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How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Elena Spencer Updated on Apr 27, 2022 5:11 PM

WhatsApp Manager is an incredibly popular mobile messages app that allows to share instant messages and multimedia files (photos, videos, and audio notes) for free. This make it a simple and light service for communication. While it's fun to use, it could be a heart-stopping moment when you tend to delete some chatting messages to keep the WhatsApp inbox neatly, only to realize it was not the conversation you meant to delete off the iPhone (X, 8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, etc).

In fact, deleting chat history in WhatsApp, even accidentally or purposefully, there're better chances of recovering the deleted WhatsApp messages and get them back on the iPhone without any hassles. This post will truly get you going in the whole journey to restore the WhatsApp data from iPhone, including the text conversations, photos, videos within the conversations.

Solution 1: Restoring WhatsApp Chats from iPhone Memory

If for some reason you delete a conversation in WhatsApp on iPhone, and you don't have any backup associated with it, then you'll need to find and invest in a third-party tool to get it recovered. This might be the ultimate way of retrieving deleted WhatsApp messages on the iPhone device (iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, etc.). Whether you're looking for the simplest of utilities to do the task with the least fuss, or you want an application that gives options to determine which WhatsApp conversions you'd like to recovered, iOS Data Recovery is such a program that will meet you need.

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The solid iPhone WhatsApp recovery software is especially designed to recover Whatsapp messages as well as other data files from all models of iPhones. It can run a full-scan on the iPhone memory, offer a comprehensive scanning results overview on what the chances are, and restore the deleted files quickly. Here's how it works to get deleted iPhone WhatsApp messages history:

Step 1: Install the app on a PC or a Mac. Launch it and attach iPhone with computer.

Step 2: Choose "Recover from iOS Device" mode on the window and click Start Scan button to search for the deleted WhatsApp messages.

Step 3: On the resulting panel of the scan, click "WhatsApp" category (or "WhatsApp Attachments") form the left list, then choose the conversations you sent or received with the WhatsApp on iPhone.

Step 4: Click the Recover button, then in the dialog window specify a save path for maintaining the recovered chat history.

Step 5: Hit the Recover button and the program instantly recover the lost WhatsApp messages, with no data loss on iPhone.

How to Get WhatsApp Messages Back on iPhone

Solution 2: Recovering WhatApp History from Backups

If you have set up WhatsApp messages backups on the iPhone to iCloud or iTunes like many users should, then you will find that retrieving the WhatsApp conversations that you deleted accidentally from that backup is quite easy.

Option 1: Retrieve WhatsApp conversations from iCloud backup

Before restoring WhatsApp messages history via iCloud, you need to confirm that you've turn on iCloud Drive to back up WhatsApp on iPhone. Go to WhatsApp Manager > Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, and on the screen you should see the latest backup of the chat history if you've triggered the backup process before. It's then surprisingly simple to bring back the deleted conversations:

  • Uninstall the app, then reinstall it on the iPhone from App Store.
  • Open it, verify the phone number which you use as the WhatsApp account and proceed.
  • On the screen prompts, tap on Restore Chat History and you would restore the lost messages in WhatsApp on iPhone once the restoring process finishes.

Restoring Deleted Messages History in WhatsApp on iPhone

Option 2: Retrieve Chat History in WhatsApp via iTunes

It is possible that you may perform a backup of iPhone data to iTunes locally. If so, the iTunes backup should cover the WhatsApp chats which were deleted from iPhone in case you need to recover them.

  • Connect iPhone to computer and run iTunes.
  • Once your device is detected, click its tiny icon right beneath the Playback on the upper left of the window.
  • Click Summary on the left pane, then Restore Backup on the right pane under Backups section.
  • From the popup, choose a backup and click Restore. Keep the iPhone connected until the syncing process is done. The deleted WhatsApp data along with messages should be back on iPhone.

Extract and Recover WhatsApp Conversations from iPhone

One drawback of this option is that the existing iPhone files would be replaced with the backup after the restoration.

Option 3: Use iOS Data Recovery to Extract Messages from backups

The Apple Way can do a nice job in recovering deleted chat conversations in WhatsApp from an iPhone, but this can be a tedious process when you keep a load of messages. Thankfully, iOS Data Recovery includes an extractor tool, so you're able to retrieve a or a few of WhatsApp messages from iPhone backup (iCloud backup or iTunes backup) and will be back on your feet in no time.

1. Get Lost WhatsApp Messages Back on iPhone from iCloud Backup

  • Start up the program and choose "Recovery from iCloud Backup File" mode.
  • Log into iCloud account, choose an iPhone backup, then click Download button.
  • From the pop-up window, tick "WhatsApp" and "WhatsApp Attachments" and click Next button.
  • Click "WhatsApp" option on the left list, choose certain messages and click Recover button to get the chat history restored.

Retrieve iPhone WhatsApp Messages from iCloud Backup

2. Retrieve from iTunes Backup

  • On the opening interface of the software, opt for "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode to get the task started.
  • From the list of iPhone backups, select one you'd like to restore the messages from, and click Start Scan button.
  • After scan, click "WhatsApp" (or WhatsApp Attachments if needed) on the left pane, then highlight the specific chats according to the details.
  • Afterward, click Recover button and all deleted WhatsApp message history will be recovered within seconds.

Extract WhatsApp Chats on iPhone using iTunes Backup

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