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How to Recover Photos from SD Card on Huawei Phone with/ without Backup

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:21 PM

Over time, with some neglect and potential laziness, your microSD card inserted in Huawei phone can clog with tons of data files. Sometimes, however, you received an error message "Your SD card storage is full". To save space, you turn to photos that were in the DCIM folder from Camera. Then, one thing happens: you mistakenly deleted a picture that is really precious and important. What's next?

Usually, the photos you've lost or accidentally deleted are not actually gone for good, and there are, of course, a few methods to easily recover Huawei photos from SD card whether you have a copy of backup or not.

Recover Photos from SD Card via Huawei Backup Tool

Huawei Backup is the native management software used to create backup for Huawei phone, and restore deleted files to the device whenever needed. Assuming you backed up Huawei data ahead of deleting the valuable pictures accidentally, you're ready to free restore the photos in SD card attached on Huawei Android mobile in one fell swoop.

  • Unlock Huawei phone, and on the home screen, go to Tools > Backup to open the app.
  • Tap Restore.
  • Tap From SD Card among four given restoring options.
  • Select the backup where you want to retrieve the pictures from.
  • Tap on "Photos" or any other data on the screen.
  • Tap Restore on the bottom to retrieve Huawei pictures on SD memory card. All is automatic.

Recover images of Huawei from SD Card free

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Restoring SD Card Photos by Huawei HiSuite

Instead, if you previously use HiSuite for backup, you could easily restore the backup and get back photos from SD card in Huawei.

  • Fire up HiSuite on your PC or Mac.
  • Connect Huawei with supplied USB cord.
  • Click Restore.
  • Select "Pictures", and click Restore to begin the process.

Recover Huawei Photos inside SD Card Storage without Backup

No need to scramble around for a backup. Just give a shot at a smart third-party application. If you're looking for something that can provide a simpler, more intuitive way of recovering photos from SD memory card in Huawei phone, we've got an excellent suggestion: SD Card Data Recovery.

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for MacOS | for Windows

A side note: Once you find out the pictures stored at the memory card are disappeared, take the card out of Huawei and set it aside - anything that writes to that card will complicate or even lessen any chance of recovery.

With an obvious nod to the developer in the name and design, Data Recovery focuses on making it as simple as possible to recover lost photos from SD card of Huawei device. It will make short work of scanning in files that are deleted yet hidden in the card in the choice of quick scan and deep scan, and provide a neat menu for you to get the files off SD card and save onto computer safely.

The SD card photos recovery tool for Huawei is easy enough to install and start working with it. Just plug the SD card to computer, and you'll be able to take care of the business from the desktop, not bothering other files in Huawei's internal memory.

Recovering Deleted Photos off SD Card in Huawei Phone

Step 1: Open up the tool

Start the application on the computer desktop to begin performing the task of retrieving deleted photos from Huawei SD memory.

Put SD card into computer via an available card reader for connection.

Step 2: Scan photos around SD card storage

On the main screen, you need to choose "Image", and then select the drive for the identified SD card, in order to point the search to SD card photos specifically.

Next up, press Scan button and proceed.

How Do I Retrieve Photos on Huawei SD Card

Step 3: Get Lost photos back from SD storage in Huawei

The scan will take a while and should display all pictures files it finds on the interface.

Highlight the photos you've mistakenly deleted and now want to recover, and click Recover button.

Recovering Huawei Pictures Deleted in SD Card without Root

On the final screen you'll select a destination folder to dump all the selected photos into.

Afterward, click Recover button again to extract Huawei phone pictures from SD card and attempt to save into the designated path.

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An Alternative to Data Recovery

Few alternatives are as fully featured, or as nice to look at as Android Data Recovery is. With it, you could not only recover Huawei phone photos from SD card, but can also retrieve from the internal storage of the device.

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for MacOS | for Windows

Now run the application, and point it to scan the SD card inserted in Huawei device, and retrieve deleted photos efficiently.

  • Once open the program, click on "Android Data Recovery".
  • Connect Huawei handset to computer, and enable USB debugging mode.
  • Select "Picture Library" and "Gallery".
  • Click Next button to begin the scan.
  • You'll need to root your device if you haven't done so.
  • Once done, specify which pictures you wish to recover.
  • Hit Recover button to retrieve photos deleted from SD card in Huawei Android device.

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