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3 ways to record gameplay on PC with no lag

Whether you are a game Youtuber or a game player, you may need a handy way to capture the exciting moments during gameplay. Read this article to find it!

Ethan Hill Updated on Feb 20, 2023 3:52 PM
  • Microsoft offers built-in Xbox Game Bar only for Win10 and Win11 users to record gameplay.
  • When there's a necessity to capture gameplay and other activities on the screen with no lag, Appgeeker Screen Recorder comes to cope with the issue.
  • If advanced users are familiar with streaming and other screen recording-related details, OBS Studio meets their demand the most in the PC gameplay-recording area.

Preview the recorded gameplay and edit the clip on PC to highlight your epic time.

The development of Riot, Steam, Xbox, and other game platforms or companies brought us great games like League of Legends, DOTA2, FIFA, etc. If you are crazy about games and want to capture your epic moments, or you might like to record gaming tutorials for YouTube videos or share your gaming experience with friends, the help is here. Recording gameplay on PC is no more trouble.

Wondering how to record while playing a game on PC? Various gameplay recording apps are available out there to assist you. You can use the default screen recording options in Windows or Mac or desktop alternatives for an advanced experience.

In this article, let's discover some of the best ways to record gameplay on PC.

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A must-have for newbies to record playing games on Windows PC (Win10/11 only)

Xbox Game Bar is usually the first choice of Windows users for recording gameplay on PC. Microsoft released Xbox Game Bar in 2018 and pre-installed it on Windows 8, 10, and the latest 11 computers. The tool allows you to record gameplay or other activities on Windows PC.

However, it offers only a basic level of recording and editing, and you need to use some other tool for advanced recording and streaming operations. In addition, though it is compatible with Windows 8 computers, you can only use it to record one application on Win10 or Win11 at a time, which means you can't capture the webcam and the game details together if you want to make a real-time tutorial or comment. The desktop recording is unavailable either. If you just want to enjoy sharing and creating gameplay moments with your friends, Xbox is the best choice.

Before getting started to record gameplay on Windows PC using Xbox Game Bar, you need to activate the gaming mode in system settings on your computer first:

Open the Settings option in the Start menu. Next, turning on Game mode from the Gaming option helps a smooth game recording experience. The Game Mode may have been turned on by default on many devices.

This section elaborates on how to capture gameplay on a PC using a built-in tool. After then, let's delve into the steps to capture the gameplay on PC.

1. Open the Xbox Game bar

Press the Xbox button if your PC has an Xbox controller to launch the game bar. As a shortcut, you can press the Windows + G keys on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Xbox Game Bar on the top of the screen.

2. Start Recording

The Xbox Windows Bar opens up various options for you. Click on the Captures button at the left. Open the game you want to record. Enable the Start Recording button by clicking the circle in the Capture window. Here, you also get options to manage recording controls. Alternatively, press Windows + Alt + G on your keyboard to capture full-page games.


  • Game and other system voices are recorded by default, as well as external voices. You can adjust their volume by clicking the Audio icon.

3. End Screen Record

After recording the required clip, stop the recording by clicking on the square box for Stop Recording. Similarly, press Windows + Alt + G to end recording for full-on games like League of Legends, FIFA, Minecraft, etc. You can preview your recorded clip in Gallery.

4. Edit the Game Clip

After the recording is complete, you have a chance to trim or edit your video clip if you want. Just open the Xbox application and choose Captures to open up multiple options for editing.

Though the default settings of Windows PC suit most gameplay recording situations, users can still tweak some settings for personalization:

Go to select Captures in Game.

Maximum Recording Length - The maximum recording time varies from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Record audio when I record a game - We recommend you toggle it off or it will affect the game performance. You can adjust the volume of the microphone and system sound.

Video frame rate - It is short for frame rate. Higher FPS will bring smoother videos with a larger size.

To capture PC gameplay with a webcam tutorial, Appgeeker Screen Recorder is the one to beat

As aforementioned, Xbox Game Bar is a safe and convenient tool to record PC gameplay, but it is limited to the operating system and is unavailable to capture more than one window. Therefore, Appgeeker Screen Recorder is the ultimate solution.

Desktop Screen Recorder released by Appgeeker is a great recorder that is suitable for YouTubers, streamers, ordinary gamers, etc. Apart from gameplay, it can record all your activities on your screen like online meetings and classes with optional internal and external audio. Besides, it features a trimmer to split your recorded video into multiple short clips. For gameplayers, if you want to make a tutorial to show the game tricks, Screen Recorder allows you to capture the two windows at the same time.

During the recording process, you can enjoy absolute control over your recording, and add whatever you like with custom settings in your videos. All these traits make the Appgeeker Screen Recorder the best way to capture gameplay on Windows PC and Mac models. Feel free to capture, refine and share your favorite gameplay with the online community.

After downloading and installing desktop Screen Recorder on your PC, follow the steps below to record gameplay on your PC:

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for Windows | for macOS

Step 1: Set the Presets

Open the video capture software on your PC. For the first time using this tool, go to Preferences to set presets. Click on the Settings icon to change the settings of the recording path, output format, mouse cursor during the recording process, and more to suit your demand.

Step 2: Choose Recording Mode

Choose Video Recorder from the available screen options to proceed. And you'll be prompted to the screen below. Select the video recording portion and customize the dimensions. You can keep the full recording display if you play a full-screen game like DOTA2. Later, turn on the System Sound to pick up the sound when playing the game. Microphone sound is optional, just toggle it on or off due to your demands.

Step 3: Start Screen Recording

Hit the REC button to get started with recording the gameplay on your PC with audio simultaneously.

Once you have completed it, click on the Stop button to stop recording and preview the game for any possible edits and save it to the output folder you set before.

A widely praised free screen recorder for Mac and Windows - OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a free yet reliable third-party tool to record gameplay with webcams on Windows PC. It is ideal for live streaming, offline video screen recording, and video creation. The tool is compatible with different operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. But its interface is a bit tricky, making it more suitable for professionals.

According to OBS users, using this tool can not only record gameplay, webcam, and other activities with audio on PC but also merge game clips and add videos and images to the current video.

Here is how to record gameplay on PC using OBS Studio.

1. Select Game Capture Source

Install and launch the OBS Studio on your Windows PC. The first step is to set the presets.

Navigate to File > Settings to adjust your preferences.

2. Specify the Recording Area

Secondly, select whether you want to record a full-screen game or only a specific window by clicking Add Source in Sources module and select Display Capture to record all activities on your PC screen.

3. Capture your Gameplay

After the above settings, you are all set to record your gameplay. Click on the Start Recording option at the right. Tap Stop Recording when you are done with the desired track.


We have reviewed some of the most common options to screen record gameplay on PC. Most people prefer to use in-built screen recorders like Xbox Game Bar for this purpose. Others find it easy to use third-party software for their recording needs. However, the major problem with most recorders is that they lack advanced audio settings and editing features.

Being a versatile recorder and editor, Appgeeker Screen Recorder is the best way to record gameplay on PC. Don't hesitate to grab this wonderful tool now!

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