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If iPhone 8 is frozen (not turn on/ off, unresponsiveness, apple logo stuck...)

Blake Sullivan Updated on Jun 23, 2022 4:14 PM

Your iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus freezes randomly or all the time? First things first: force restart your device if you haven't done this yet:

  • Quickly press the Volume Up button then release it.
  • Quickly press the Volume Down button then release it.
  • Press and hold the Side button for ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

If the problem still persists, don't panic - we'll cover this, along with other solutions which stems from the basic ones to the advanced ones to unfreeze an iPhone 8 (Plus).

Before illustrating the fixes, let's take a look at some frozen issues on iPhone 8 (Plus): get frozen or stuck during installing an iOS update, won't turn on or power off or restart, stuck on Apple logo screen or on loading circle screen, screen not responding to touch, apps on the device stop working, completely frozen black screen with spinning wheel...

Now, let's back to our discussions to revive the problematic iPhone 8 (Plus).

Basic solutions on a frozen iPhone 8 (Plus)

To begin with, give some common approaches a shot: Charge your device and eliminate the faulty app. If you've tried them before, jump straight to the advanced methods to resolve a freezing iPhone 8 (Plus).

1. Give an hour to charge the device

Launching an app that takes a hefty toll on your battery or running with the new operating system could be prone to attribute iPhone 8 (Plus) freezing issues. Though your device does its best to converse power, the background settings or activities may be still overzealous to hog too much battery and then freeze the touchscreen.

A good way to check if the power is the problem origin is to provide the sufficient power to the uncharged battery using Apple-certificated lightning cable and the USB power adapter. If it is, the frozen iPhone 8 (Plus) screen should return in a better mood after charging for an hour or more, .

Tips: If you device continuously showing that it's at 1% while firmly plugged into the charger, learn what to do when my iPhone is not charging and how to fix it.

2. Kill the offending app(s)

Sometimes, your device works equally well which can turn on or off, but the specific app(s) may not be responding causing iPhone 8 (Plus) starting freezing or even worse, the screen stuck black. This time, forcing the mess-up app(s) to shut down can "unstick" everything. Double-click the Home button, find the problematic app and swipe up to force quit it. Then run the app(s) to back on.

If it becomes frozen or unresponsive again, the app seems to have an inside crash and you may need to reinstall or update the app(s). For a regular issue occurrence even after reinstalling any recently added apps, have them all uninstalled and find stable alternatives. Check out Apple's User Guide on How to remove apps from iPhone.

Advanced solutions on unresponsive iPhone 8 (Plus)

Have tried the preceding approaches but to no avail? Or your device screen is locked up completely and stops responding without offering any access? All these instances suggest a tough problem to remedy and for a more definitive diagnosis, advanced fixes are in urgent need.

1. Rescue frozen iPhone 8 (Plus) screen efficiently without data loss

Without professional expertise and technical skills, it often costs too much (e.g. money, time, energy, and more) to get the troublesome iPhone 8 (Plus) frozen problem addressed. However, iOS System Recovery puts everything required in one place and streamlines the repairing process into only four steps: connect device to the computer, select repair mode, download the all-new firmware, and finally fix frozen screen on iPhone 8 (Plus).

What makes this lightweight utility excellent is that its robust error-repairing tool also helps for saving you from other emerging iOS & iPadOS issues. (stuck on boot loop, black screen issues, recovery mode issues, and so on) Additionally, it is continuously updated, enhancing the ability to handle more misbehaving scenarios.

Download Now!

for Windows | for macOS

It has displayed all options right at your fingertips, so your just make sure to follow the instructions carefully to get iPhone 8 (Plus) out of its frozen state.

Step 1: Run the software and plug iPhone 8 (Plus) to a computer

On your first run of the application, it will inform you to connect your device to the computer. Just attach your handset to it with a lightning cable. Then, use your mouse pointer to click "More tools" heading on the left-hand side of the screen.

Here, a new window will open containing three functional parts. To fix an iPhone 8 (Plus) that is frozen, hit "iOS System Recovery" tab and enter the next window.

Step 2: Select firmware package

When you've arrived at this window, click Start button to continue.

iPhone 8 Is Frozen, Unresponsive or Doesn't Power on

In the following screen, it presents information about your device's memory type, size, timings, and module specifications. Leave them intact and simply click Fix button to move on.

Then you'll get a window displaying like the screenshot below, from where you're given two repair type options. By default, it suggests a "Standard Mode" for fix unresponsive iPhone 8 (Plus) without affecting device data. Just keep it selected and press Confirm button.

Tips: In the worse-case scenario like stuck on black screen of death, it will advise you to employ the "Advanced Mode" to restore the device completely. Warning: This will erase all the settings and contents.

What Causes an iPhone 8 to Freeze

Step 3: Browse to firmware package and download it

Now, go ahead to have the desired firmware package checked and assign a folder to house it.

Once get ready, click on Next button. The tool itself will begin download process, which may take few minutes to complete.

Step 4: Fix an iPhone 8 (Plus) frozen screen

If you got the "Download complete!" message on the screen, the download process is done. Now, hover on Fix button and click it to adopt the downloaded firmware package to repair iPhone 8 (Plus) from the frozen or unresponsive screen.

Now, you're good to go and the program will automate the restoration process.

Hopefully, your frozen iPhone 8 (Plus) home screen should be back to work as normal.

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2. Restore your device from Recovery Mode

It's always a pain to reconfigure all the apps or settings for locating the underlying problems. To save your day, Apple has also recommended its lesser-known "Recovery Mode" to pinpoint the causes of an iPhone 8 (Plus) with not working screen and buttons. This will reset your device's software with the latest version and return it back to a known-good state, but at a cost: you will lose everything saved on your device.

As follows, we've detailed how to put your device into Recovery Mode - after backing up your personal files with iCloud or computer, of course.

  • Hook up iPhone 8 (Plus) to a computer, and open iTunes. In macOS Catalina or above, run Finder.
  • Shortly press then release Volume Up button and shortly press and release Volume Down button.
  • Then, press and continue holding Sleep/ Wake button until your device enters into the Recovery Mode.
  • Then iTunes (or Finder) will show an alert message asking for getting device updated or restored. Click Restore. Once done, your device will reboot.

If the restore fixes your dilemma, you can then set up your iPhone as a new device or try to bring it back to its previous state through a recent backup.

3. Call in the Apple service if all else fails

It's also possible that the software just performs fine but there is a defective hardware that isn't working correctly. If you determine that the faulty hardware freezes iPhone 8 (Plus), have it deeply inspected right away on an Apple's Service Center to avoid any damage to the device.

If your device is still under warranty or AppleCare+ coverage, they'll likely sort out the issues for free. (i.e. failing motherboard, etc.) But if your warranty has long expired or you don't buy AppleCare service alongside with your device, a costly fee is required for you.

If your device doesn't respond or is frozen with black screen, head to this page and it should help!

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