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The 12 best free screen recorders with no time limit

Discover the 12 top screen recorders with unlimited time! Pick the one that best fits your needs and start recording your screen without time limits today.

Emma Levine Updated on Jul 13, 2023 7:50 PM

There're times when you need to record screen for a long time. For example, you may need to record a Zoom meeting, capture live stream online, or a 3-hour film. But it can be frustrating to find that the screen recorder you are using just cuts you off mid-recording. To prevent this scenario, you'll need a screen recorder with no time limitation.

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Use one of our top no time limit screen recorders to capture your screen for an unlimited time.

In this article, we've reviewed the top screen recorders no time limit available currently, considering the price, recording time, and editing feature, etc. And we've made a list of the best 12 free screen recorders without time limit, so you can easily find the preferred one for your needs. Check it out:

1. Camstudio

For Windows users who need to record screen for a long period of time, Camstudio could be a choice well worth considering. It's a completely free screen recorder for PC without time limit, allowing you to screen record on Windows 10 computer with audio for a long time as you desire.

Better still, you can add annotations to your long recordings like text, arrow, or share and so on, which makes your videos clearer and more understandable. You can also customize the effects for your Mouse cursor.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

Video formats supported: AVI & SWF

Reasons to choose it:

  • Screen record for as long as you want
  • Recording ends by itself through making scheduled tasks
  • Intuitive UI
  • No advertisement


  • Limited supporting formats
  • Redundant software installed potentially

2. OBS Studio

Many gamers and streamers may be familiar with the free and open-source software, OBS Studio. It's an expert and practical screen and audio recorder without time limitation that are popular over years. With this software, you can screen record as long as you need without any interruptions or restrictions.

Moreover, different sources like webcam, system audio, external sounds, and gameplay window are all available for you to record, whether you are using a PC or a Mac. For example, you can easily record desktop audio with OBS on a Windows computer.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, macOS and Linux

Video formats supported: MKV, FLV, MP4, MOV, TS, M3U8

Reasons to choose it:

  • No recording time limit
  • Professional and advanced recording features
  • Takes up just a little space on computer storage


  • Overwhelming for newcomers to master
  • Cannot record just a portion of screen

3. QuickTime Player

If you are a macOS user, it's probably that you have used QuickTime Player to capture your Mac screen. It's a built-in media player as well as a screen recorder with no time limitation for macOS system, so you don't need to bother yourself downloading and installing the software.

Via QuickTime Player, you can record screen with audio on your Mac for an unlimited time. And after recording, you can also do simple trimming to your recorded videos.

Price: Free

Compatibility: macOS

Video formats supported: MOV

Reasons to choose it:

  • Allows to make long-time recordings
  • Pre-installed on Mac
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient shortcuts


  • Unable to screen record with computer audio directly

4. AppGeeker Screen Recorder

Compatible with both Windows and macOS, the AppGeeker Screen Recorder enables you to screen record for unlimited time with no lag. No matter if you want to record a short video, or capture long-time screen, this unlimited-time screen recording program can help you get the job well done. Even if you're just a novice, you can easily capture your screen as long time as you want on its streamlined interface.

Download Now!

for Windows | for macOS

And it has another impressive feature, which is the ability to record audio from your computer, microphone, or both simultaneously. This makes it easy to add voiceover narration or capture system sounds for software demos or gameplay footage. What's more, you can even decide when the long recording starts and ends automatically by setting scheduled recording tasks.

Price: Free version, $39/year for Standard version, $62.45 for lifetime Pro version

Compatibility: Windows & macOS

Video formats supported: MP4, WMV, GIF, MOV, F4V, MPEG-TS, WebM

Reasons to choose it:

  • Selective recording area: The entire screen, a part of the screen or a specific window
  • Various recording sources: Webcam, audio from system and microphone
  • No time limit for Standard or Pro users
  • Different real-time annotations available: Text, shape, arrow, etc.
  • Video and audio editing features: Trimming, merging, adding effects
  • Video quality up to Lossless
  • Supports custom hot-keys
  • User-friendly layout
  • Automatically start and stop the recording after scheduling
  • Takes scrolling screenshots


  • Recording time restricted to 3 minutes for free version

5. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is a free screen recorder software that allows you to capture high-quality recordings without any time limits. It has a unique feature called "private link sharing," allowing you to share your recordings with others securely. Instead of sending recorded videos through email or a file, you can simply generate a private link that can be accessed only by those you've authorized. This can be especially useful for sensitive recordings.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, and macOS

Video formats supported: MP4

Reasons to choose it:

  • Easy and quick screen recording without time limit
  • Supports recording quality of SD, HD & 4K
  • Instant sharing via an encoded link
  • Cloud storage for long screen recordings


  • Unintuitive annotation toolbar
  • Have to create an account before recording screen with no time limit

6. TinyTake

TinyTake is a feature-packed screen recording software that includes a variety of useful tools for creating and sharing long recordings. In addition to its unlimited recording time and custom recording areas, TinyTake features a built-in video editor with trimming, splitting, and merging capabilities, allowing you to simply edit your recordings before sharing them. Plus, with its easy sharing options, TinyTake is a great choice for collaboration and remote work.


  • Basic version - free
  • Standard version - $29.95/year
  • Plus version - $59.95/year
  • Jumbo version - $99.95/year

Compatibility: Windows and macOS

Video formats supported: MP4 / H264

Reasons to choose it:

  • Offers long-time recording feature
  • Able to zoom in / out while recording screen
  • Safely saves the recordings to local file
  • Narrations can be added in the recording


  • Free version has a 5-minute recording time limit
  • Needs some set-up for recording computer audio
  • Online storage space limits to 2GB

7. VLC Media Player

VLC is a versatile media player that's well-known for its ability to play virtually any media format. However, it also has a lesser-known feature: screen recording. With VLC, you can capture your screen with ease, without any time limits or watermarks.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows, Mac and Linux

Video formats supported: All

Reasons to choose it:

  • Free of charge
  • Supports all video formats
  • No time limitations for screen recording
  • Converts video to a wanted format


  • Complicated recording settings
  • Old-school interface
  • Unable to select recording region
  • No editing tools

8. ShareX

ShareX is a powerful screenshot tool and screen recorder for Windows with no time limit.  It's a popular choice for anyone who needs to capture and share image and video quickly and easily.

With ShareX, you have a wide range of recording options, including selecting recording region and audio, using annotation tools and video editing features, etc. You can also customize the hotkeys to record screen despite the time.

However, you may feel confused when using this screen recorder with no recording time limit if you are a beginner, since its interface is not that user-friendly and attractive.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows

Video format supported: GIF

Reasons to choose it:

  • Enhanced screenshot and screen recoding software without time limits
  • Helps make long recordings with internal or external audio separately
  • open-source


  • Fails to record internal and external audio at the same time
  • Unglamorous layout
  • Output as GIF format only

9. Free Cam

If you're looking for a free and easy-to-use screen recording software without time limitations, then Free Cam is definitely worth checking out. With no watermarks, time limits, or ads, it's a great option for anyone who needs to record their screen for an extended period of time.

Moreover, it allows you to record screen with webcam, audio from computer or microphone simultaneously or respectively. And it also has other practical features, such as polishing the audio in recording and removing background noise.

Price: Free for basic version, $227/year for Pro version

Compatibility: Windows 10 / 8 / 7

Video formats supported: WMV for free version, MP4 for Pro version

Reasons to choose it:

  • Clean interface
  • No recording time limitation for free version
  • Offers option to directly upload recordings to YouTube
  • Versatile editing features like background noise elimination


  • Too expensive for the PRO version
  • Webcam unavailable for recording in free version
  • No HD recording quality
  • Not compatible with Windows 11 and macOS

10. ScreenApp

ScreenApp is another excellent unlimited time screen recording software. One of its key features is to record screen with webcam and different sounds for a desired long period of time. You can opt for record webcam only, too. Besides, it offers simple editing functions like trimming, helping you to delete unwanted part of your recordings.

Price: Free version, $4.99/month for premium version

Compatibility: Web-based

Video format supported: WebM

Reasons to choose it:

  • Record screen and webcam at will
  • No need to download and install software
  • Features update at times
  • Different recording regions available
  • Supports up to 1080p resolution


  • No advanced editing tools

11. ActivePresenter

ActivePresenter is one of the best free screen recorders without time limit available online. Thanks to its rich features and simple interface, it allows its users to create long-period recordings for professional-grade videos, eLearning courses, and software simulations without worrying about time restrictions.

Price: Free

Compatibility: Windows and macOS

Video formats supported: MP4, AVI, WMV, WebM, and MKV

Reasons to choose it:

  • Long recordings export in various formats
  • Video and audio editing with no quality loss
  • Good for creating HTML5 training courses


  • Watermarks included for free version

12. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is another amazing software to capture computer screen without any time limitations. Featured versatile recording functions like options for video and sounds recording, it can mostly satisfy your different recording needs.

Whether you're an educator, or YouTube content creator, you can screen record with audio and webcam with ease using Movavi Screen Recorder.


  • Free trial for a limited time
  • $42.95 for 1-year, 1-computer license
  • $59.95 for a lifetime one-computer license

Compatibility: Windows and macOS

Video formats supported: MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF

Reasons to choose it:

  • Supports 4K recording quality
  • Records long-time screen and audio separately
  • Comprehensive editing tools


  • Unable to edit recordings in multitracks
  • Needs to pay for premium recording features

FAQs about unlimited-time screen recorders

1. Which screen recorder without limited time is completely free?

Screen recorders like Camstudio, ShareX and VLC are all zero-cost. Any of them can help you record your screen with no time limit.

However, some of them don't have editing tools. If you want an all-in-one recording program to record screen for a long time and make editing after the recording, you can resort to intuitive and expert software, the AppGeeker Screen Recorder.

2. How to select a screen recorder without a time limit?

You should consider these factors when choosing no-time-limit recording software:

  • Price
  • Recording time limitation
  • OS compatibility
  • Easiness to use
  • Available recording sources
  • Recording quality

3. What is a free screen recorder with no time limit and watermark?

OBS Studio lets you capture screen with no time limits as well as watermark. As long as your computer has enough storage space for your large recordings, you can make a long screen recording as needed.

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