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How to Restore iPhone Notes from iCloud Backup [SOLVED]

All the existing notes in Notes App have been erased from your iPhone? Well, there is a chance for the deleted notes to come back. Read this post and learn an effective way to recover iPhone notes from an iCloud backup.

Q: I have been using iPhone since I had access to smartphone. From iPhone 4s to iPhone 7 (Plus), it facilitates my work greatly. I often use iPhone notes to keep track of everything, mostly my work issues. Notes are easy and convenient to write down something important which I can check any time I want. It drives me crazy right now because I have lost some important notes. Any way to recover lost notes om iPhone from iCloud backup selectively?

Many iPhone users take notes on a daily basis to keep important information and ideas that can be viewed when needed. But things are always unpredictable, and so are notes on an iPhone. Notes can be lost due to unexpected reasons and you try every means to get them back, especially in critical times. Therefore, we must keep something for a rainy day.

Absolutely, iCloud is a good way to back up your notes. You can recover your device and get back the notes via iCloud backup. But there is one thing to be noted: restoring a list of contacts from iCloud archive will replace the notes on iPhone connected to your iCloud account. And notes can't be restored one by one — this is an all or nothing batch operation.

To fix this restoration issue of retrieve the missing notes safely and selectively from iCloud backup on an iPhone, iOS Date Recovery is something you can't miss.

This program is capable of recovering notes from iCloud backup and iTunes backup. You can also use it to recover notes directly from iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch without any backups. Other recoverable data includes contacts, call history, text messages, reminders, media files (video, audio and photos), among other things. Besides, you can preview and select the notes that are meaningful to you, rather than restoring all the items.

Below, we will guide you through the steps of recovering iPhone notes from an iCloud backup. Same process is perform for messages and other data.

Bringing back Notes from iCloud Backup on iPhone

Step 1: Log in to iCloud account

Download and install the software to activate on your computer.

Run it and move to the third mode "Recover from iCloud Backup File" from its main interface. When you get a window like the one below, enter your Apple ID and password in the box for login.

Step 2: Download iCloud backup files for iPhone

After you enter your iCloud account, you will get all the available backup files you made for iPhone previously on the list above.

Once you choose an backup you want to go into for your certain iPhone and click Download tab, the program will begin the process of downloading that backup from iCloud.

When a window as below pops up, you'll be given the file types you can access. To save your time, simple tick off "Notes" option and press the Next button to download the files. Please make sure the internet is connected.

Step 3: Preview iPhone's notes and select items to recover

After the iPhone backup have been downloaded, you can see a list of categories on the left pane of the interface, such as "Camera Roll", "Contacts", "Call History" and other more file types. You can use these options to preview the certain included contents.

In this case, going to the option of "Notes" will give you an archive of the notes list on the middle and right pane of the window, along with a specific title, location, folder, date and the specific content of notesassigned it. The screenshot is shown as below.

Now, the final step is to decide which note you want to extract from.

Simply tick the category "Notes" from the left menu and check the items on the middle you want to regain to make your selection then press the Recover button at the lower-right corner.

Then, you're promoted to designate a local folder in the pop-up. After that, hit the button of Recover to export the recovered notes.

After the precess of restore is completed you will ba able to see all your lost iPhone notes reclaimed back on the local computer in HTML file. Done!


Using an app like iOS Data Recovery is far more convenient, less time consuming, and less risky than wiping your iPhone and restoring from a iCloud backup — though it is costly.