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How to recover deleted notes on iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro (Max)

Lucas Seltzer Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:59 PM

Notes app bundled for free with the iPhone 11 is a nice digital equivalent of traditional notebook, which can be used anywhere and on the go for putting thoughts, ideas, a contact number for a calling card, the name of a song or movie someone recommended, or anything else...

Although it's less likely that your iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro (Max) will get infected by viruses compared to a PC, it doesn't mean that the data stored on it is completely safe. Unfortunately, you found the Notes app and all notes disappeared since the latest iOS updated! No worries about that; you can take several ways to recover notes on iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max)—and thankfully, it requires almost no effort.

If the Notes app icon is missing or hidden, you could easily restore it by downloading it from App Store. For more general advice, read Delete built-in Apple apps on your iOS 12, iOS 13, or iPadOS device or Apple Watch.

Recover Recently Deleted Notes on iPhone 11

Retrieving deleted notes content from iPhone 11 Pro (Max) device is as easily as deleting them from the inbox. This is where "Recently Deleted" feature comes into play. Users have 30 days from the moment of deletion to restore a deleted note.

The method works only if you're using upgraded Notes app and use iCloud to contain the notes. To get back deleted iPhone 11 notes from Recently Deleted folder:

  • Open Notes, then tap "arrow" icon on the upper left of the screen to display Folders.
  • Tap "Recently Deleted" album, and search for the notes you've lost or deleted.
  • Tap Edit on the top right corner.
  • Check the note(s) you want to recover.
  • Tap Move to, then select the folder you want to put it back into.

You can also delete and recover notes on icloud.com, signing in that with the same Apple ID.

How Do I Recover Deleted Texts in Notes on iPhone 11 Pro Max

Restore Notes on iPhone 11 from iCloud

Happily, iPhones makes it necessarily simple to enable Notes to sync with iCloud. If you've done this via Settings before the notes were missing, you have the chance of restoring notes from iCloud on iPhone 11 by re-enabling the sync settings.

  • In iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max), go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.
  • Turn on Notes if it's off.

Recovering Lost Notes from iPhone 11 the Ultimate Way

There may be times when you don't have Recently Deleted folder in iPhone 11 Pro Notes Folders list, and cannot find the lost notes anywhere. For such occasions, you'll need an awesome iPhone 11 notes recovery app, and iOS Data Recovery is just that. Use it to scan the internal memory of the phone, and hopefully you'll retrieve notes in iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max) and bring back the important inputs.

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for Windows | for MacOS

The productivity solutions and exceptional scanning features have been made recovering deleted notes on iPhone 11 storage a breeze. You connect the device, initiate the scan, locate the notes that were disappeared, and then retrieve the notes onto Mac or PC. Keep reading to figure out more.

  • Open the tool, and connect iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro (Max) to computer.
  • On the main window, click "Recover from iOS Device" mode.
  • Click Start Scan button when the phone is connected.
  • To recover notes from iPhone 11 memory, tick off "Notes" option.
  • Click Scan button to fire up the scanning process.
  • Recovering Old Notes from iPhone 11 without Backup

  • When done, check the notes lost from iPhone 11 Pro. The items are categorized by title, location, folder, date, notes contents...
  • Check the notes you want to get back.
  • Click Recover button to retrieve information about notes on iPhone 11 Pro (Max) device.
  • Within a few seconds, you'll have the notes recovered and stored on the computer.
  • Retrieving Recently Deleted Notes in iPhone 11 Pro Free

Restore Notes of iPhone 11 Associated with Other Accounts

Apple integrates a variety of email services into iOS Notes including Google's Gmail, Microsoft's Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo, and more. Whenever the notes you synced with these accounts were gone from iPhone 11 Notes list, simply go to Settings and check the sync settings for Notes of each account.

Follow the guidelines to retrieve Gmail notes on iPhone 11 without computer, for example. It's applied to recover disappeared notes linked to Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

  • On the Home screen, tap Settings.
  • Scroll down and choose Accounts & Password.
  • Tap on the account you've sync notes with.
  • Switch ON Notes sync. (The slider for Notes turns green.)
  • Now open Notes application, and you'll see the notes reappear under the section of Gmail account (or other emails).

Use Search to Find Lost Notes and Attachments

If you have more than a few hundreds of notes, and the note list keeps getting unorganized, it can be tough to find the one you're looking for. In the case, simply use the powerful search function in Notes to confirm whether the note is in there, rather than running a lengthy iPhone 11 notes recovery procedure.

  • In Notes app, open a folder where you save the notes to.
  • Tap Search bar and type in the title, word or phrase from the note you're looking for. The app will show you every note that has a match.
  • Locate the note and get the text you need.

If you can't see the Search bar on the top, swipe down the screen to get it. Repeat the process to find the particular note, if you have multiple folders.

Bring Back Notes by Restoring iPhone 11 Backup on Computer

Have the aforementioned solutions fixed the issue? If not, you may need to take one more drastic measure to retrieve missing note's text in iPhone 11 (Pro) & iPhone 11 Pro Max quickly and efficiently. Find the backup in iTunes or Finder that dates to before you deleted the notes, and restore that to the phone.

  • Launch iTunes on computer. If you're using Mac with macOS Catalina 10.15, open Finder.
  • Connect iPhone 11 device to the machine.
  • When it appears on iTunes or Finder window, click on it.
  • In the heading of Backups, choose Restore Backup.
  • Check the date and name of the backup, and choose the most related one.
  • Click Restore to trigger restoration.

iTunes or Finder restores the backup and saves notes back to iPhone 11 Notes.

Apple describe the process in more depth. Learn: Restore your device from a backup on computer

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