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How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Android Phone & Tablet Quickly

Rob Parsons Updated on May 11, 2022 4:27 PM

It sounds cool to switch from Android to iOS. You get a new user experience. However, one of the biggest issue you will probably encounter is that you will have to deal with the songs that are stored on the old device. Direct music transfer from iPhone to Android isn't happening as long as Apple keep its policy of fighting against piracy. So, do you have to lose all the music you have on the old device? Absolutely not!

You have a couple of ways for finding and copying your music from iPhone to Android device. Here's how to do.

Option 1: Transfer music from iPhone to Android phone with iTunes

Every time you sync tracks with iPhone, you should have them in your iTunes library. You can easily copy the music directly with a cable to your new Android device.

  • Connect your iPhone to computer, and launch iTunes.
  • Under Library section, select Songs.
  • Select the songs you'd like to transfer to Android.
  • Select Show in Windows Explorer in right-click menu to find your iTunes music library.
  • Plug your Android phone (or tablet) into your PC.
  • Open a File Explorer window on your computer and navigate to the music folder on Android.
  • Drag and drop the music from the iTunes folder to the music folder on your Android device.
  • Enjoy your music on new Android device.

This way, you will move tracks from iPhone over to Android phone & tablet.

By default your iTunes music library is found in: Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Music.

Option 2: Move all iPhone songs to Android with Phone Transfer

There are, in fact, convenient 3rd-party ways to copy music from an iPhone to an Android device. here we'll explore a tool named Phone Transfer, an easy-to-use and reliable tool that works as advertised and quickly for that matter. All you need to do is have both the Android device and iPhone connected to computer, launch the tool, select the music item, press Start Copy button and done.

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for Windows | for MacOS

In additional to transfer iPhone tunes to Android, the tool also takes other stuff (contacts, videos, calendar, call logs, messages, photos) on the device and copies onto another. Better still, this streamlined software also allows you to backup files from your phone to computer, or restore from iTunes/ iCloud backups you made previously to get onto your phone.

Here are steps on how to transfer music to Android.

  • Connect both device to computer and launch Phone Transfer program.
  • Select the green tab named "Phone to Phone transfer" to proceed.
  • Turn on USB debugging mode on the Android device.
  • Check the box next to Music.
  • Click Start Copy to begin music transfer.

how to transfer all music files from iPhone to Android

This may take a few minutes especially if you are transferring a lot of tracks to be transferred to Android. You can monitor the progress on the small window via the progress bar.

Universal Video Demo

Option 3: Copy music from iPhone to Android using iTransfer

For someone who wants to get more flexibility to transfer songs, photos, videos, and other contents between Android and iPhone, instead, iTransfer is definitely the way to you go after.

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for Windows | for macOS

Let's see how it works in transferring iPhone songs to Android.

Step 1: Select source device

First, plug your both Android smartphone and iPhone into the computer, then in the iTransfer interface, click the down arrow icon to select your source device from the upper left side. In this example, we choose iPhone as source device.

iPhone to Android music transfer

Step 2: Go to Music tab and select tracks

Next, on the top menu of the screen click the Music button, this should bring up its window where all of your tunes listed.

Next, you can either hold Shift and check the box beside music to select large blocks of tracks, or you can hold Cmd and click each individual song you want to transfer to your Android handset,

Step 3: Export music from iPhone to Android device

Click Export button and select your target smartphone from its drop-down menu. Now, your iPhone music will be transferred to your Android smartphone.

Option 4: Transfer songs to Android with Google Music app

Another option for transferring music from old iPhone to new Android phone & tablet is the popular Google Music app, a free utility that automatically syncs music and store in the cloud, so you can easily stream your music on your new Android device anywhere. It allows a upload of up to 20,000 songs for free.

  • Head to the Google Play Store in a web browser and click on Music.
  • Select My Music and then log in with a Google account linked to your Android device.
  • Click the three lines by Listen Now in the top left corner, click Upload music.
  • Click Select from your computer and choose the songs you want to upload.

Once you've completed uploaded music, open Google Music app on your new Android device and you're ready to enjoy your music anytime and anywhere.

transfer music with Google Music

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