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How to recover deleted text messages on iPhone 6 (Plus)

Rob Parsons Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:54 PM

Cleaning spam or unwanted text messages on crowded inbox may be of concern for those who have to contend with limited amount of storage on their iPhone 6 (Plus). If you find that you erased the texts by mistake or lost the messages in an unexpected situation, you may want to turn back the clock.

Here's how to restore text messages on iPhone 6 (Plus) with 3 most common ways. One is recover texts from iPhone 6 (Plus) internal memory, and the latter two are retrieve texts from iCloud and iTunes backup. Before getting into the details, you'll want to check if you have made the backup, or else the latter two options won't work.

  • Check iCloud backup: Go to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Backup
  • Check iTunes backup: Open iTunes, go to Edit > Preference > Device > Device Backups.

1. How to recover deleted messages from iPhone 6 (Plus) Storage

This method doesn't require to prepare backup archives before you losing text messages on iPhone 6 (Plus). Al you have to do is find a specialist software to perform messages recovery on device ASAP. Upon the online search for this kind of tools, an array of options will turn up, our favorite is iOS Data Recovery.

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It is a cross-platform desktop application to restore text messages as well as other contents you have lost on iPhone 6 (Plus). It scans the device thoroughly and show you all the recoverable stuff and classified into data types for convenience. More than that, it includes the ability to retrieve stuff from iTunes and iCloud backup without replace current data on the device the Apple does.

The program makes it easy to restore messages on iPhone 6 (Plus) memory. Just follow the basic steps below. You can also use this program to retrieve texts from iTunes backup, and restore messages from iCloud backup.

Step 1: Scan the iPhone 6 (Plus) memory

When you first start up the program, it brings up a simple yet structured interface. And it includes the on-screen instructions to guide you through each steps.

To retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone 6 (Plus) storage, select "Recover from iOS Device" mode and then hook up your iPhone 6 (Plus) with the computer using a USB cable.

Once attached well, the program will detect iPhone 6 (Plus) quickly and present its image, name and current generation on the right pane.

Next, select "Messages" and "Messages Attachments", followed by Scan button. This software will begin doing its thing and try to find all recoverable texts. You're able to monitor the progress via the scanning progress bar.

Step 2: Preview and select messages conversations to recover

After a few minutes' scan, you will get into a result window where all the recoverable files are sorted by file types on the window. You can click the "Messages" category to have a preview of each text threads.

Next, choose the text messages you want to retrieve by ticking the checkboxes next to each thread.

Typically, the software will show both deleted and existing files on the middle pane, so to help identify the lost files efficiently, a filtering option is provided. Simply go to the top center and slide the toggle "Only display the deleted item(s)" to ON status.

Step 3: Commence iPhone 6 (Plus) messages recovery process

When you've selected the messages, press on Recover button at the lower right position. This will introduce a dialog window prompting you to select an output path.

After you've chosen the path, click the Recover button again and the program will begin do its work. The deleted iPhone 6 (Plus) messages will be saved as HTML and CSV file format in the folder of your choice on the computer.

If you're about ready to offload your old iPhone 6 for a new Android device, the next step is figuring out how you can take the important stuff with you. If that's the case, you can follow our popular guide on transferring data from iPhone to Android, so that you're able to use the new handset right away.

2. Restore iPhone 6 (Plus) Messages Conversation from iTunes Backup

If you get iPhone backed up to iTunes before the text messages were deleted, you should be able to restore deleted texts from iTunes backup. Unfortunately this way to restore messages will replace all current data with the data you previously backed up.

  • Connect your iPhone 6 (Plus) with the computer you usually sync it with.
  • Open iTunes and select iPhone icon when it appears in the left corner
  • In Summary, click Restore Backup.
  • Select a backup that predates the deletion of the text messages.
  • Click Restore.

3. Restore iPhone 6 (Plus) and Get Text Messages from iCloud Backup

This way works similarly like that of iTunes. You will have to completely erase your iPhone 6 (Plus) and then restore messages from an iCloud backup.

  • Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings to rest your iPhone.
  • Now your iPhone will get into setup process.
  • When on Apps & Data page, choose Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Proceed to Choose backup page, pick a relevant backup in iCloud.
  • Wait until the restore process to complete.

In this way, you should get back deleted text messages on iPhone 6 (Plus).


It's all that effortless to recover deleted texts on iPhone 6 (Plus) no matter you have backup or not. We strongly recommend that you back up your data on iPhone 6s for safekeeping. Once you lost your device, deleted the files by mistake, or even upgrade to a new phone, you can quick get data from the backup file.

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