game Bar. Just navigate to Start > Settings > Gaming and toggle on the Xbox Game Bar to activate it on your computer.

Step 2: Click the Record button in the top-left corner of the display when the Xbox Game Bar toolbar appears. Alternatively, you can initiate the screen recording by using the combination Windows + Alt + R. The Xbox Game Bar records the internal and external sounds by default. You can click on the Audio button to adjust the audio before recording. When recording, you can press Win + Alt + M to record the audio or not.


  • If you resized the window in any way, the recording you were doing would be canceled.

Step 3: Click the Stop recording button in the floating bar. Then the recording will be saved in the Gallery. You can discover the video captured on your computer by going to the Gallery or the Captures folder under the Videos folder on your computer.

Way 2: Record Zoom Meeting Without Approval on Mac Via QuickTime Player

Every computer is equipped with a built-in screen recorder. Like Windows, macOS also has its native media player and recorder QuickTime Player. Having learned the introduction above on how to record a Zoom conference as a member on Windows using the Xbox Game Bar, we will now provide a detailed approach to Mac users on how to record a Zoom meeting without permission by using QuickTime Player.

Step 1. When the Zoom meeting is set, open QuickTime Player from your Mac's Launchpad.

Step 2: Click the File menu from the top-left corner, then click New Screen Recording to launch the Screenshot Toolbar.

Step 3: Pick a mic source if you need to record the external sound from Options.


Step 4: Now, hit the Record button. Your Mac will start recording the Zoom meeting and everything performing on the screen.

Step 5: Meetings can be ended by pressing Command + Control + Esc (Escape) simultaneously or clicking the Stop recording button in the menu bar.

Step 6: Navigate to File > Save to save your recording, or you can click the floating file in the bottom-right corner and save it.

The Best Zoom Meeting Recorder for Participants – AppGeeker Screen Recorder

In terms of the cons of Xbox Game Bar and QuickTime Player, is there a reliable way to record the Zoom meeting without permission? Fortunately, AppGeeker Screen Recorder is an all-in-one service that can capture a Zoom conference on Windows or Mac computers. You don't require any additional steps to seek permission, and this lightweight program will capture the sound from your computer and microphone when recording the Zoom meeting.

What's more, you can record not only Zoom meetings. All activities on your computer screen can be captured by the Screen Recorder during the recording process. Now download the Screen Recorder and launch it on the computer. Open the Zoom meeting, then follow the recording process below:

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for Windows | for macOS

Step 1: Start the Screen Recorder and go to the Video Recorder tab.

Step 2: Customize the recording area and activate the System Sound and Microphone features.

Step 3: Then click the REC button to start recording when the meeting is ready.

Step 4: When the meeting ends, click the Stop option. The Zoom video can be seen and edited before being exported to the computer.

The great thing about this program is that it can record your online Zoom meetings and any video or audio files on your computer. It lets you record unlimited meetings from your screen simultaneously without notifying other participants.


Is it legal to record the Zoom meeting?

In most situations, it is perfectly legal to record your online meetings and calls. However, the meeting's subject matter is also a factor. You can run into trouble with the law if the host of the meeting specifies that it is not to be recorded or if it is secret.

How to transfer the recording from my computer to my mobile device?

There are different ways you can transfer recorded videos from computer to mobile devices. You can use iPhone Data Transfer for iPhone and Phone Transfer for Android to transfer the recording from the computer to your Android mobile phone.

Can I record the Zoom meeting on my phone?

If you are a free user of Zoom, the Zoom app on your Android or iOS smartphone will not allow you to record a Zoom conference. Paid Zoom users can access more features by clicking the three dots in the screen's lower right corner. After that, choose either 'Record to the Cloud (iOS)' or 'Record' from the menu (Android). If the inbuilt recording feature is not allowed to be activated during the meeting, you can connect your phone to the computer and record the mibile phone screen via Screen Recorder.

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