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How to recover photos on iPhone 11 & 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max - 4 ways

Ella Garcia Updated on Apr 15, 2022 4:54 PM

It's possible that everything stays safe, but the photos in Camera Roll are disappeared from iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max) after iOS 13.2 update, nor in the Recently Deleted album. Sadly, permanently deleting photos from iPhone 11 is a common problem in the world of smartphone storage.

It may sound complicated, but you could recover photos on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with or without backup—in just a few taps or clicks. A handful of apps and services are out there meeting the needs, though your chance to retrieve iPhone 11 Pro photos depends mostly on how you quickly can find the photos you want to restore. Here're the troubleshooting steps:

1. Check "Recently Deleted" Folder and Restore Photos

Before you go into full-on iPhone 11 photos recovery affair, take several seconds to double-check Recently Deleted album in Photos app, where the photos you've accidentally deleted hang in for up to 30 days. Once you find the picture, choose it and tap Recover to restore to Camera Roll.

      • On iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max, go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted.
  • Tap the deleted photos you want to retrieve.
  • Tap Recover on the bottom right and you're good to go.

Why My Pictures Disappeared from iPhone 11

If you're using iCloud Photos to save pictures in iCloud, you could head to icloud.com to restore deleted photos from Recently Deleted folder, and get back to All Photos album in iPhone 11.

2. Recover Photos from iPhone 11 Memory without Backup

 Attempting to retrieve photos on iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max) will take more processes and time to achieve if all photos were permanently deleted from Recently Deleted, but you have alternative software options. In particular, iOS Data Recovery could be easy to follow. This comes in handy when all else fails, and in need of getting important pictures without backup.

Tip: If you did make regular backup of images onto iCloud, iTunes, or Mac's Finder, move to section 3 and section 4 to see how to recover lost photos from iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max.

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When the photos were deleted or lost, they aren't immediately erased from the memory. With iPhone 11 photos recovery software, you could easily find the deleted pictures out and retrieve them to computer—as long as the items haven't been overwritten. This works fine thanks to the built-in smart scanning technique and fast recovery ability.

Once you've picked the tool, it's time to run it to retrieve lost pictures from iPhone 11 (Pro & Pro Max) on computer. One Thing to Notice: Doing a factory reset on the device will render it hard to bring back photos.

  • On the main screen, choose "Recover from iOS Device" module.
  • Connect iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max) to computer via supplied USB cable.
  • When it's recognized, click Start Scan button.
  • To recover lost photos on iPhone 11 Pro, choose "Camera Roll", "Photo Stream", "Photo Library", "App Photos".
  • Click Scan button to let the app scan phone memory and search for all missing images.
  • After the scan, locate and then select whatever pictures you need to retrieve.
  • How Do I Retrieve Photos from iPhone 11 Pro without Backup

  • Click Recover button to begin recovering photos in iPhone 11. The recovered pictures will save into the folder of your choice on computer.

3. Get Old Photos from iCloud to iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max)

It sounds obvious, but are you sure that you've turned on iCloud backup in Settings? If you've done so before you emptied the Recently Deleted album, simply use the backup to restore the deleted pictures to Photos app on iPhone 11 Pro (Max) free in a few minutes.

  • Launch Settings app in iPhone 11, tap General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  • On the Apps & Data screen, choose "Restore from iCloud Backup", then sign in with Apple ID.
  • Select a backup—if you have multiple ones, to restore to the device.
  • When the restoration is finished, the photos in the backup should be downloaded. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi.

Refer to Apple's guide for more guidance on restoring iPhone 11 with iCloud backup to get lost photos back.

My Photos Didn't Restore from iCloud

4. Retrieving iPhone 11 Pictures from iTunes or Finder Backup

If you have an iTunes backup in place, or a backup in Mac's Finder (macOS Catalina 10.15) with lost pictures included, it would be viable to use it to restoring photos to iPhone 11 device. Be noted that restoring from a backup will replace everything on the device. This is awkward and inconvenient.

  • Launch iTunes or Finder on the computer to which you backed up photos
  • Click iPhone icon.
  • In the heading of Backups, click Restore Backup.
  • Pick up the most relevant backup.
  • Click Restore to get photos back to iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max).

The time the restoration takes depends on how many files are storing in the backup and how large they are all together.

Further read the article in Apple Support: Restore your device from a backup on your computer

How to Get Back Lost Photos on iPhone 11 Pro Max

Bonus Methods to Find Missing Photos

Here're some other Apple-provided way that's worth trying to retrieve photos lost on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max for free. This could be done without a computer. [Read More: Get help with missing Photos]

Make sure iCloud Photo is turn on in iPhone 11

If you're using iCloud Photos library to store pictures taken on the iPhone 11 (Pro, Pro Max), go and check if iCloud Photos is activated in iCloud Settings. Make sure to sign in iCloud with the same Apple ID as well.

  • Go to Settings > Apple ID banner. Check your Apple ID credentials on the top of screen.
  • Tap iCloud > Photos.
  • Turn on iCloud Photos. This will sync all images to Photos.

Unhide photos in Photos app

Here's how to show the photos again if it's been hidden:

  • On iPhone 11 Photos app, go to Albums view.
  • Find Hidden album under Other Albums, and open it.
  • Choose the photo(s) you want to unhide.
  • Tap Share icon, and select Unhide.
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