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How to record a YouTube video with efficient steps - Windows & Mac

YouTube videos are recorded every minute. Whether you want to record YouTube videos to your computer or record your own videos on YouTube, this complete guide will inspire you.

Jasmin Woods Updated on Jan 6, 2023 6:08 PM

Quick tips for recording a YouTube video:

  • Recording YouTube videos is in demand as more people want to record and save a video from YouTube while others would like to record their own videos and upload them to YouTube.
  • If you need to screen record YouTube videos, your computer has a built-in screen capture tool, be it Game Bar or QuickTime, that can help you record the videos playing on your screen.
  • Native video recording options, such as the Photo Booth on Mac and the Camera app on PC, let you record and create new YouTube videos using your webcam.
  • The AppGeeker Screen Recorder is probably the best video recorder that can easily capture on-screen YouTube videos, record your webcam, and even record them together.

You can record a YouTube video either using a screen capturer or a webcam recorder.

YouTube is probably the most popular video-sharing platform. You may find something exciting and want to record the video from YouTube for future viewing, or want to share something interesting with your audience and record your own YouTube video. Although YouTube doesn't have the record feature, you can use some helpful tools on your computer to record a YouTube video with ease.

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Recording YouTube videos is not rocket science. There are various ways to help you create great YouTube video recordings whether you want to screen record a video from YouTube, or use your webcam to record yourself and upload it on YouTube.

Depending on what and how you want to record the YouTube video, we'll discuss a few different ways and show you how to record step by step:

Part 1. How to record a YouTube video using a screen recorder

Sometimes you'll want to record YouTube videos to save your favored game videos, movies, music live streams and other interesting content to watch later. In fact, most computers come with built-in solutions for screen recording.

To record the YouTube videos to your computer, Windows is equipped with the Xbox Game Bar while macOS has the pre-installed QuickTime Player. Both of them can record on-screen YouTube videos without having to use extra tools, but note that they are not able to record everything you want and cannot deliver the best video quality. So if you're looking to record YouTube videos without quality loss, you'll need a more advanced option like AppGeeker Screen Recorder.

Disclaimer: You can use the YouTube video recording only for legal purposes, and make sure you have the copyright of the YouTube videos you're going to record.

How to record a YouTube video to Windows

If you're looking for an easy, straightforward way to record a YouTube video on Windows PC, the native solution Xbox Game Bar can do the trick. Comes pre-installed with Windows 10 and Windows 11, the Game Bar recorder is probably the quickest way to capture game clips and the easiest way to screen record YouTube videos on your PC. It can record one single YouTube video at a time, so make sure not to switch to a different media player during the process. Otherwise, the recording ends automatically.

Enable the Game Bar recording:

  • Press the Windows button on keyboard and go to Settings > Gaming.
  • Locate the Xbox Game Bar option and turn on it.

Play and capture the YouTube video on computer:

Open the YouTube video you'd like to record and play it in full screen in high quality.

Press the Windows + G combination on your keyboard to turn the Game Bar.

Enable the Xbox Game Bar for YouTube video capturing.

Check the video camera icon and then the Capture control panel will show up. Enable the Microphone option if you want to include your voice into the video recording.

Access recording options on the Capture panel.

Click on the Start Recording button or press the Windows + Alt + R shortcut to start screen recording the video on YouTube player.

When it's done, hit the Stop Recording button or use the same shortcut Win + Alt + R to exit.

Play the newly recorded YouTube video in Xbox Gallery.

Once done, click the pop-up message Game clip recorded to check the YouTube video you just recorded. You can rename or delete the video, or open the location folder to access all screen recordings. They will be saved in the Videos folder as MP4 files. If you'd like to use the YouTube videos in other formats, try to use a converter and adjust their file types.

How to screen record YouTube videos on computer – Windows & Mac

The quick solution AppGeeker Screen Recorder is one of the most popular screen capture applications for both Windows and macOS users. It offers plenty of recording options and allows you to configure the settings, such as video quality, output formats, recording areas, and more.

Additionally, it is capable of recording all the active apps on your computer screen, including both external and internal system sound if desired. Also, it supports the countdown and scheduled video recording when needed. And the great thing is that you can always preview the recording result and add quick edition on it after you finish recording.

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for Windows | for macOS

1. Open the Screen Recorder on your computer and access the Video Recorder option.

2. Enable the System sound to screen record the YouTube video with audio.

For more recording settings, hit the gear icon at the top to adjust every detail of the recording and decide the video format and quality. You can also set a countdown before recording, and make it exclude the floating bar of the recording result automatically.

Adjust the recording options and settings before you start.

3. Play the YouTube video on your computer and select a recording area.

4. Hit the REC button to start and press the Stop button to end recording.

Once you exit the recording mode, the preview window jumps out immediately. You can check and edit the video recording before saving it to your computer. Recording YouTube videos with Screen Recorder is relatively straightforward. Apart from the YouTube videos, you can basically record everything on your screen if you want.

What to do to record YouTube video on macOS

The macOS has its own solutions for native screen recording. You can record the YouTube videos on your screen using the QuickTime Player which is the default screen recorder on all Mac computer. In addition, if your Mac is running macOS Mojave or a newer version, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts to capture the YouTube videos you're playing on the screen.

To enable the screen recorder option on your macOS, simply do one of the following to launch the recording toolbar:

  • Press CMD + Shift + 5 on your keyboard and wait for the Screenshot Toolbar to show up.
  • Search for the QuickTime Player in the launchpad and open it; click the File option at the top of the screen and select New Screen Recording from the list.

How to start video recording on YouTube:

1. Select either full screen or a specific portion of the screen to record.

Use the native screen recording toolbar to capture videos from YouTube.

2. Click on the down arrow to access more recording settings. You can enable your microphone to record your talks, change the storage location, and show your mouse clicks in recording.

Record the on-screen YouTube videos to computer with QuickTime Player or Screenshot Toolbar.

Note: Using the native screen recorder on macOS, you're not allowed to record the system sound coming from your Mac. That is to say, you're unable to capture the audio from the YouTube video you're recording.

3. Let the YouTube video play on the screen, and click on the Record button. It will start recording whatever is happening on your screen except for the computer audio.

4. Click on the Stop button in the floating bar when the YouTube video ends. You can also use the shortcut CMD, Control & ESC to stop recording.

5. By default, the YouTube video captures will be saved on your desktop in MOV format, named after the recording date and time.

QuickTime Player is a good choice for making tutorial videos because it can record your screen and highlight your mouse pointer and show the clicks. However, the native video recorders on macOS might not be your first option when it comes to recording YouTube videos, as they don't have permission to record any internal audio from your Mac. Or else, you'll end up recording a YouTube video with no sound.

Part 2. How to record YouTube videos using a webcam recorder

Some people would like to record YouTube videos directly to their computer while others want to record and create their own YouTube videos. You can record anything interesting for your YouTube video content. And there are quite a few ways to record YouTube videos with a webcam recorder.

How to record a YouTube video with Windows Camera

If you want to record yourself only, you can use the Windows Camera to capture a YouTube video using an internal or a sperate webcam. The Camera app on Windows 8 and later allows you to take a picture or video of yourself and then view it. It automatically backs up your recordings and photos to your OneDrive cloud so that you can access the content on any device connected to the same OneDrive account.

The video recording in Windows Camera may take up much storage space, make sure your computer has enough space for a YouTube video recording and follow the steps below:

  • Open the Camera app from the Start menu on Windows.
  • Switch to the video recording mode by selecting the video camera icon on the right side.
  • Adjust the settings, brightness and the focus option on the left side.
  • Click on the camera Record button to start a new video recording. A timer will float on the screen, and you can pause or stop the recording at any time.
  • When you need to end recording, simply hit the red Stop square.
  • After that, you can view your latest video recording from the bottom-right corner. Once done, you can decide whether to edit the recording or upload the video to your YouTube directly.

Record your YouTube videos with webcam using the Camera app on Windows.

How to create a YouTube video in Photo Booth

Another easiest way to record a video of yourself for YouTube is using the Photo Booth application on macOS. It helps you to record a webcam video, take a photo or a group of four pictures. Using your Mac's default camera or an external webcam, it's able to capture everything you want to share with your YouTube audience. Before recording, make sure your microphone is turned on, or you can use a connected mic to record your speaking with your video:

1. Open Photo Booth on your Mac by clicking its icon in Dock or accessing the Application folder.

2. Switch to the video recording mode by selecting the video camera icon in the bottom left.

3. Press the red Record camera to start your recording. You can use the Effects option to make your video different.

Record your own video for YouTube using the Photo Booth app on macOS.

4. Click the red video camera again to end your recording.

5. Move your pointer to the thumbnail and hit the recording to review it.

Finally, choose the thumbnail and select File > Export to save the recording. The video clips will be exported as MOV files. After that, you can convert the YouTube video into different formats and upload it on your YouTube channel to share with your audience.

Bonus: Record YouTube video and your webcam at the same time (Mac & Windows)

When you're making a reaction video to a YouTuber or some specific video guides on YouTube, you may want to record both the on-screen video and yourself simultaneously.

It isn't that hard to record YouTube videos with both your face and voice showing up. You can easily record your screen, webcam, and microphone at the same time using an all-in-one video recorder.

Whether you're using a Mac or PC, the one-stop solution Screen Recorder offers a variety of screen capturing functionally, which enables you to record the YouTube video with your webcam feed in lossless quality. You can make a picture-in-picture video record, or capture the YouTube player and your webcam video separately.

Download Now!

for Windows | for macOS

  • Install Screen Recorder on your computer and open it up.
  • Select Video Recorder and enable your webcam, system sound, and microphone audio.
  • Open the YouTube and play the video you like.
  • Select a recording area: Full screen or a custom region. You can also hit the Settings icon to adjust the format, voice enhancement, video quality and resolution.
  • Hit the REC button to start recording, and press the Stop button when the recording ends.

Record YouTube videos with your webcam, system sound, and microphone enabled.

Once done, you can trim and edit the recording result, and export the video in many popular formats without using additional applications. The Screen Recorder gives you the option to record YouTube and webcam videos in HD without compromising on the quality. And it has many great features that you can explore and use them in your video content for YouTube.


How to record a YouTube video on my iPhone?

If you're using iOS 11 and higher versions, you can easily use the screen recording feature on your iPhone to record your favorite YouTube videos.

  • Enable the Screen Recording option in your Control Center by selecting Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls and adding the Screen Recording feature.
  • Open and play the target YouTube video on your iPhone.
  • Swipe on your iPhone to access the Control Center and press the Record button.
  • It records your screen automatically while the video plays.
  • Tap on the Stop option to stop recording. And check the captured video in your iPhone Photos.

How to screen record YouTube videos on Android device?

A large number of Android devices have a quick solution for screen recording. You can play the YouTube you want to capture, and use the pre-installed screen recorder.

1. Open the YouTube on your Android phone, and find the video you want to save.

2. Swipe down from the top edge of your screen to show the Control Panel or Quick Settings.

3. Find the Screen Recorder button and tap on it.

4. Start the YouTube video on your phone and quickly press the Start recording option.

5. Stop recording when the YouTube video finishes. You can then switch to the Gallery app and watch the recording later.

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