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How to record Zoom meetings on Mac with or without permission

You can record a Zoom meeting on Mac with the program's built-in recording feature. Additionally, some screen recorders for macOS can also help you capture Zoom meetings.

Jasmin Woods Updated on Jan 12, 2023 7:07 PM

What to do to record a Zoom meeting on Mac:

  • It's easy to record Zoom meetings on a Mac. When the host allows, you can simply use the Record option at the bottom to create a local recording of the meeting on your macOS.
  • Your Mac also offers a screen recording option that enables you to capture a Zoom meeting on the screen, even if the host has not granted recording permission.
  • Third-party tool AppGeeker Screen Recorder is packed with a variety of screen recording options that let you record Zoom meetings as well as any other screen activity conveniently.

Record a Zoom meeting on Mac to save the important details for future review.

Zoom meeting is a pretty convenient way for people to attend a business meeting online without travelling. It delivers HD video and audio and offers many built-in collaboration features.

Sometimes, you'll want to record an important Zoom meeting on your Mac to keep a reliable source of what was discussed on the meeting, and save the record for later review to uncover the detail which you might have missed.

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So, recording a Zoom meeting on Mac can help you go back and catch the important details. And in this guide, we'll show you a couple of ways to record Zoom meetings on a Mac.

Who can record a Zoom meeting?

The Zoom offers the local recording option, which directly saves the meeting recording to your Mac, and the cloud recording option, which is accessible with a paid subscription.

By default, only the host has the ability to start a local recording. But actually, a participant can also initiate a local recording on Zoom meeting if he has the permission from the host.

In case you are not the host, and don't own the permission either, the third-party tool Screen Recorder allows you to record Zoom meetings or any other online meeting on your Mac with ease.

How to record a Zoom meeting locally on Mac

Before you join a Zoom meeting and start recording, make sure to set an appropriate location to save the content you're going to capture, so you can easily find the file you need after recording.

To do that, simply open the Zoom app on your desktop, and go to the Home tab. Then click on the gear icon from the top right corner and select Recording option. From the upper box, select a location folder you desire.

1. Now, enter the Zoom meeting you'd like to record.

2. Click the Record button in the bottom toolbar.

Note: If you cannot see the Record button at the bottom, it is possible that the host has not enabled the recording option for the meeting. You can request the permission to record and do it again.

Check the Record option at the bottom to record a Zoom meeting.

3. If there are options, select Record on this Computer. The red recording indicator will show up in the upper-right corner to let you know that the meeting is being recorded.

4. You can click the Pause / Resume button at the bottom during the Zoom meeting.

You can pause, resume, or stop the recording on Zoom with a click.

5. To stop recording the Zoom meeting, hit the Stop button in the bottom toolbar.

When complete, the meeting recording will be automatically converted and saved to the storage location on your Mac. You can rename the recording and share it with whoever needs a copy.

You can view, edit, rename and share the Zoom meeting recording when the converting is done.

However, the recording can only happen when you're a host or you have the host's approval to record. Luckily, there's another meeting recorder that enables you to capture both video and audio content from Zoom on your Mac.

How to record a Zoom meeting without permission

When you open a Zoom meeting on your Mac, you can easily use a screen recorder to capture everything you need, including the video content and audio.

AppGeeker Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorders for Windows and macOS. It's easy to use and it has a wealth of professional features for screen and audio capture.

You can basically record everything on your Mac screen. It allows you record multiple active apps at the same time while you're attending the Zoom meeting. Additionally, it allows you to record your mouse movement as well as the clicks. If you want, you can also add shapes, arrows, texts, and drawings to your recordings. And the best thing is that you can schedule a meeting recording on your Mac, and lets it automatically records everything for you.

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Step 1. Open the Zoom app on your Mac desktop.

Step 2. Run Screen Recorder on Mac and go to Video Recorder.

Select Video Recorder to record a Zoom meeting on Mac with both video and audio.

Step 3. Set a recording area and configure the capture settings.

Select the full screen or just the Zoom meeting window. Make sure you enable both System sound and Microphone options so it's able to capture the conversations during the recording.

Select recording region and turn on the system sound as well as the microphone audio.

You can also click Set record length at the bottom to make a recording schedule so that you won't miss anything important.

Step 4. Start Zoom meeting and click REC button to record.

During the recording, you're allowed to add arrows, shapes and annotations on the screen by clicking the Edit button. You can also take screenshots when it's necessary.

Add anything you want while recording the on-screen Zoom meeting.

Step 5. Hit the Stop square to end and save the meeting recording on Mac.

When finished, a preview window will let you play the recording for review. You can trim the video, then save the file on your Mac in the format you want.


  • In some states, it requires one-party consent to record the meetings while in other states, all parties should consent to the recording. So it's generally a good idea to obtain the permission before you start recording the Zoom meetings on your Mac.

Record Zoom meetings using macOS Screen Record

Alternatively, you can use the screen recording feature Screenshot Toolbar, which is pre-installed on macOS Mojave and later. It's a handy option that allows users to take screenshots and capture screen content.

Quick tip: If your Mac is running an earlier version of macOS, you can try to upgrade your system. Otherwise, open the QuickTime Player application which is built into every Mac, and then go to the File > New Screen Recording. This will also take you to the screen recording toolbar on your Mac.

1. Enter the Zoom meeting on your Mac screen.

2. Access the Screenshot Toolbar by pressing Command + Shift + 5 on your keyboard.

3. When the toolbar appears, select Record Entire Screen to capture on-screen meeting. You can also choose Record Selected Portion, and make sure to include the Zoom meeting window.

Use the macOS screen recording feature to capture the Zoom meeting on the screen.

4. Check the Options menu and select a source microphone you will use.

Select an area to record and choose an appropriate microphone sound.

5. Click the Record button to begin recording.

6. To stop the recording, click the Stop button in the menu bar or press the shortcut CMD + Ctrl + Esc on your keyboard.

As soon as you stop recording, the captured meeting will be saved on your Mac as an MOV file.

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However, please note that the Screenshot Toolbar can only record the audio coming from your Mac's microphone. It's not capable of recording the audio coming from macOS, which means that the sound from other participants will not be recorded. If you want to record all the conversations during the meeting, use the Record option on Zoom, or try the AppGeeker Screen Recorder instead.


1. How to record a Zoom meeting if I'm not the host?

If you join the Zoom meeting as a participant, you can ask the host for permission to record and start your own recording. Also, some third-party meeting recorder like AppGeeker Screen Recorder can help you to record online meetings with clicks.

2. How to capture a Zoom meeting without the permission?

  • Get the AppGeeker Screen Recorder on your Windows or Mac.
  • Then run it and select the Video Recorder mode.
  • Select an appropriate recording area and enable your system sound and microphone sound.
  • Start the Zoom meeting and click on REC button to start recording.
  • When the meeting ends, hit the Stop button and save the meeting recording on your computer.

3. Can you screen record Zoom meetings on Mac with audio?

There are two native screen recording options on Mac that can help you record Zoom meetings with audio, the Screenshot Toolbar and the QuickTime Player. However, neither of them can capture the audio from other participants on the meetings. They can only record the sound coming through your microphone.

If you want to record Zoom meetings with audio on Mac, try the AppGeeker Screen Recorder which allows you to record any audio and any on-screen meetings on your Mac.

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