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How to record a webcam video on Mac in 4 quick ways

Mac is equipped with multiple video recording tools to help you make webcam recordings. You can also record with your webcam on Mac using some advanced video recorders.

Jasmin Woods Updated on Jan 9, 2023 7:57 PM

To record webcam videos on a Mac:

  • With several video recorders built-in, macOS allows users to create webcam recordings easily.
  • There are three native webcam recorders available on your Mac: the QuickTime Player, Photo Booth, and iMovie. All these apps allow you to record yourself using your webcam quickly.
  • Here's an advanced video recording tool AppGeeker Screen Recorder. It makes it easy for everyone to record videos from webcam and export the recording results in various formats.

It can't be easier to record with webcam on a Mac with simple and quick steps.

Let's say you're looking for an easy way to record webcam videos on a Mac. Maybe you want to record something memorable, or make video notes to preserve important details, or record your meeting presentation. Whatever the purpose, you can always find ways to get the job done.

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Recording a video with webcam on Mac is easy. In fact, there are quite a few programs for Mac users to record videos with their webcam. You can simply open a native recorder like Photo Booth, QuickTime Player, or iMovie on your Mac and start the recording directly. Also, there are various third-party tools that can help you record webcam videos on Mac without efforts. Some of them even let you record your computer screen and webcam video at the same time.

How to record yourself with a webcam on Mac

Your Mac actually has a built-in camera that allows you to record yourself in high quality. The internal camera on your Mac can turn on automatically when you launch a video recorder app or use the camera recording features. So, to record a video of yourself using Mac's webcam, simply access the pre-installed video recorder on your macOS, and follow the guide below:

How to record a webcam video in Photo Booth

To kick things off, let's talk about the top option on your Mac that can help you record yourself with your webcam. The Photo Booth comes pre-installed on most Mac computers and is the first app you can consider using for webcam recording on your Mac. It enables you to capture pictures and record videos with your Mac's webcam. You can export and share the video after recording.

It also has a basic video editor that can apply effects and do some standard editing to your webcam video. While it doesn't offer many advanced features, it's still a great option and you can use it for free without any extra apps.

STEP 1: Open the Photo Booth application on Mac. You can open it from the applications folder or simply click its icon in the Mac dock.

STEP 2: Check your webcam and adjust your position. After you open Photo Booth, you will be able to see the preview of your webcam capture frame.

Tip: Make sure you fit in the frame, and the picture is stable. In case you're using an attached external camera, make sure to check it's well-connected to your Mac and enabled.

STEP 3: Now, select the Record Video or Record a movie clip option in the bottom-left corner. Once you enter the video recording mode, you can now press the video camera icon in the middle to record what you want to show and what you'd like to say.

Record webcam videos using Photo Booth and add effects.

STEP 4: After that, press the Stop button to end webcam recoding when you finish. You can click on the thumbnail to preview the video you just created.

STEP 5: Export or share the webcam recording when it's done.

You can add effects to your video and share it right away by clicking on the Share option at the bottom-right corner. Also, you can right-click on the new recording and select Export option to save the video on your Mac as an MOV file.

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How to record webcam on Mac with QuickTime Player

The QuickTime Player is another excellent built-in tool for video recording on Mac. It is a standard video playback program that enables users to record audio, screen, and webcam videos. Being a pre-installed tool on macOS, the QuickTime Player has its own set of limitations, starting with no internal or system audio recording. You can only save your webcam video in MOV format.

If you want to export videos in multiple formats, or add both your Mac screen and computer audio while recording with a webcam, it's better to use a more advanced recorder like AppGeeker Screen Recorder. Instead, follow the quick steps below if you just want to record a webcam video on your Mac:

STEP 1: Access the applications folder on your Mac and launch the QuickTime Player.

STEP 2: Navigate to File > New Movie Recording on the menu bar at the top.

You can also access the movie recording option by pressing Option + Command + N on your keyboard. This option will turn on the default webcam on your Mac, and you will be able to see what your camera records on your computer screen.

Create a new movie recording in QuickTime Player on Mac.

STEP 3: Now, just click on the red Record button to start recording yourself through your webcam. You can control the microphone volume by dragging the speaker slider, or adjust the video quality by checking the drop-down Options.

Select available camera and microphone, and adjust video quality for webcam recording.

STEP 4: Press the red button again when you want to end recording. After that, you can preview your video and make some basic edits.

STEP 5: Once your work is done, you can save the video from File > Save, or use the Cmd + S keys and then rename the file. After that, your new webcam recording will be saved on your macOS in MOV format. You can play or share it whenever you want.

The video recording from webcam will be saved in MOV format on Mac.

Record and edit webcam videos on Mac using iMovie

iMovie is a media player, video editor, and also a webcam recorder for Apple users. It can be used on either macOS computer or iOS device. With iMovie installed, you can record and edit a webcam video on your Mac directly. If you can't find iMovie on your macOS, download it from the App Store and follow the recording steps below:

1. Launch iMovie on your Mac and go to File > New Movie on the menu bar. You can also select the Create New option on the home screen.

2. Now, click on the down arrow icon at the top to access Import option.

Click on the down-arrow icon to select Import option.

3. Select the FaceTime HD Camera option from the Camera section at the left panel on your screen. You might need to approve camera access if you are using the iMovie app for the first time.

4. Choose Import to option to import a project you are working on; and hit the red Record circle to start recording. You can finish the recording with the same button.

Use iMovie to record yourself through the webcam on your Mac.

5. Close the recording window and save the recording by clicking on the Projects option in the left corner at the top. Return to the main interface on iMovie and view your new webcam recording.

Can I record webcam with my computer screen at the same time on Mac?

With Mac's native video recorders, you can easily record yourself using the webcam. However, for some users, it's not enough to just capture the webcam videos on Mac. Sometimes you want to show your viewers what's on your Mac screen while recording yourself with your webcam, such as a gameplay, a YouTube video, or other apps side by side the webcam video you're recording. So how can you record your webcam and Mac screen simultaneously?

Quick answer: How to record webcam and screen on Mac

Suppose you want to record your reaction to a gaming video or a YouTube video, you will need an expert screen recorder to capture your webcam and screen at the same time on your Mac. To do that, you can use the all-in-one Screen Recorder from AppGeeker. It enables you to record your webcam and screen activities separately or simultaneously.

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Working with its simple interface, you can adjust and customize every aspect of your recording, capture dual screens and make picture-in-picture recording with or without system audio. Unlick other pro video recorders, this Screen Recorder is much easier to use. You can export and save your webcam recording in multiple video formats. Here are the quick steps you can take:

Step 1. Launch Screen Recorder on your Mac and select Video Recorder to record screen and webcam in one frame. Or select Webcam Recorder to capture a video with webcam only.

Select a recording mode to record webcam video or record screen with webcam.

Step 2: Switch on Camera & Microphone options and click REC button to make your webcam start recording. You can also adjust record settings by clicking on the gear icon to customize the video quality and format. Enable the System sound if your computer audio is needed as well.

Record a webcam video along with computer screen on Mac.

Step 3: When the recording ends, click on the Stop button and preview your video. You can trim the recording result and save it on your Mac when everything is to your satisfaction.

Preview the recording result and save the video result on your Mac.

You're also able to create webcam recording separately by choosing the Webcam Recorder from its main interface. And follow its straightforward steps to record yourself in lossless quality using your webcam and microphone.

Expert tips for webcam recordings

Tip 1: If you are recording yourself with the webcam, position it at your eye level and look straight into it like you are making eye contact.

Tip 2: Make sure that your webcam is capturing you entirely in its frame. You're good to go if you can see the top of your head and your mid-chest in the recording frame.

Tip 3: If you are using a light, make sure it is in front of you so that your webcam can easily capture every detail clearly.


So now you know how to record a webcam video on your Mac with the built-in tools or a professional screen recorder. The methods in this guide are all great picks to record an excellent video with your webcam. It you also want a recording tool that offers you all the screen, audio, and video recording features, the AppGeeker Screen Recorder won't let you down. And for more frequently asked questions about webcam recording:

1. Can I record webcam with the QuickTime Player?

Yes. When you open the QuickTime on your Mac, head to File > New Movie Recording at the top. Click the down-arrow button; select an available webcam and microphone if you've more than one. Adjust the recording quality and click on Record button to start. When you finish, click on the same button to stop, and export the recording file on your Mac.

2. How to record video from an external webcam?

You can record a video using an external webcam on your Mac in multiple ways:

  • Use Photo Booth
  • Run QuickTime Player
  • Install and use iMovie
  • AppGeeker Screen Recorder

3. How to record a video on Mac with sound?

  • Download and install the AppGeeker Screen Recorder on your Mac.
  • Run it and select Video Recorder.
  • Select recording area and enable the System sound; enable the Webcam option or not.
  • Press REC to begin recording; hit the Stop button to end.
  • Preview, trim, and save the video recording on Mac in various format.
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