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How to record YouTube videos on Windows PC, Mac & Phone

Need to quickly record YouTube videos for offline fun? With the best YouTube screen recorder software we provide, you can record any video on YouTube with just a few clicks.

Elma Ellis Updated on Mar 3, 2023 6:18 PM

YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform for users to upload, view, and share various kinds of videos. While browsing the YouTube website, you might want to capture some YouTube videos for offline viewing, further study, recreation, or backup.

You can capture videos from YouTube with ease using screen recorders.

As is known to all, YouTube provides a video downloading service if you subscript to YouTube Premium. However, the downloaded YouTube videos can only be watched within the app and cannot be shared with others as a video file. The better way to accomplish your aim is to record the YouTube video you want with a YouTube Screen Recorder.

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Here, you'll learn how to record YouTube videos on your Windows PC, Mac, and phone. Besides, we'll also show you how to record a video from YouTube online.

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How to record YouTube videos on Windows PC

Wonder how to capture YouTube videos in high quality on your Windows PC? Here we'll introduce you to the best YouTube video recording software – AppGeeker Screen Recorder.

AppGeeker Screen Recorder is an excellent YouTube video recording software, with a versatile range of features, from capturing any activities displayed on your screen, to recording system and microphone soundtracks. It even comes with webcam recording capabilities enabling you to record a video from YouTube with your face.

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for Windows | for macOS

With this YouTube recorder program, you can trim, merge, and compress the video recording file. You're free to draw and add annotations like arrows, lines, shapes, texts, and callouts while capturing a YouTube video. It's a fully featured and intuitive video editor, as well as a comprehensive video capture application.

Here's how to record a YouTube video on Windows using AppGeeker Screen Recorder:

Step 1. Launch the app and select "Video Recorder."

Step 2. Click on "Full" to record the entire desktop screen. If you just want to capture a partial streaming YouTube video, choose the "Custom" button. Ensure that the System Sound is turned on to capture the internal audio of the YouTube video. Additionally, you can enable the Microphone to record your voice with the YouTube video simultaneously.

Step 3. Click the "REC" button to start recording. After the three-second countdown, a progress bar will appear in the lower right corner of your screen, indicating how long you have been recording the screen. And during the recording process, you'll be able to take screenshots and add annotations.

Step 4. When finished, click the red "Stop" button to end the recording. Once you stop the recording, a preview window will open with the recorded video, which you can play, trim, and save.

How to record a YouTube video on Mac

QuickTime Player is not only a built-in media player but also a free default video recording software for all Mac products, including MacBook, iMac, and Mac Mini. If you're running macOS devices and don't want to install any application for recording video from YouTube, QuickTime Player is the perfect Mac screen recorder to go to.

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With QuickTime, you're able to do YouTube video recording, complete with audio and webcam, and we found the whole process to be simple and efficient. But, you should note that the internal audio will not be captured during this process. So, if you just want to capture YouTube videos with audio from your microphone, QuickTime Player is ideal. Here's the guide about how to do YouTube recording on Mac.

Step 1: Open QuickTime Player on Mac

You can launch the screen and video recorder from Applications or by searching QuickTime Player in Spotlight.

Step 2: Select New Screen Recording

Select "File" in the menu bar at the top of the QuickTime interface, then choose "New Screen Recording". The "New Screen Recording" feature enables you to record YouTube videos that are playing on your Mac screen in high quality.

Step 3: Click on the Record button to start recording

After clicking on the "Record" button, open the video you want to record from YouTube. Then click anywhere on the screen to start video recording the entire screen. In case you want to record only a portion of the screen, you can click and drag to choose your desired recording area.

Step 4: Stop and save the recorded YouTube videos

Once the YouTube recording is finished, click on the "Stop" button in the menu bar or press the shortcut "Command + Control + Esc" to stop the recording.

Then, a new window will automatically open with your recorded YouTube video, so that you can play, edit, share, or save it. To save the recorded video file, go to File > Save.


  • If your Mac computer is running macOS Mojave (version 10.14) or later, there's a keyboard shortcut available for recording from YouTube. You can simply press "Shift + Command + 5" at the same time to capture the full screen.

As we mentioned before, QuickTime Player can only record audio from the microphone or an external audio source, but not internal audio. To record YouTube videos with internal audio on Mac successfully, you might need help from AppGeeker Screen Recorder app.

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for Windows | for macOS

Follow the below steps on how to record your YouTube videos on Mac with internal audio:

1. Launch the app and select "Video Recorder."

2. Open the YouTube streaming video that you want to record.

3. Click on "Full" to capture the entire screen. If you want to capture a particular recording area, click on Custom > Select region/window, then press and drag your mouse to select a region.

4. Click the toggle next to System sound to switch it to ON position. In this way, the internal sound can be captured from YouTube videos. If you want to record external audio as well, make sure "Microphone" is turned on.

5. Click the "REC" button to start YT recording. A recording progress bar will appear demonstrating how long you've been recording for.

6. Hit the "Stop" button to end the YT video recording.

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How to record YouTube videos on iPhone for free

With the release of built-in screen recording feature in iOS 11 and later, Apple users are allowed to capture video on iPhones and iPads without the need for third-party software, making it a simple and popular feature for recording videos off YouTube.

Step 1. Add the Screen Recording option to Control Center

Go to "Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls", and tap the green plus button next to "Screen Recording."

Step 2. Tap the "Record" button in Control Center

You can open the Control Center by swiping down from the top right corner of your iPhone screen, then find and tap the "Record" button, which looks like a circle inside another circle.

Step 3. Play the YouTube video you'd like to record on iPhone

If you have installed the YouTube app on your iPhone, just go to the app, and tap on the video you'd like to record. If not, you can choose to play YouTube videos using a web browser.

Step 4. Stop the video recording from YouTube player

To stop the recording, you can tap the red bar in the upper-left area of the screen, or press the "Record" button again in Control Center. The YouTube video recording file will be saved to your iPhone's Camera Roll.

How to record a video on YouTube on Android

Since iPhone has its default Screen Recording tool, you may wonder if Android has a similar feature. The truth is that this screen recording feature is available on many Android devices with newer versions of the operating system, such as Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 10 or higher, Google Pixel devices running Android 11 or higher, and more.

Here's how to capture YouTube videos on Android:

  • Open the streaming video from YouTube.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notification panel. You'll see many quick settings options, then swipe down again to expand the "Quick Settings" menu.
  • Search and then tap the "Screen Recorder" icon. You can try swiping left or right to find the icon. But if you don't see the "Screen Recorder" option in your Quick Settings, you can add it by tapping the "Edit" button, and then dragging the "Screen Record" button to Quick Settings.
  • Tap the "Stop" button in the notification to stop recording.

How to record from YouTube free online

There are many web-based screen recorders available for us to record from YouTube online. And Online Screenapp is one of the simplest tools for screen recording that eliminates the need for downloads or signups. With its ability to record audio and capture any desired recording area, users can record some fantastic YouTube video clips easily.

In the below steps, we'll show you how to capture YouTube videos with an online screen recorder on your web.

Step 1. Go to the website of Screenapp and select "Get Started."

Step 2. Choose "Screen only", and the audio source you'd like to record, like system audio, microphone audio, or both.

Step 3. Click on the "Start Recording" button to launch the recorder.

Step 4. Choose what you want to record. You have several options like the entire screen, a specific window, or a Tab Page. In order to record video from Youtube, choose the YouTube browser tab that's playing a video.

Step 5. Click on "SHARE YOUR SCREEN" > "Start recording" to start the recording.

Step 6. When finished, click on the "Stop Recording" button to end the recording. And your YouTube video recording can be transcribed, summarized, and trimmed within the app. Once done, you can download it to your computer.

Is it legal to screen record YouTube video?

Determining whether recording a YouTube video is legal or illegal can be a complex issue and depends on several factors, such as whether the video is protected by copyright, whether the user has obtained permission from the copyright owner, and whether the use of the video falls under the fair use doctrine.

Usually, it's legal for people to screen record a YouTube video for private use, or for educational and learning purposes. Non-copyrighted material from YouTube is also legal to record for re-creation. Even so, it's better to get the explicit consent of the content owner in case you'll be involved in copyright infringement.

FAQs about screen recording YouTube videos

1. Can I record a YouTube video?

Yes, you can. Though YouTube does not offer a built-in screen recording tool, there are many great apps for recording YouTube videos on your PC, such as AppGeeker Screen Recorder, OBS Studio, ScreenFlow, and Screenapp.

2. How can I capture video from YouTube for free?

To record videos free from YouTube, you can choose some video recording freeware like Xbox Game Bar, OBS Studio, ShareX, and QuickTime Player. They are simple but powerful tools for creating YouTube video recordings.

3. Can I legally record and share a YouTube video for educational purposes?

Normally, sharing a recorded YouTube video for teaching or research is legal if this behavior qualifies as fair use.

However, when it comes to the actual situation, there're more factors we should consider. So, it's always best to ask for permission from the content creator.

4. What is the best app to capture a YouTube video?

Whatever works for you is the best. While choosing the best app, you may need to consider if it can meet your recording needs from several aspects, such as features, price, ease of use, customization options, and more.

AppGeeker Screen Recorder is our pick for the best YouTube video recorder as it's a rich-featured app compatible with Windows and Mac OS, providing an excellent user experience thanks to its simple operations.

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